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01/31/02: 30TH Anniversary Special from Las Vegas!
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Opening Graphics: none
First four lineup: Green to Red podium
Barker: Stage Entrance ( with the Harrah's Rio Showgirls on opposite sides )
Handoff: Nikki

Models of the Night: Claudia Jordan, Heather Kozar, and Nikki Schieler Ziering
Sequined Gowns: Claire's Collection
Jewelry: Diamonds Internation Las Vegas
( Claudia's gown was pink and red,  Nikki's gown was green and silver, Heather's gown was blue and silver )

1. Trip to Cabo San Lucas ( 5 night stay at the Solmar Suites ) ( Heather & Claudia )
Bidders: Linda: $2500  Kristen: $3785  Laurene: $3000  Joshua: $3786
Actual Price: $3051, Laurene wins.

Laurene starts this fabulous night off by playing TRIPLE PLAY for the following:

Chevy Malibu, comes with V6 engine and 4 speed automatic transmission ( Nikki ).
The two prices to choose from: $17,150 or $21,981.
Laurene says: $17,150 ( YES! ), the actual price is $18,235.

Chevy Fleetside LS Truck, comes with power convience group and equipment group 1SD
( Claudia ).
The three prices to choose from: $17,681 or $20,412 or $24,955.
Laurene says $20,412 ( YES! ), the actual price is $21,315.

Chevy Camaro Z28, comes with standard 6 speed manual transmission and short pro shifter ( Heather ).
The four prices to choose from: $22,611 or $24,893 or $28,152 or $33,818.
Laurene says $28,152 ( YES!!!!! ), the actual price was not revealed.


2. 36 inch HD color television ( and it featured some of the most memorable contestants and wins throughout the years ) ( Heather ).
Bidders: WILLIAM: $1200  Joshua: $1400  Linda: $1600  Kristen: $1601
Actual Price: $2969, Kristen wins.

Kristen will play IT'S IN THE BAG for a chance to win $16,000 in CASH !!!
( Nikki and Claudia will place the grocery items on top of bags of Kristen's choices ).

Grocery items used in tonight's playing:
Ferrero Rocher chocolate candy, Orange clean, Mylanta, Dolphins & Friends cheese crackers, Ziks arthritis pain relier, Citracal Calcium Citrate.

Kristen's choices: Candy goes in the $0.79 bag. Citracal goes in the $10.97 bag.
Cheese crackers in the $2.39 bag. Ziks in the $5.69 bag. Orange cleaner in the $3.49 bag.

The $0.79 bag is the candy ( Kristen wins $1,000 and decides to go for $2,000 ).
The $10.97 bag is the Citracal ( wins $2,000 and decides to go for $4,000 ).
The $2.39 bag is the cheese crackers ( wins $4,000 and decides to go for $8,000 ).
The $5.69 bag is the Mylanta ( WRONG )
The $3.49 bag was the Orange cleaner. 
Kristen lost.

( Going into commercial, clips entitled " Kisses " features Bob getting kisses from female contestants and ONE male contestant throughout the past years on CBS ).

3. American Sail's Penant 10 ft Day Sailer ( Heather & Claudia )
Bidders: JASON: $3500  William: $1800  Joshua: $2000  Linda: $2001
Actual price: $2695, Linda wins.

Linda will play SQUEEZE PLAY for a Wurlitzer CD Jukebox ( Nikki & the Harrah's Rio Showgirls and the studio audience claps rhythmatically with the jukebox music ).

During the prize description of the jukebox, Linda tells Bob that she also wants one of the Harrah's showgirls' costumes and Bob says " If she wins the jukebox, does she also get one of the costumes, she wants one " as Rod replies " Why Not ? " and the studio audience bursts with laughter and cheer with delight.

Numbers: 89695.
Linda was unsure at first and asks Bob " Do I have to ask the audience " as he replies
" You can do anything you wish " so she turns to the audience and the majority say 6.
The 6 is taken out and Linda wins the Jukebox !
( The price is $8,995 ).

The jukebox music takes us into commercial as Nikki and the Harrah's showgirls get their dancin' par-tay back on !

Showcase Showdown #1:
Kristen: BOO ( didn't get it all the way around ) 45-spins again-20=65
Linda: 80-stays
Laurene: 15-spins again-85=1.00  $1,000 and a bonus spin !
bonus spin: 80.

More classics clips, this one entitled " Wheelies ", a hilarous lookback at some of the female contestants who spun their to the floor in the Showcase Showdowns.

4. Namco's Mr. Driller Video Arcade Game ( Nikki )
Bidders: LINDY: $1800  Jason: $2600  William: $2601  Joshua: $1
Actual price: $3495, William wins.

SURPRISE! William is going to play PLLLLLLLLLINKO!!!!!!!!!!! For a chance to win up to $50,000 in CASH !!!! ( Heather models the PLINKO sign, Nikki models the four small prizes and Claudia will bring over the extra PLINKO chips ).

1. 35 Mill. Kodak Camera with film and batteries, either the 2 or the 4, William says 4.
( WIN! $64 and extra PLINKO chip ).
2. CD Boom Box, either 4 or 5, William says 5 ( WIN! $85 and extra PLINKO chip ).
3. Libman cleaning products, either the 3 or the 0, William says 3
( WRONG, $20 and no PLINKO chip ).
4. Water Pik, either the 3 or the 1, William says 3 ( WIN! $37 and extra PLINKO chip ).

