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Author Topic: TPiR Recap: 12/5/02 (the PLINKO sign's last appearence)  (Read 6419 times)

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TPiR Recap: 12/5/02 (the PLINKO sign's last appearence)
« on: March 14, 2011, 02:31:31 PM »
Show Production Number: 2334-K
Opening Graphics: The Time has Come! Join the Fun! Here comes #1!
First four lineup: Red to Green podium
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Ute

Models of the Day: Claudia Jordan, Alicia Rickter, and Ute Werner
Wardrobe: Tadashi
Announcer: Burton Richardson, filling in for Rod Roddy

1. Honda Metropolitian off-road Motorscooter (Alicia)
Bidders: Jennifer: $1200  Shelby: $1600  Cindy: $1800  Selwyn: $1801
ARP: $1,748, Shelby wins

Shelby will begin today's show w/ LUCKY SEVEN for a Dodge Caravan SE (4-speed auto. tran., V6 engine, anti lk brks., pwr conv. grp), driven out on stage by Claudia.

The first number in the price of the Van is: 2
Shelby's guess for second number in Van price: 2 (3, $6 remain)
Shelby's guess for third number: 7 (4, $3 remain)
Shelby's guess for fourth number: 6 (2, $0 remain) WAH-WAH-WAH.  The price of the Dodge Caravan was $23,245 and Shelby leaves empty handed.

2. Ute and Alicia bring out a U-line Wine Refrigerator w/ see through glass door
Bidders: JOSEPH: $850  Cindy: $550  Selwyn: $1  Jennifer: $851
ARP: $1,040, Jennifer wins

SURPRISE !!! Jennifer will play PLLLLLLINNNNKKKKKKKOOOOOOOO!!! For a chance to win up to $50,000 in CASH !!!
(Claudia, for the last time, models the PLINKO sign, Ute models the four small prizes, Alicia will bring over the extra chips)

1. Mad Gab Board Game, 4 or 5, Jen says 5: RIGHT ($25)
2. Animated Gumball Telephone, 3 or 0, Jen says 0: RIGHT ($60)
3. Margarita Blender, 3 or 1, Jen says 3: RIGHT ($35)
4. Space saving Bathroom Scale, 4 or 8, Jen says 8: RIGHT ($28)

Jennifer has 5 PLINKO chips total.
PLINKO Chip #1: $0 on the left side of the board
PLINKO Chip #2: $500 on the right side of the board
PLINKO Chip #3: $10,000 !!!
PLINKO Chip: #4: $1,000 on the right side of the board
PLINKO Chip #5: $0 on the left side of the board, Jennifer has won a grand total of $11,500 on the PLINKO board.

3. Little Miss Liberty of Beverly Hills circular Round Crib (Claudia)
Bidders: AMIE: $1333  Josepf: $1499  Cindy: $1549  Selwyn: $1
ARP: $1,549, Cindy wins and is awarded a $500 bonus !

Cindy will play DOUBLE PRICES for an Almost Heaven Saunas' Barrel Sauna (Alicia)
The price of the Barrel Sauna is either $4,425 or $3,690
Cindy says $4,425 and she's RIGHT !

Showcase Showdown #1:
Shelby: 45-spins again-55: 1.00 ! $1,000 and a bonus spin !
Cindy: 35-spins again-1.00 OVER
Jennifer: 95-spins again-80 OVER

Shelby's Bonus Spin: 25, advances to the Showcase Round

4. His and Hers Mongoose All-Terrain Skateboards w/ accessories and a Survivor Computer Game (Ute)
Bidders: MONICA: $550  Selwyn: $600  Amie: $525  Joseph: $700
ARP: $800, Joseph wins

Joseph will play EASY AS 1-2-3 for the following:
-Delsey 4-piece Luggage Set (Alicia),
-Hoover Steam Vacuum Cleaning System (Claudia),
-Broyhill's Contential Taprestry Armoire (Ute)

Joseph's guesses: Block #1 on the Vacuum, Block #2 on the Luggage, Block #3 on the Armoire.

Vacuum price: $400
Luggage price: $1,120
Armoire price: $1,813, Joseph wins all three prizes !

