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#4824D-March 3, 1983
« on: June 12, 2010, 08:17:26 PM »
This is one of the recaps that BigJon requested

Judith, Rosemary, Charles, and JoAnne come on down

Item #1: Stereo my Magnavox, modeled by Holly and Bhen is the cue

JoAnne: $475
Charles: $375
Rosemary: $450
Judith: $476

ARP: $430

Charles wins and will play Superball for a swimming pool, a trip to London and a camping trailer worth $9,420 and Starcrossed is the cue

1st ball: Cosmetics by Maybelline, $15 or $26, guesses $15, is right
2nd ball: Spice rack, $50 or $80, gueses $50, is right
3rd ball: Vacuum cleaner by Hoover, $80 or $100, guesses $80, is right

1st ball: Lands in WIN
2nd ball: Lands in $50
3rd ball: Lands in $50

Superball: Slacks by Haggar, $16, or $30, guesses $30, is right

Superball: Lands in $100, wins $300

Wins pool and $400

St. Jane comes on down

Item #2: Washer/dryer by Maytag, modeled by Dian

St Jane: $820
Rosemary: $899
Judith: $950
JoAnne: $750

ARP: $950

Judith reaches into the $100 pocket and will play Clock Game for a sofabed by Simmons and a refrigerator/freezer by White Westinghouse, modeled by Holly

$500, H
$600, H
$700, H
$800, L
$750, H
$760, H
$770, H
$780, H
$790, H
$791-$799, gets it right

$900, L
$800, H
$850, L
$840, gets it right WIN

Clarence comes on down

Item #3: Table collection by Silver, modeled by Janice

Clarence: $650
JoAnne: $975
St Jane: $450
Rosemary: $825

ARP: $850

Rosemary wins and will play Card Game for a Mazda GLC, modeled by Dian and Big Banana is the cue

Draws the $600 card

10s, $1,000
JS, $2,000
8C, $2,800
KC, $3,800
3C, $4,100
7C, $4,800
QH, $5,800
3H, $6,100
7H, $6,800, stops

Bid is $6,800, ARP is $6,510 OVER  LOSS

Showcase showdown #1:

Rosemary: First spin is .40, second spin is .60, total is 1.00, wins $1,000
Charles: First spin is .50, second spin is .90, OVER
Judith: First spin is .20, second spin is .65, total is .85

Bonus spin: .20

Rosemary goes to the showcases

Debroah comes on down

Item #4: Loveseat, modeled by Dian and brought out by Chugs

Deborah: $575
Clarence: $675
JoAnne: $395
St Jane: $698

Clarence wins and will play Most Expensive for a Dinette set, Waterbed, and a range by Decor and Second Thoughts is the cue

Chooses the waterbed

Dinette is $945, range is $1,150, waterbed is $532 LOSS

Ann comes on down

Item #5: Portable TV and cassette player by Panasonic, modeled by Holly

Ann: $450
JoAnne: $425
St Jane: $400
Deborah: $1

ARP: $510

Ann wins and will play Grand Game for up to $10,000

Target is $1.49

Wilderness fruit filling
Halls cough drops
Nail polish
Sue Bee Spun Honey
S & W Whole Kernel Corn
La Sauce Chicken baking sauce

1st choice: Corn, is $0.58
2nd choice: cough drops, is $1.15
3rd choice: filling, is $1.59 LOSS

JoAnne has been in the row from the start. She has one more chance to get out. Should she fail, she will face banishment to the First Four Breakfast Club. That is one thing that should not happen

Linda comes on down

Item #6: Train set by Kalamazoo, modeled by Dian

Linda: $275
JoAnne: $375
St Jane: $300
Deborah: $325

ARP: $499

JoAnne avoids the FFBC and will play One Right Price for a dinette set and a motorscooter, modeled by Dian

The ORP is $1,500, chooses the dinette set, is $1,025 LOSS

Showcase showdown #2:

JoAnne: First spin is .75, stays
Ann: First spin is .75, stays
Clarence: First spin is .85, stays

Clarence goes to the showcases


Top Winner: Rosemary
Runner Up: Clarence

Showcase #1:

Having fun in the sun:
Jet Ski by Kawasaki
Dune Buggy

Rosemary passes, Clarence bids $9,000

Showcase #2:

Help Zeke find a date:
Men's Cologne by Polo
Gold Necklace
$500 cash

Rosemary bids: $11,500

Rosemary bid $11,500, ARP is $14,007, difference is $2,507
Clarence bid $9,000, ARP is $9,659

Clarence wins his showcase and a total of $10,357

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Re: #4824D-March 3, 1983
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This is one of the recaps that BigJon requested

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