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Opening Graphics: "I Can't Believe It !" (x4)
First four lineup: Green to Red podium
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Janice

Models of the Day: Dian Parkinson, Janice Pennington, and an unknown (Holly Hallstrom took a leave of absence at this point)
Wardrobe: ? (Red backless Sundresses)

1. Who-Whooooooooooooooo! Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Hisssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The TPiR Train (w/ Janice driving) brings out a Welsch Ponderosa Pine Hutch (Dian as the onboard passenger) and Faberge Babe ladies' perfume (Janice)
Bidders: Jack: $459  Judy: $500  Angela: $650  Cathy: $475
ARP: $865, Angela wins.

Angela will kick off today's show w/ MOST EXPENSIVE for the following:
1. Peter Lang Brass Telescope (Janice)
2. Wesley Allen's Brass Writing Desk w/ Glass Tabletop (Dian)
3. Sunshine Brass Beds' Brass Daybed (unknown)

Angela says the #3 prize is the most expensive.
Telescope: $1890
Desk: $950
Daybed: $1325, Angela lost (should've picked the telescope).

Before going to commercial, Janice, Dian, and the unknown model rush to the center stage to wish Bob a Happy Birthday as the studio audience joins in and they all sing "Happy Birthday" to Bob (then 60), this show aired on January 26 of 84' so the show was taped on December 12, 1983.

2. Trip to Colorado (6 night stay at the Sheraton at Steamboat) (unknown)
Bidders: DOROTHY: $750  Cathy: $800  Jack: $745  Judy: $725
ARP: $1656, Cathy wins.

Cathy will have a chance to share up to $15,000 playing THE PHONE HOME GAME (the home player is Nina Potter of Inglewood, Florida).

Grocery Items used in today's playing:
Reese's Peanut Butter Chips, Soup Starter Homemade Soup, Cheracol Plus Cough Medicine, Dentyne Chewing Gum, Blistex Lip Ointment,
Golden Grain Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Zebbies' Onion Ring Mix

Home Player (Nina): $0.25
Studio Player (Cathy): Gum, RIGHT ! ($1,000)

Nina: $1.81
Cathy: Candy, RIGHT ! ($3,000)

Nina: $0.98
Cathy: Soup, WRONG (Lip Ointment at $1.29 and could've won $1,000 more)
(the price of the Soup starter was $0.98 and could've had $200 more)
(the cough medicine was the $10,000),

Cathy and Nina, the home player will split a grand total of $4,000 and when Bob asked her how does she about winning $2,000, her response:
"I am tickled pink !" as the studio audience burst w/ laughter.

3. On the turntable, 3-piece Quoizel Restro Lighting Group (Janice)
Bidders: I'LLA: $450  Jack: $649  Judy: $800  Dorothy: $525  ALL OVERBID
I'LLA: $400  Jack: $369  Judy: $300  Dorothy: $325
ARP: $425, I'lla Wins.

I'lla will play POKER GAME for the following:
Samsung 19-inch Color Television w/ remote control,
Imported Japanese 4 Panel Screen (Dian),
Glenwood Range Co's Sunray Deluxe Gas Range,
His and Hers Stratolounger Recliners (unknown)

I'lla's picks: Range: $429 and Chairs: $898 and the player hand is: 99884, keeps.
TV: $500 and Screen: $959 and the house hand is: 99550 and I'lla wins !

Showcase Showdown #1:
Angela: 20-spins again-25=45
I'lla: 95-stays
Cathy: 30-spins again-5=35,  I'lla advances to showcase round

4. His and Hers Bonnie Sportswear Warm Up Suits (Dian)
Bidders: JUAN: $325  Jack: $419  Judy: $425  Dorothy: $375
ARP: $450, Judy wins

Judy will play SAFE CRACKERS for the following:
Polynesian's Polly Recliner Aquilic Spa (Janice) and
Hitachi Stereo System (unknown), $2,415

Safe Combination Numbers: 0 2 4
Judy's combination guess: $420=OPEN !  Judy wins both prizes !

5. Red Wood Frame Fiber Glass Greenhouse (Dian)
Bidders: CAROLYN: $1125  Dorothy: $625  Judy: $750  Jack: $1
ARP: $410, Jack wins.

Jack will play MONEY GAME for a Mazda B2000 SE-5 Truck (2 liter engine, 5-speed ovr-drv. tran., am/fm stereo, air cond) (Janice)
Board: 32  63  78
           74  47  25
           99  76  81   Jack's picks: 74 (front of truck), 47 ($), 25 (back of truck !)  $7,425 !!!  Jack wins the truck and $47 in gas money.

6. Dropping from the ceiling, 1 ounce Bar of Gold.
Bidders: JAN: $465  Carolyn: $400  Dorothy: $450  Judy: $390
ARP: $404, Carolyn wins.

Carolyn will end today's show w/ CLIFF HANGERS for a Universal Piano Co. Gatsby Player Piano (unknown), $5,470.

Dian models the three small items used in today's playing:
1. Fire Islander Ladies' Trousers
2. Watkins Spice Rack
3. Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker.

Carolyn's guess for the slacks: $25, NO (mountain climber climbs 2 steps), $27.
Spice Rack: 20, NO (mountain climber climbs to the 13th step) $31.
Coffee Maker: $35 NO, (OVERBOARD), $54.  The mountain climber goes over the cliff and Carolyn leaves empty handed.

Showcase Showdown #2:
Carolyn: 90-stays
Judy: 40-spins again-75=OVER
Jack: 35-again-10=45,  Carolyn advances to the showcase round.

Showcase Round:
I'lla is the Top Winner and Carolyn is the Runner Up.

Showcase #1: "The Friendly Character Delivery Service"
(Johnny O as the friendly manager, Dian as a watermelon, unknown as a shark, Janice as a bumble bee)
Tappan Side-by-Side Two-Door Refrigerator/Freezer,
Swinger 4-8 Player Pool Table,
Trip to Switzerland (6 night stay at the Atlantic Sheraton Hotel)

I'lla decides to keep this showcase and bids $7,200.

Showcase #2: Clayton-Marcus Living Room Group,
World Carpet's 40 square yard Carpeting (Janice),
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner (unknown),
Quick Silver LX Airplane (Dian)

Carolyn bids $7,900.

Actual price of I'lla's showcase: $6,501
Difference: OVER

Actual price of Carolyn's showcase: $8,456
Difference: $556
Carolyn wins a grand total of $8,918 in prizes including her very own Airplane as she's greeted by her husband and they're lead by Barker's Beauties to go over and get a closer look at their prizes.

Nice show.
The most fun moment was when the girls and the studio audience all sang "Happy Birthday" to Bob, who turned 60 back then and the show was taped on December 12, 1983.

Holly was on temporary leave at this point and not sure who was the girl who stood in for Holly on this show.
I thought it was either Janice Baker of Jim Perry's version of "Card Sharks" or Lacey Pemberton of Bob Eubanks' version of "Card Sharks", not really sure, probably not neither.

One only pricing game played for a Car and an Airplane offered in the showcase, how often does that happen ?

I thought the first showcase was really funny and kinda cute in a way, I liked the bumble bee costume worn by Janice in the showcase, that one was my favorite.
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