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TPiR Recap: 10/29/02 ( Golden Road win and DSW ! )
« on: March 16, 2010, 12:48:07 PM »
Show Production Number: 2282
Opening Graphics: Exciting! Fun-filled! Hilarious!
First four lineup: Red to Green podiums
Barker: Audience entrance
Handoff: Claudia

Models of the Day: Lisa Gleave ( 1st appearence ), Shawnae Jebbia, and Claudia Jordan
Wardrobe: The Carol Anderson Collection

1. Kenmore Elite's Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer ( Shawnae ) $1899
Bidders: Christine: $1100  Lamar: $1200  Tara: $1250  Abigail: $1251*
Abigail wins.

Abigail has a chance to walk down the fabulous GOLDEN ROAD, which begins with a
$0.81 can of organic salad beans and it's leads her to the following:

Carson's of High Point's Silver finished Wine Server Cart ( Claudia ),
Honda XR 100 offroad Dirtbike ( Shawnae ),
Chapperell's Signature 260 Cabin Cruiser ( Lisa ).

Organic Salad Beans: $0.81. ( the 8 or the 1 is the missing number in the wine price )
Wine Server Cart: $-13, Abigail says 8, she's RIGHT !
Dirtbike: $2,-48, Abigail says 3, she's RIGHT !
Cabin Cruiser: $71,-33, Abigail says 4, PERFECTO !!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Claudia brings to contestant's row, Jewel's by Angelo diamond tennis bracelet $1550
Bidders: BRYNDA: $1800  Christine: $1200*  Lamar: $1750  Tara: $1
Christine wins.

Christine will play ONE WRONG PRICE for the following:
Rimowa Luggage ( Shawnae ),
HealthCraft Cookware collection ( Claudia ),
Carson's of High Point's elegant Sofa ( Lisa ).

Luggage: $1159, Cookware: $2250, Sofa: $2313.
Christine says the cookware price is wrong, she's RIGHT! 
The correct price of the cookware is $1929.

3. In the " Price is Right " clamshell, Broyhill's village William & Mary chest and a supply of Cashew Lover's Poppycock butter and cashew flavored popcorn ( Lisa ) $750
Bidders: DALE: $1200  Lamar: $1215  Tara: $500*  Brynda: $900
Tara wins.

( Tara's T-shirt read on the front " I listened to Bob and... " and on the back " had my adoprtive Barkers spayed and neutered " which prompts Bob to promote the spay and neuter stamps ).

SURPRISE! Tara is going to play PLINKO for a chance to win up to $50,000 in cash!
( Claudia models the PLINKO sign, Shawnae models the four small prizes, and Lisa will bring Tara her extra PLINKO chips ).

Small prizes used in today's playing:
1. Mini Popcorn Maker, either the 7 or the 5, Tara says the 5 is the last number, she's RIGHT ! ( the price is $45 and she wins an extra PLINKO chip ).
2. Swivel headlight, either the 1 or the 2, Tara says the 2 is the last number, she's WRONG ( the price is $16, no PLINKO chip ).
3. Lemonade Maker, either the 3 or the 6, Tara says the 6 is the last number, she's
WRONG ( the price is $30, no PLINKO chip ).
4. Paper Shredder, either the 1 or the 9, Tara says the 9 is the last number, she's
RIGHT ! ( the price is $59 and she wins an extra PLINKO chip ).

Tara has three PLINKO chips total.
1st PLINKO chip lands into the $0 slot on the righthand side ( $0 ),
2nd PLINKO chip lands into the same $0 slot ( $0 ),
3rd and last PLINKO chip lands into the $500 on the lefthand side of the board ( $500 ).

Tara wins $500.

Showcase Showdown #1:
Tara: 95-stays
Christine: 50-spins again-70-OVER
Abigail: 5-spins again-20-25
( Abigail comes awfully close to landing on the $1.00 but no cigar ).
Tara advances to the showcase round.

4. Who-Whoooooo! Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga! Hissssssssssssssssss!
the " Price is Right " train ( with Claudia driving ) brings out Little Miss Liberty of Beverly Hills' colorful dome top round crib ( Shawnae as Claudia's passanger ) $2352
Bidders: DAWN: $1100  Brynda: $1200  Dale: $1201  Lamar: $1202*
Lamar wins.

Lamar will play BARKER'S BARGAIN BAR for the following:
Trips to Boston ( 6 night stay at the Colonnade ) ( Claudia ),
Bermuda ( 6 night stay at the Sonesta Beach Resort ) ( Lisa ).

