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It's Tax Day (well actually it's really 4/18/2011 this year due to Emancipation Day on April 16), but today is a TAX BONAZA day. Unfortunately, I can't double your tax refunds.  However, with values already starting doubled for a friday (2x), it will increase by 1x for each game won, 1x for any perfect bids, 1x for each dollar spun on the wheel and 1x for (get this one) ANY player that DSW's today.. That's right, for each DSW of ANY player today, the multiplier will increase by x1 (even if they go over on the other showcase).  So everyone's bids today could actually help each other out...

Ex. 3 games one (3x) + 1 dollar spin on the wheel (1x) + 1 DSW today (1x) + Friday base multiplier (2x) = 7x All Values

BID AGGRESSIVELY, but don't go off an FAIL though either

HOWEVER.  THIS ONE HAS A REQUIREMENT.   You MUST earn a RAW score of 80 points to get this extra bonus.  Those who don't will only receive the standard Double Values Friday Bonus

Live Results will be done today after the show at the usual spot for those interested.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU.  This is a great opportunity for ALL.
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