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CSS Leaderboard: Season 6 - After 15 Weeks / 65 Games
« on: January 01, 2010, 08:19:18 AM »
GARF's GARF's and even what I will call, GOTD (Garf of the DECADE)
I know we have some conservative players, but there's NO excuse for regular players to miss some of these showcases by 20K, especially on something you might have BLOWN once before, LOL

Either way, a lot of new players today (i managed to get a few from my BlogTV audience) but man, o man.  Some people went TOO aggressive and went into the red... Punchboard...oh boy, what could've been... 112K, negated by $215.....

One SOLE DOB, womp womp womp
Flerbert gets the top spot with an A+ average, Alumniseason has an impressive difference on the Jag and gets major cash, and chad1m gets the only 3 digit difference on the trio of trips and gets 38K+.

PriceFanArmadillo wins WWD and gets as advertised 10 times the points; FINALLY someone doesn't have a wipeout week so the bonus can finally be applied


SEE YOU IN 2010!

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