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CSS 2011 Playoffs - Tentative Information
« on: May 10, 2011, 10:04:19 AM »
As soon as i know when the season finale will air, I'll be able to let you know when the playoffs will start an additional information.  ALL dates MAY change. I'll leave this locked for now. If anyone knows before I do about the actual season finale dates, please PM me.



0. Eligible Players will be those who fall above the line.  These are players who have played AT LEAST 40% of all CSS Games this season.

1. TENTATIVE: CSS Playoffs will include 10 CSS games from Friday, June 3, 2011 to Thursday, June 16, 2011.  If any games are spoiled or pre-empted during this time, Friday June 17th will be the makeup day.

2.  Only players who are "above the line" after Thursday, June 2, 2010 are eligible for playoffs.  Players who are not above the line are welcome to continue to participate in CSS, and the year-long spreadsheet will continue to be calculated.

CSS has typically only been about points during the tournament.  This year, CASH earned also counts.  Here's how it works this year. It counts during the normal season, so why not during the playoffs?

Playoff Score = (Points Average During Playoffs + CSS Regular Season Bonus Points) + (Playoff Cash Ranking Points)

Points Average During Playoff:  A player's point average is the number of CSS points earned each day, divided by the number of games played.  During the playoffs, all point multipliers/cash bonuses are eliminated with the exception of multipliers for a DSW, QSW or Exacta. Friday Playings are regular Single Point playings.

CSS Regular Season Bonus Points:  Players earn playoff bonus points based on their season-long CSS performance in both points average and money earned.  The top player in both points and money will earn 10 bonus points, 2nd place earns 9 bonus points, 3rd place earns 8 points....down to 10th place, which earns 1 bonus point.  The number of bonus points for each player will be calculated based on standings closing on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011.

Playoff Cash Ranking Points:  The Top 10 cash winnings will be awarded points from 10 points down to 1 point based on total cash earned DURING the playoffs.  Cash earned is just as during the season. Having a best Bid that is a DSW will as during the season earn the combined total ARPs of each showcase.  A QSW earns double the combined ARPs of the showcases. An Exacta earns quadruple the combined ARPs of the showcases.

Example:  Let's say that in the 10-day playoff period, my scoring average is 62.50.  Since I am first in year-long points (10 points) and 6th in money (5 points), I would earn 15 bonus points.  My playoff average is then 77.50 points. If I ranked 2nd in cash during the playoffs, i'd be awarded 9 Playoff Cash Ranking Points (remember 1st - 10pts, 2nd - 9pts, 3rd - 8pts, etc) . My total score for the playoffs would be 77.50 + 9.00 = 86.50 points

4.  A player must play at least 5 of the 10 CSS Playoff games in order to qualify to be CSS Champion.

5.  Money earned during playoff games DOES count towards Playoff Cash Ranking Points and will count towards the season-long spreadsheet.

Please PM me if you need clarification, or want to point out errors.
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