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TPiR DVD Recap: 08/05/74 ( Double Showcase Winner ! )
« on: April 11, 2010, 11:51:14 AM »
Show Production Number: 1042-D
First four lineup: Right to Left ( no colored podiums yet )
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Janice

Models of the Day: Anitra Ford and Janice Pennington
Announcer: Johnny Olsen

1. Jorges' "Games People Play" Carpeting with game pieces ( Anitra )
Bidders: Vicky: $404  Susie: $300  Judy: $210  Shallot: $320
ARP: $404, Vicky wins ( no cash bonuses yet ).

Vicky starts today's show off by playing HI-LO for a Wurlitzer Player Piano ( Janice )

Grocery items used in today's playing: Grease relief cleaner, Aquafilter Cigerette filters, Alpen Breakfast Cereal, Heinz Worchestershire sauce, Nescafe coffee,
"The Dog you Care for" pet book.

Before the game even started, Vicky is just a bundle of nerves and Bob asks her
" Are you all right, Vicky ? " and she replies " Yes "

Bob: You sounds as if you're all choked up over something.
( the studio audience laughs )
Vicky: No.
Bob: Does your voice always quiver this way ?
Vicky: No.
( the studio audience continues laughing )
Bob: This is supposed to be a real happy show.
Vicky: I'm happy.
Bob: You're happy, Vicky ? Well, come over here and Vicky, tell me " I'm happy, Bob ".
Vicky: I'm happy.
Bob: That's good, that good.
( Bob then tells Vicky how to play the HI-LO game and then asked her... )
Bob: Would you like to see what you're gonna win ?
Vicky: No.
( the studio audience bursts with laughter )
Bob: You don't want to see what you're gonna win ? Why Not ?
Vicky: Because I'm not gonna get it.
Bob: Well, why not, Vicky ?
Vicky: Because I don't know what the three highest are !
Bob: Vicky, you're making me unhappy too ! I want you know, let's show her her prize it's this one !
Johnny O: A New Piano !
( After Johnny O. describes the piano, Bob then said... )
Bob: Now, you just thought she was unhappy before, she saw the piano and bursted into tears here.

Vicky finally seemed ready to pick out her choices and they were:
The Alpen Cereal at $1.39, Nescafe at $1.19, Grease relief at $0.89 and you hear slight moans from the studio audience.

The $0.89 is the lowest price is the HI row.
The other items that Vicky didn't choose and the prices:
Cigerette filters at $0.99 and Vicky blows it right there.
The Worchestershire sauce was $0.59 and the Pet Book was $1.25

( The three highest products were the Alpen ( $1.39 ), the Pet Book ( $1.25 ), and the Nescafe ( $1.19 ) ).   Vicky lost.

2. Maytag Sliver Anniversary Model Washer/Dryer and a supply of Rain Barrow fabric softener ( Anitra ).
Bidders: BETTY: $520  Susie: $700  Judy: $560  Shallot: $570
ARP: $550, Betty wins.

Betty will play the MONEY GAME for a Toyota Corola 1200, comes with 4-speed trans. heated defrost. ( Janice ).

Board: 18  37  76
            28  22  45
            54  61  99

Betty has no clue how to play the Money Game and Bob explaines the rules to her.

Betty's choices: 28-$, 37-$, 22-front of the car, 45-$, 61-$.
( The price of the Car was $2,299 ).
Betty has won a total of $171.

Before going into the third segment, Bob chats with some studio audience members who all came in from all over the USA and Bob finds out that one audince member is from Egypt !

3. In the "Price is Right" clamshell, a Falcon Gas BBQ Grill ( Anitra ).
Bidders: PAULA: $169  Susie: $200  Judy: $289  Shallot: $230
ARP: $304, Judy wins.

Judy will play DOUBLE PRICES for a Eton Furniture Manuf. Gaming Table and chairs ( Janice ).

The Price of the gaming table is either $710 or $500,
Judy picks $710 and she's WRONG.

Contestant's not appearing on stage will recieve a family pair of Karl's Shoes.

Showcase round: Betty is the top winner and Vicky is the runner-up.

Showcase #1: " Vacation "
Trip to Tahiti ( 2 week stay at the Club Metranniane ) ( Anitra ),
American Tourister Luggage ( Janice ),
Kodak Camera Kit ( Anitra ).

Betty decides to pass this showcase over to Vicky and Bob asks her...
Bob: Vicky, have you ever been to Tahiti ?
Vicky: No.
( the studio audience bursts with laughter )
Bob: You give me a good enough bid and you're own your way to Tahiti, do you know where Tahiti is ?
Vicky: Not excatly.
Bob: Well, we'll point you in the right direction.
Vicky bids $2,100 on her showcase.

Showcase #2: " TPiR Department Store " ( Anitra is the elevator operator )
Lee West Corp. Stereo chamber Chair and Ottoman,
Amana's Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer and a supply of Kentucky Fried Chicken,
Bailey-Schmitz's Sofa Sleeper,
Sauna Distrib. Halo Sauna ( Janice )
( The elevator platform is then whisked away to show Betty all of the prizes she's bidding on ).

Betty bids $2,600.

Coming back from commercial, Bob uncovered the reason on why Vicky was so nervous and so negative...
Bob: She told me something her husband said that might've influenced her, what was he said.
Vicky: You have two chances: slim and none.
( the studio audience bursts with laughter )
Bob: Slim and none, no wonder she was a little negative.

Actual price of Betty's showcase: $2,428
Difference: OVER

Actual price of Vicky's showcase: $2,168
Difference: $68

Vicky has won a total of $5,000 in prizes including a vacation in Tahiti and Bob takes her over to meet Janice and Anitra and then they follow Bob and Vicky over to the
TPiR Department Store to check out those prizes and full credit roll ( YAY ! ).

This is one of my favorite shows from the TPiR DVD collection, it might've been a winless show but it was fun to watch, mainly because of Vicky and her nervousness and the studio audience enjoyed her because everything she said, they responded with a laugh
and she kept me laughing and I was cheering right along with the studio audience when she won both showcases and I already knew she had both showcases before Bob even read the actual price because he was holding the price tag where you can see it on camera.

Full credit roll, what a treat !
I used to love seeing those because I enjoyed seeing the winning contestants with their families and friends, Bob, the models, Johnny O ( and Rod ), celebrating and listening to the theme a little bit longer.  Don't know why they stopped the full credit roll
to begin with, a split screen promoting these worthless primetime programs, not fun.

Fun show overall, despite it being a winless show, the double showcase win is made it fun !  :-D
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