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TPiR Recap: 11/08/02 ( Paul Boland stands in for Rod Roddy )
« on: January 14, 2011, 05:21:58 PM »

Show Production Number: 5751
Opening Graphics: Hour of Laughs, Big Winners, Fast and Funny
First four lineup: Green to Red podium
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Lisa

Models of the Day: Lisa Gleave, Pennelope Jimanez, and Claudia Jordan
Wardrobe: Newport News

1. Kawasaki Elimanator 1-25 offroad Motorcycle ( Pennelope )
Bidders: Elizabeth: $10,150  Michael: $11,500  Noel: $7,250  Janelle: $1
ARP: $2,599  Janelle wins.
( Bob points outs another one of his "historic moments", Elizabeth's $10,150 and Michael's $11,500, the two highest bids in contestant's row ever ).

Janelle will start the day off with LUCKY SEVEN for a Buick Century Custom Sedan ( anti-lock brake system, cruise cntrl., paint sealant ),
driven out on stage by Claudia.

The first number in the price of the car is a 2.
Janelle's guesses: 2 ( YES ! ), $7 remain, 6 ( No ) $3 remain, 5 ( No ), $2 remain, 4 ( WAH-WAH !!! ), $0 remain.
The price of the car was $22,368 and Janelle has struck out.

2. Lisa and Pennelope bring out Onieda flatware w/ storage chest.
Bidders: DOUGLAS: $799  Elizabeth: $401  Michael: $700  Noel: $402
ARP: $925  Douglas wins.

SURPRISE !!! Douglas will be playing PLINKO for a chance to win up to $50,000 in CASH !!!
( Claudia models the PLINKO sign, Lisa models the four small prizes, Pennelope will bring over the extra chips won )
-Aromathearpy Diffuser-4 or 8, Doug says 8=YES! ($18)
-Quesadilla Maker-6 0r 0, Doug says 0=YES! ($40)
-Mini Hair Dryer-1 or 2, Doug says 2=NO ($18)
-2-door Vanity Makeup Mirror-5 0r 9, Doug says 9=YES! ($29)

Douglas has 4 out of 5 PLINKO chips.
PLINKO chip #1: $1,000 on the right side of the board
PLINKO chip#2: $500 on the left side of the board
PLINKO chip#3: $500 on the right side of the board
PLINKO chip#4: $500 on the left side of the board, Douglas has won a total of $2,500.

3. In the TPiR clamshell, Hooker's 8-drawer display chest ( Claudia )
Bidders: JILL: $550  Elizabeth: $900  Michael: $800  Noel: $901
ARP: $897  Michael wins.

Michael will play MAGIC # NUMBER for the following:
Broyhill's 5-piece GX collection Dinette group ( Lisa ) and Yahama's Clavinova Digital Piano ( Pennelope )

After playing with the lever a little bit, Michael has set the magic number at $2,153.
Digital Piano: $2,695 and Dinette: $1,563.
Michael wins !

Showcase Showdown #1:
Janelle: 95 stays
Douglas: 40-spins again-60=$1.00! $1,000 and a bonus spin !
Michael: 20-spins again-75=95

Douglas' bonus spin: 40, advances to the showcase round.

4. La-Z-Boy's Adina sleeper sofa and a supply of Anbesol Maximum Strength tooth pain reliever ( Claudia )
Bidders: FRANK: $800  Noel: $900  Jill: $1150  Elizabeth: $700
ARP: $1,119, Noel wins.

Noel will play PICK A PAIR for a Trip to Mexico City ( 6 night stay at the Royal Hotel Pregual ) and 5 pairs of Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook Sunglasses
( Lisa and Pennelope ), $5,228.

Grocery products used in today's playing:
Francesco Rinaldi Original Pasta sauce, Clorox Bleach, French's Onion taste toppers, Bush's Original Baked Beans,
Kellogg's cinnamon flavored Pop-Tarts, Uncle Ben's Instinct Brown Rice.

Noel's picks: Bleach at $1.59 and the Baked Beans at $1.59 !  Noel wins the trip to Mexico City and the five pairs of sunglasses !

5. American Tourister's Forester Two luggage collection ( Lisa )
Bidders: MARCUS: $650,  Jill: $800,  Elizabeth: $750,  Frank: $801
ARP: $1,560, Frank wins

Frank will play ANY NUMBER for either:
Chantal's Cook and Serve Cookware Set ( Claudia ) or
Dodge Dakota (V-6 engine, 4-speed trans., 2-X-T peferred package) ( Pennelope ) or
that DAMNED Piggy Bank

First number in price of the truck is: 1.
Frank's guesses: 8-TRUCK (18,---), 4-piggy bank (4.--), 5-TRUCK (18,--5), 7-cookware (-7-), 9-TRUCK (18,9-5), 3-TRUCK!!!! $18,935 !!!

