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The show starts off as Maritess, Rosameya, Martney, Efren has been raptured to Heaven (Contestants Row) to play the first IUFB with Kris Aquino the Goddess of All Media (or the Queen of All Media or the All Media Female Jesus, etc.) made her grand entrance after the first four got raptured as we started at 25% so the end of the world as we know it which will not going to happen by Harold Camping (of Family Radio)

IUFB #1: Stainless Charcoal Stove with Grill (That's an Original Pinoy Invention)

Maritess: P3,950
Rosameya: P3,500
Martney: P3,000 (EVEN!)
Efren: P3,600

First Four who got raptured are Overbid (Hint: Less than P3,000) and went 5% down to 20%

Maritess: P2,680
Rosameya: P2,500
Martney: P2,300
Efren: P2,350

ARP: P2,995

Maritess wins and plays for P120,000 while playing Tic Tac Dough (or Secret X!)

Free Choice
[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]
[X][ ][ ]

Both Small Prize Items from JayCorp

1st Item: Water Misting Fan (Battery Opted) (Bhen)
P445 or P359.75 = Maritess choses P359.75 (CORRECT = CHARGE!)

2nd Item: Led Rechargeable Emergency Lantern (Bhen)
P1,199.75 or P1,300 = Maritess choses P1,199.75 (CORRECT = Cue some Sly and the Family Stone - Dance to the Music for a few)


Maritess Selected
[ ][ ][X]
[ ][ ][ ]
[X][ ][X]

[ ][ ][X]
[ ][ ][ ]
[X][X][X] (Tic Tac Winner! - She wins P20,000 more)


Then Rowena gets raptured to the Heaven of Contestants Row for a chance to win some prizes to get out of contestants row!

IUFB #2: Steam Iron

Rowena: P1,450
Rosameya: P1,995
Martney: P1,700
Efren: P1,800

ARP: P3,249

Rosameya came in to the stage and plays One Right Price for a Pair of GE Appliances (Refrigerator and Microwave) and a Sharp LCD TV, DVD Player and MP3 Player and Speakers (Western Appliance Centers)

One Right Price: P40,790
Rosameya choses the TV/DVD/MP3 w/ Speakers
ARP: P44,198 (SORRY! - GE Appliances are P40,790)


Diana Jean has been raptured but Martney and Efren is facing the FFBC to join the left behind along with the Studio Audience

IUFB #3: Shoe Cabinet (Cue 15)

Diana Jean: P2,000
Martney: P1,500
Efren: P2,200
Rowena: P2,250

ARP: P2,495

Rowena got it and plays It's In The Bag for P120,000 while Martney and Efren signs up to the FFBC.

Products (The Cats)
Phillipine Guava Jam
Magnolia Star Margarine
Nestle Milo Chocolate Powdered Drink
Special Sotanghon Pancit
Met Tathione (Japan Import)
Guitar Posporo

P2,700 - Met Tathione
P13.75 - Posporo
P44.50 - Sotanghon
P24.50 - Star Margarine
P62.50 - Milo Chocolate Powdered Drink


P2,700 - Met Tathione (MATCH - P7,500)
P13.75 - Posporo (MATCH - P15,000)
P44.50 - Sotanghon (MATCH - P30,000)
P24.50 - Star Margarine (MATCH - P60,000)
P62.50 - Milo Chocolate Powdered Drink (WIN! - P120,000 + P20,000 BONUS - Cue some Random Club Music)

NO END OF THE WORLD & RAPTURE SCALE: NOW AT 50% (It went to the Half-Way Mark)


Rosameya (P3,249) = 75
Maritess (P124,554.50) = 40 + 45 = 85
Rowena (P142,495) = 70 + 20 = 90

Rowena wins it as the No End of the World & Rapture Scale goes up to 75% as we are going to the showcase range finder as she picks #3 has P20,000
P50,000 on #7

Catering Package (Gas Stove, Food Warmer, Juice Dispenser, Food Pans, Chocolate FOuntain, Plates, Winston Flatware from SM Homeworld), TKA '85 - Track 12 from TVPMM)
Gift Certificates for Groceries
Uratex Chairs and Tables
Back to School Package (incl. Redbox Laptop Computer, Redbox Wiz Pan, Brother Color Printer, Computer Table with Swivel Chairs), Various School Supplies from SM Stationery) (Splendido)
30 Pieces of Bench Knapsacks
2011 Suzuki APV (Located in Suzuki Caloocan Branch) (MGHSH)

So if Rowena Wins her showcase, the No End of the World and Rapture Scale will hit the last piece of the pie at 25% and we're gonna party like it's 1986, will she succeed?)

RANGE - P20,000
BID - P1,050,000
ARP - P1,064,987
DIFF - P14,987 (WIN! - We Did It!, We're gonna party like it's 1986, Rowens wins her showcase and cue some Dancing On The Ceiling as the No End of the World and Rapture Scale hits the bullseye at 100%!)

As for you Harold Camping of Family Radio i'm sorry, your prediction which will take place on May 21, 2011 to be the end of the world which will start with the rapture followed by the second coming of jesus, it didn't happen, i'm sorry despite Rowena winning a showcase on The Price is Right with Kris Aquino, thanks for playing Harold your off to the Land Of Parting Gifts (Like Bill Rafferty said) see you next time!

Games won - 2 of 3
Total Winnings - P1,335,285.50