Bargain prices: Boston: $4295, Bermuda: $4342.
Lamar says the trip to Boston is the bigger bargain.
Actual price of Bermuda is $7342, difference of $3000
Actual price of Boston is $6,295, difference of $2,000
Lamar losses.

5. 2 Towne Square Furniture Swivel Glider rockers with Ottomans and a supply of Garlique Cholestrol tablets ( Claudia ) $1750
( Rod has a bit of trouble describing the medicine tablets because his throat wasn't clear but recovers very quickly, what a trooper )
Bidders: JERRY: $1000  Dawn: $1200  Brynda: 1250  Dale: 1251*
Dale wins.

Dale will play the MONEY GAME for a Dodge Neon, comes with air cond., four speed automatic trans., anti lock brakes ( Lisa ).

Board:  50  10  15
            17   80  16
            75   63  99

The middle number in the price of the car is: 4.
Dale's guesses: 17-$, 16-$, 15-front of the car, 75-$, 63-$ ( wins $171 )
The price of the car: $15,410 ( 10-back of the car, el cheapo strikes again ).

6. Claudia and Lisa bring out Ducane's 7200R Gas Grill and a supply of Citracal Calcium
Supplement ( Lisa ) $2,000
Bidders: CLEARENCE: $1050  Jerry: $700  Dawn: $1500  Brynda: $1501*
Brynda wins.

Brynda will play BULLSEYE for a Honey pine Dining Room Grouping and Wilton Armetale's
Queen Anne dinnerware for eight ( Shawnae ) $6,140.

Grocery items used in today's playing:
Carnation Coffee-Mate, Tums E-X, Bruce's Yams, Clorox Bleach, Hershey's Syrup.

Brenda's guesses: 9 bleaches at $1.59-$14.31 ( OVER )
6 creamers at $2.60-$15.60 ( OVER )
6 yams at $0.99-$5.94.

Luck was definitely on Brynda's side because the hidden bullseye was behind the yams and she wins the dining room and dinnerware grouping and Bob says to the studio audience " You were in the presence of a miracle today " as they chuckle.

Showcase Showdown #2:
Dale: 85-stays
Lamar: 70-spins again-65-OVER
Brynda: BOO-didn't go all the way around-85 stays.

Spinoff: Dale: 95.  Brynda: 50.   Dale advances to the showcase round.

Showcase round:
( Dale is the top winner and Tara is the runner-up )

Showcase #1: " Making Reservations "
Audiovox's Cellular Phone ( Claudia ), Trip to Sweden ( hotel not mentioned ) ( Lisa ),
Mallard Lite's 20ft Travel Trailer ( Shawnae ).

Dale decides to pass this showcase to Tara and she only bids $9,500 as the studio audience reacts in agony.

Showcase #2: " Mini-Prizes "
12 Bulova Miniature Clocks ( Lisa ),
Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me DVD movie and 27 inch color television/DVD/
VCR combination with remote control ( Shawnae ),
Dodge Caravan SE, comes with four speed automatic trans., V6 engine ( Claudia ).

Dale bids $24,000.

Actual price of Tara's showcase: $20,593
Difference: $11,093

Actual price of Dale's showcase: $24,020
Difference: $20

The Studio audience cheers wildly as Dale is greeted by his family and friends and they all go over to check out his prizes up close and at this point, Rod was no longer shown on-camera and just as the camera cuts off, you see Dale shaking Rod's hand, eventhough
he's off-camera.

Overall: 3 out of the 6 games were won ( with 2 bailouts ).
$141,944 in cash and prizes.

Definitely an episode to go down in the record books !
Out of all the contestants, Dale and Abigail have the most to celebrate, Abigail winning
$76,493 in prizes including a boat ! Dale winning BOTH showcases and $46,574 in prizes including a travel trailer and a minivan !  He might've missed out on the Dodge Neon in the Money Game, but this definitely makes up for that !

What on earth was Tara thinking ?!  $9,500 ?!  She obviously thought she was on the show back in the 70s.

I've gotten so used to seeing Barker's Bargain Bar with the blue background, I almost forgotten about the orange background back in the good ol' days.  Speaking of the good ol' days, I used to love it when the TPiR train ( and the tugboat ) would come out for the bids and then would continue on into the backstage after the prize was described, always wondered why they stopped that.

Fantastic show Overall !

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