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NPR loves the Price is Right
« on: November 17, 2006, 10:17:33 AM »
/downsyle on (just for you steve)/

It's been a while since I lurked around here, so I was doing some catching up. I had just reviewed Ccook's link about NPR's previous stories on Bob's retirement, both of which were accompanied by the TPIR theme.

I was taken aback when a short time later I heard the TPIR theme playing again, this time on 7:50am Marketplace Morning Report.*

Uncanny. :-o

It was a story about paying taxes on game show winnings. If you don't know how all that works after you win your splendido showcase, or succeed at survivor, this is a good primer.

*[d]Link doesn't work right now, as they haven't uploaded the page yet. The link is in the proper format and should become active when they do. Please check back later for the story[/d]. Edit: All updated. Link works just fine now.
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