William has four PLINKO chips total.
PLINKO chip #1 lands into the $1,000 slot on the lefthand side of the board.
PLINKO chip #2 lands into the $500 slot on the lefthand side of the board.
PLINKO chip #3 lands into the $500 slot on the righthand side of the board.
PLINKO chip #4 lands into the same $500 slot.
William wins a total of $2,500.

5. HP Tower desktop Computer System ( Claudia )
Bidders: PATRICIA: $1299  Joshua: $1450  Lindy: $1700  Jason: $1701
Actual price: $2643, Jason wins.

Jason will play ONE AWAY for a Chevy Blazer, comes with a V6 engine, 4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive ( Heather & Nikki ).

Numbers: 35651
Jason's choices: the 3 to a 2, the 5 to a 6, the 6 to a 5, the 5 to a 4, the 1 to a 0.
Jason has only TWO out of the FIVE numbers right.
He changes the 5 to a 7, the 4 to a 6 and the 0 to a 2.

The first number in price of the car is: 2
The second number in price of the car: 4 ( NO!!! )
Jason losses the car. 
( The price of the car is $24,760 ).

6. Beachcomber Hot Tub ( Nikki & Heather )
Bidders: LISA: $3500  Patricia: $3900  Joshua: $2800  Lindy: $3501
Actual price: $3495, Joshua wins.

Joshua will play DOUBLE PRICES for a Fleetwood Lite 20 plus ft Travel Trailer ( Claudia ).
The price of the travel trailer is either $16,898 or $14,037.
Joshua says $16,898 and he's WRONG as he falls to the ground.

Showcase Showdown #2:
Jason: 65-stays
Joshua: 80-stays
William: 40-spins again-90=OVER

Bob introduces the most famous " Price is Right " video clip of all-time: the Yolanda Bowersly tube top incident, " She came on down, they came on out " and that clip is still hilrarous to this day !

Showcase round: Laurene is the top winner and Joshua is the runner-up.

Showcase#1: " Prizes inspired by TPiR's visit to Las Vegas "
Jules Jurgensen Corporation's his and hers watches ( Claudia ),
$5,000 Cash, Trip to Rio De Janerio ( 6 night stay at the Rio Marriott ) ( Heather ),
Maxum 1900 SR Speedboat ( Nikki )

Laurene decides to pass this showcase to Joshua and he bids $32,000.

Showcase #2: " Spectacular Prizes to celebrate TPiR's 30th Anniversary "
His and Hers Kawlasaki 500 off-road Motorcycles ( Nikki ),
Samick's Kohler and Campbell petite Baby Grand Piano ( Claudia ),
Trip to Hawaii ( 6 night stay at the JW Marriott Ihilan Resort & Spa ) ( Heather ),
Chevy Corvette, comes with V8 engine ( Nikki )

Laurene takes forever to bid as Bob sits down on the turntable steps and then literally heads backstage and waves goodbye to the camera but come back and Laurene finally
bids $57,000 and she's looks worried.

Actual price of Laurene's showcase: $79,579
Difference: $22,579

Actual price of Joshua's showcase: $40,145
Difference $8,145

Joshua runs around the stage yelling and screaming excitedly and he wins $43,640 in prizes!

Joshua and his friends and family celebrate with the TPiR gang and the Harrah's Showgirls as they all dance the night away to the rock and roll music that was played during the closing credits.

Overall: 2 out of the 6 games were won ( with one bailout ).

This show so SOOOO much fun ! Eventhough there weren't that many games won but it was still a fun episode to watch, especially with the groovy opening and Laurene's Triple Play win ! 

Another reason why I thought this show was so much fun was because this was the first and ONLY time " Price is Right " went out on the road to do a show.  Bob explained
in his " Priceless Memories " memoir that preparing for that show was total chaos.
At least 15,000 people showed up and only 7 to 8,000 people ( probably more ) were able to get through the door.  He also said that his phone rang at 4am and it was a security person who said to Bob " We have a problem, over 15,000 people are here for your show " and Bob said " No, the problem would be if NO people showed up ".
I'll explain more about this in " The Talk is Right ".

It is also believed to this episode was the first time Triple Play was played with the new
way, the logo appearing behind only the third car.  The very last time Triple Play was played with the logo behind all three cars was the 10/19/01 show which you can now check out on youtube ( thanks again, joeyboy ! ).

There were a couple of games I wanted to see played on this special, I wanted to see
Most Expensive being played for three trips and I also wanted to see Hole in One ( or TWO ) play as well but maybe in my dreams.

The two funny moments in this show were the video clips from various years and Laurene taking forever to bid on her showcase which prompts Bob to walk off.

Me and my friends danced the night away right along with the TPiR gang during the closing credits and I believe that was the same music that was played during the closing credits on the 25th anniversary special back in 1996.

Spectacular show and definitely one to remember for years to come and I believe people will still be talking about this show for the next 25 to 50 years ( at least where I live ).

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Re: 01/31/02: 30TH Anniversary Special from Las Vegas!
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It is also believed to this episode was the first time Triple Play was played with the new
way, the logo appearing behind only the third car.  The very last time Triple Play was played with the logo behind all three cars was the 10/19/01 show which you can now check out on youtube ( thanks again, joeyboy ! ).

I'm sure Triple Play was played sometime between that time period.

EDIT: It was first played with the logo just behind the 3rd car on November 21st, 2001. Day 3 of Thanksgiving week.
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