5. On the turntable, Health Craft's Gold Classic Cookware Collection (Claudia)
Bidders: SHEILA: $695  Monica: $450  Selwyn: $1,000  Amie: $750
ARP: $1,929, Selwyn wins

Selwyn will play THREE STRIKES for a Lincoln Executive Town Car (4.6 liter V8 engine, paint sealnt) (Alicia)
Numbers: 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, and the one X.

Selwyn's first draw: 8, 3rd digit-NO
Selwyn's second draw-X
Selwyn's third draw: 4, 2nd digit-NO
Selwyn's fourth draw: 8, 2nd digit-NO
Selwyn's fifth draw: 3, 1st digit-NO
Selwyn's sixth draw: 4, 1st digit-YES! $4-,---
Selwyn's seventh draw: X
Selwyn's eighth draw: 1, 2nd digit-YES! $41,---
Selwyns's ninth draw: X, WAH-WAH-WAH

The price of the Lincoln Town Car was $41,387 and Selwyn has struck out.

6. Ute brings to contestants row a 14-inch Notebook Computer w/ 10-mega byte hard drive
Bidders: KRISTINE: $1350  Amie: $1200  Sheila: $1500  Monica: $1501
ARP: $1,500, Sheila wins and is awarded a $500 bonus !

Sheila will play BULLSEYE for a Trip to Australia (6 night stay at the Observatory Hotel) (Claudia and Alicia), $11,184

Grocery items used in today's playing:
Clorox Cleanup Spray, Robitussin Sunny Raspberry, Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies,
Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive, Wheat Nuts Snack.

Sheila's first choice: 8 Oatmeal Creme Pies at $1.39, $11.12 !  Sheila wins w/ her first choice !

Showcase Showdown #2:
Selwyn: 1.00 ! $1,000 and a bonus spin !
Joseph: 75-spins again-70: OVER
Sheila: 90-spins again-35: OVER

Selwyn's bonus spin: 15-$6,000 !!!

Showcase Round: Selwyn is the Top Winner and Shelby is the Runner Up

Showcase #1: "If the "TPiR" Models were Millionaires"
Corscian's Blue Verdi Darth King-Sized Bed and Comortaire Mattress Setting (Claudia),
Trip to Beijing, China (hotel not mentioned) (Ute),
Hi-Lo's 23ft Gold Telescoping Travel Trailer (Alicia)

Selwyn decides to pass this showcase over to Shelby and she bids $21,500

Showcase #2: "TPiR Train Depot" (Claudia is the conductor and Ute drives the train...nervously)
Howard Miller's Green Missioner Collection Grandfather Clock,
Custom made Deluxe Brass Espresso Cappuccino Machine,
Yamaha's SX Viper Snowmobile

Selwyn bids only $8,050

Actual price of Shelby's showcase: $38,090
Difference: $16,590

Actual price of Selwyn's showcase: $17,574
Difference: $9,524
Selwyn has won a grand total of $25,503 in cash and prizes, including $6,000 cash on the big wheel and a snowmobile, as he is greeted by his friends and collegues in the Navy to celebrate and they all head on over to get a closer look at the prizes that were delivered to our priceless train depot.

This episode marked the very last time the PLINKO sign was used in the game's intro and I didn't enjoy Plinko all that much anymore after that.  If they wanted to make a drastic change in the game introduction, they could've have the model posing next to a plasma TV and the screen showing flowing cash and flowing Plinko Chips and a $50,000 graphic.

Too Bad the car games weren't won on this show but at least there were a couple of $500 bonuses and two bonus spins on the big wheel.

Ute, one of the temporary models on this show, had a bit of a struggle w/ the TPiR Train in the showcase, when the train was moving to bring in the snowmobile but by the time the camera cut back to the snowmobile as Burton was describing it, Ute pulled the snowmobile in perfectly and that grandfather clock looked like it was gonna fall off the flatcar the way it was rocking back and forth, that's probably another reason Ute was so nervous, I would be too.
Ute's quite a cutie, she kind of reminds me of Brooke Burns of "Dog Eat Dog" and "Baywatch" before that.

Alicia Rickter, the other model from this show, was only there for five episodes, I remember Claudia telling me, I used to write her e-mails and I asked her about Alicia and why her stay on the show was so short and Claudia told me that Alicia couldn't handle the grueling schedule and she also showed sign that she didn't enjoy being there.

The end of the Plinko Sign era, that was a huge disappointment to die-hard fans like myself but it's still a highly popular game and people still love it so,
But I just miss the Plinko sign.
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