( price is the cookware is $670 and the piggy bank had $4.21 )

6. Maytag' Atlantis stainless steel Washer & Dryer and a supply of Citrucel Clear mix ( Lisa )
Bidders: JENNIFER: $600  Marcus: $1100  Jill: $1150  Elizabeth: $1400
ARP: $1,148, Marcus wins.

Marcus will play BONKERS for a Broyhill home base Office Group and a Dell Desktop Computer system w/ color printer ( Claudia & Pennelope ).
Wrong price: $3,547.

Marcus' guesses: HLLH=X ( 24 seconds left ), LLLH=X (21 seconds left ), LLHH=X ( 17 seconds left ), LLHL=X ( 13 seconds left ),
LHHL=X ( 11 seconds left ), HHHL=X ( 9 seconds left ), LHLL=X ( 5 seconds left ), LLLL=X ( 2 seconds left ), LLLH=X ( WAH-WAH !!! )
The price of the Home Office Group was $5,810 and Marcus leaves empty-handed.

Showcase Showdown#2:
Marcus: 75-stays
Noel: 45-spins again-60: OVER
Frank: 20-spins again-75: 95, advances to the showcase round.

Showcase Round: Frank is the top winner and Douglas is the runner up.

Showcase #1: " TPiR Train Depot " ( Claudia is the conductor, Pennelope drives the train )
Sony's 57-inch Big Screen Color Television,
Wesley Allen's White picket Fence Queen-Sized Bed and Bemco Mattress Setting,
Global Electric Motocar by Dahamler-Chrysler

Frank decides to pass this showcase over to Douglas and he bids $ 13,000.

Showcase #2: " Prizes that will have you Surfing " ( Lisa )
His and Hers Infinity Surfboards,
Trip to Honolulu, Hawaii ( 6 night stay at the Outrigger Beach Hawaii ),
Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited ( 2.4 liter engine )

Frank bids $ 30,000 and there is a slight groan from the studio audience.

Actual price of Frank's showcase: $ 27,623
Difference: OVER

Actual price of Douglas' showcase: $ 17,812
Difference: $ 4,812
Douglas wins a total of $ 22,324 in cash and prizes, which includes $ 3,500 in cash ( 2,500 in Plinko and 1,000 bonus on the wheel ) and an electric vehicle as his friends and collegues in the Navy and Marine Corp. join him on stage as conductor Claudia, Pennelope, back in her outfit from the main show, and surfin' babe Lisa lead them all over to the TPiR Train Depot to get a closer look at the prizes that were delivered there.

Paul Boland, best known for the voice over work on the 1998-1999 version of " Match Game " with host Michael Berger, was the stand-in announcer for Rod on this show.

Okay show, I only got one thing to say about the first three bids in contestant's row in segment 1: WEIRD !

This show marked to second-to-last time that the Plinko sign was used in the introduction, should've never gotten rid of it.

The most exciting moment in this show is when Frankie won his truck in Any Number.

Very nice to see the TPiR Train Depot eventhough it got passed over to the runner up ( Surprise Surprise ) and an electric motorcar as the major prize, COOL !
I've heard a little while back that an actual automobile was the major prize in a train depot showcase back in the late eighties, early ninties, is that true ?
I wonder how they did that, they certainly couldn't used one of the flat cars to transport it. That electric motorcar was probably a no-brainer, probably just rolled it onto the flatcar while getting ready for show backstage.

Lisa Gleave, semi-regular Barker's Beauty from 2002-2003 and Claudia would reunite three years later to model on " Deal or no Deal " together and I remember Claudia back then saying that she was rooting for Lisa to be signed on to permanent Barker's Beauty if the producers were doing a model search.
She and Lisa were great friends off-camera and I'm pretty sure they still keep in touch to this day.

Pennelope, the other model on this show, would not return until the beginning of Season 32, which kicked off in September 2003 and she only stayed with the show that first week and was replaced by either Shane or Rachel ( who made her debut at the very end of season 31 and still continues on today,
8 1/2 years later ) the following week.
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Re: TPiR Recap: 11/08/02 ( Paul Boland stands in for Rod Roddy )
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Show Production Number: 5751

I haven't looked at the rest of the recap, but this isn't right.  November 8, 2002, has a production number of #2295K and is episode 5,891.
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