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September 20, 1999: 28th Season Premiere
« on: January 15, 2010, 12:51:58 PM »
This is the episode where we bid farewell to Chantel and welcome Nikki to the show. Also, a brand-new game is being played for the first time.

First Four: Amy, Adam, Delores, Brian

IUFB 1: Daysailer
Amy: $1300
Adam: $1400
Delores: $1450
Brian: $1451*
ARP: $2495

PG1: Any Number--Played for Sofa or Ford Mustang convertible
First Number for car: 2
First guess: 3, second number for car
Second guess: 5, last number for car
Third guess: 9, second number for sofa
Fourth guess: 7, last number for piggy bank
Fifth guess: 8, first number in piggy bank
Sixth guess: 2, third number in car
Seventh guess: 4, fourth number in car

Convertible: $23,245*
Sofa: $690
Piggy Bank: $8.17

At the start of the game, Bob notes that this was the first one ever played on the show way back in 1972.

Before the next calldown, Bob announces that Chantel is leaving the show to pursue an acting career.

Second Calldown: Hadid

IUFB 2: Cocktail suit
Hadid: $1800*
Amy: $900
Adam: $800
Delores: $901
ARP: $2350

PG2: Let em Roll--Played for a Plymouth Breeze ($15,710)
Alberto VO5--$3.29
V8 Vegetable Juice--Guesses lower; ARP: $.79
Fresh Rain Snuggle Fabric Softener--Guesses higher; ARP: $3.58

Bob even demonstrates the rolling part by dumping the cubes down the short ramp. He rolls $3,000 and three cars.

First roll: $1,000 and four cars
Second roll: $500
Third roll: $1,000

This is the first playing ever of Let em Roll. IMHO, the new set looks much better compared to the one seen here.

Before the next calldown, Bob makes yet another announcement: This time it's the debut of Chantel's replacement, Nikki, as a Barker's Beauty.

Third Calldown: Elizabeth

IUFB 3: Treadmill (Winner also receives Breath Savers breath mints)
Elizabeth: $1000*
Amy: $1200
Adam: $1300
Delores: $1400
ARP: $1199

PG3: Double Prices--Played for a trip to Singapore
Choices: $6,602 or $5,714
Picks: $5,714
ARP: $5,714

Starting with this episode, a new closed-captioning plug precedes the first SCSD.

Hadid: .10+.85=.95
Elizabeth: (Spins .85, but doesn't get it all the way around, so Bob helps her) .45+.20=.65
Brian: .40+.80=OVER
Hadid is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Lonnie

IUFB 4: Barbecue (Winner also receives Dolphins & Friends Cheese Crackers)
Lonnie: $950
Amy: $750*
Adam: $853
Delores: $951
ARP: $829

PG4: Most Expensive--Played for a Dinette Group, Refrigerator and Golf Clubs
Picks #1
Price of #2: $1099
Price of #3: $950
Price of #1: $1939

Fifth Calldown: Nathaniel

IUFB 5: His & Hers Watches
Nathaniel: $1450
Adam: $1357
Delores: $1455*
Lonnie: $1
ARP: $1645

PG5: Delores is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $50,000!

Microwave Espresso Kit--Wrong Price: $15; guesses 5 (ARP: $35--WIN!)
Game of Knowledge--Wrong Price: $21; guesses 2 (ARP: $25--WIN!)
Cutlery Set--Wrong Price: $40; guesses 0 (ARP: $90--WIN!)
Curler--Wrong Price: $15; guesses 5 (ARP: $25--WIN!)

First chip: $0
Second chip: $500
Third chip: $500
Fourth chip: $1000
Fifth chip: $100
TOTAL: $2100

Final Calldown: Joan

IUFB 6: Bed with Sealy Mattress
Joan: $1200
Lonnie: $1800
Nathaniel: $1801*
Adam: $1500
ARP: $2298

PG6: Money Game--Played for a Ford Contour LX
Middle number: 8
First guess: 15 ($15,8--)
Second guess: 85 (Gets $85)
Third guess: 90 (Gets $175)
Fourth guess: 64 (Gets $239)
Fifth guess: 17 (Wins $256)
ARP: $15,840

So we break even on the show, as three out of six pricing games have been won.

As of this episode, there is no closed-captioning plug before the second SCSD, but this will change within a few years.

Nathaniel: .60+.15=.75
Delores: .45+.65=OVER
Amy: .30+.75=OVER
Nathaniel is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Hadid
Runner-Up: Nathaniel

28 boxes of chocolates, 28 CDs, Kenwood stereo system, Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Hadid bids $31,000

Range, Trip to New Orleans, Chevrolet Corvette
Nathaniel bids $45,000

In a rare event, Bob lets the models reveal the ARP of each Showcase. Chantel will read the price of Nathaniel's Showcase, and Nikki the price of Hadid's.

ARP of Nathaniel's Showcase: $48,896 (Difference: $3,896)
ARP of Hadid's Showcase: $28,047 (OVER)

Nathaniel wins $51,450 in cash and prizes today, including a Corvette. After missing out on one car, he ends up winning a much nicer one! What a terrific comeback!

Instead of the main theme, the show ends with a playing of the Rock & Roll Showcase Cue, and immediately after Rod's closing announcement (which was obviously prerecorded, since we see him already at the prizes), the Pearson logo appears, and the split-screen credits begin.