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Show Production Number: 1651-D
First four lineup: Red to Blue podium
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Janice

Models of the Day: Anitra Ford and Janice Pennington (Dian Parkinson would join as 3rd permanent model the following week)
Announcer: Johnny Olsen

Janice, wearing her "Hour Power" T-shirt brings out special guest Bert Convy of "TattleTales" as he stops by to congratulate Bob and "TPiR" on expanding to an hour that next week and he gives a Bob a "TattleTales" T-Shirt and in exchange for an "Hour Power" T-shirt and Bob jokingly says to Janice "Janice, take your shirt off and give him the-" as the studio audience gets a laugh out of it and Janice walks over and gets Bert a blue "Hour Power" t-shirt and Bert says
"No, I want this one !" and the studio audience burst w/ laughter.  Bob and Bert have a brief chit-chat and he thanks Bert for inviting him and his then wife,
Dorothy Jo to appear on "TattleTales" and the two hosts shake hands as the studio audience is cheering and applauding and Bert Convy exits.

1. In the "TPiR" clamshell, a Caloric Gas Range w/ self cleaning oven and a supply of Libby's Pumpkin Pie Mix (Anitra)
Bidders: Judy: $500  Linda: $450  Margaret: $580  Nancy: $410
ARP: $580, Margaret wins (no cash bonus awarded yet)

Margaret will start the day off w/ ANY NUMBER for either:
-Chevrolet Vega Hatchback (wheel covers, air cond., pwr brks, hvy duut. bttry) or
-Western Auto 10,000 BTU room-size Air Conditioner (Janice) or
-that DAMNED piggy bank

Margaret's picks: 4 (CAR: 4,---), 1 (CAR: 4,1--), 5 (bank: -.5-), 6 (CAR: 4,16-), 0 (air cond: --0), 9 (CAR!!! $4,169 !!!)

Margaret wins the car and she hugs the stuffing out of Bob and when she finally lets him go, he joking says "Bert Convy's right, I'll never be able to do an hour show. I'll never last to an hour" as the studio audience bursts w/ laughter.
(the air conditioner price was $320 and the piggy bank had $8.57).

2. On the turntable, a Hamilton Watch Co's Hamel Podium Grandfather Clock and a supply of One White Dust Cloth Wipes (Anitra)
Bidders: ROBERT: $475  Nancy: $476  Judy: $520  Linda: $477  (ALL OVERBID)
              ROBERT: $385  Nancy: $350  Judy: $400  Linda: $379      ARP: $450, Judy wins.

Judy will play THE POKER GAME for the following:
-Armac's flipper 3-in-1 Gaming table,
-Aman's TSR-16 energy saver Refrigerator/Freezer,
-2 Dunning LTD Table Lamps,
-Admiral's 19' inch Color Television (Janice)

Judy's picks: TV-$500 and Game Table:-$299 and the player hand has 99005 and Judy wants to keep that hand.
Refrigerator-$520 and Table Lamps-$299 and the house hand is 22255, FULL HOUSE and Judy lost.

3. Anitra brings out a Benelli Moped Mini Motorbike and a supply of Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Popcorn.
Bidders: MONICA: $225  Linda: $300  Robert: $325  Nancy: $326
ARP: $459, Nancy wins.

Nancy will play MOST EXPENSIVE for the following:
-Edgecombe's 3-position recliner (Janice),
-Encyclopedia Americana 30 vol. Encyclopedia Collection,
-Preway Modern Freestanding Fireplace (Anitra)

Nancy says the #2 prize is the most expensive as the "2" lights up.
Chair: $289
Fireplace: $265
Encyclopedias: $480, Nancy wins all three prizes !

Contestants not appearing on stage will recieve the following: 
Gift Certificate to Bonanza Restaurant and Dazey's Seal-A-Meal food sealer.

Showcase Round: Margaret is the Top Winner and Nancy is the Runner Up.

Showcase #1: Broyhill Early American Living Room Grouping,
Jorges' Nylon Carpeting, Filter Queen Home Cleaning System Vacuum,
Old English Furniture Polish (Anitra), Kimball Baby Grand Piano (Janice)

Margaret decides to pass this showcase over to Nancy and she bids $4,000.

Showcase #2: Bicentennial Salute to Baseball legend Jackie Robinson (w/ a clip of Jackie Robinson's home run @ 1956 world series game)
Trip to New York City (1 week stay at the American of New York Hotel),
2 LA Dodgers Season Tickets (Anitra),
Volkswagen Rabbit Sedan (Janice),
Autobraphed Baseball w/ Jackie Robinson's singnature (as well as Pee Wee Resse and Duke Synder)

Margaret bids: $4,100.

Actual price of Margaret's showcase: $5,707
Difference: $1,607

Actual price of Nancy's showcase: $4,766
Difference: $766
Nancy has won a grand total of $6,260 in prizes including a brand new living room group and she and her companion goes over to get a closer look at her prizes and she even blows a kiss to the camera just as it fades to black.

Fun show, one of the last shows of the half-hour format.
It was nice of Bert Convy to drop in and congratulate Bob on "TPiR" expanding to an hour and the most exciting moment of this show is when Margaret won her car in Any Number, I definitely could tell she wanted to win that second car in the show because she was going "TWO! TWO!" but she didn't good enough.

This was also the last week w/ two models on the show because that following week, Dian joined the show on a permanent basis, she actually made her debut around May or June of 1975 as a substitute model and she appaeared on "TPiR's" trial hour-long week, wearing a brunette wig, making people think she was Anitra (who was replaced by Barbara for that week of shows).

This had to be one of the early playings of the Poker Game because if you looks at the ten spaces on the board, they were white and it was played again on the first hour-long show, they were black and more easier to see.  Most Expensive was also played on the first hour long show but I didn't care too much for that second setup, that 1984-2009 setup was more my fave and I always liked the close ups of the Barker Beauty and the price tag.

Nice and decent show.
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