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Another 1986 Special (August 21, 1986)
« on: June 14, 2011, 10:17:33 PM »
Here's another '86 primetime episode.

Suzanne, Graham, Anne, and Keith come on down

IUFB #1: Sailboat

Keith: $950
Anne: $1,500
Graham: $1,600
Suzanne: $1,550

ARP: $1,495

Keith wins and will play Lucky Seven for a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

5th number is 2
1st number: Guesses 1, number is 1
2nd number: Guesses 5, number is 3, loses $2
3rd number: Guesses 6, number is 7 (fourth number is revealed by mistake)
4th number: Guesses 8, number is 8 WIN

Shirley comes on down

IUFB #2: Grandfather clock

Shirley: $1,850
Anne: $1,700
Graham: $1,500
Suzanne: $1,400

ARP: $1,650

Graham wins and will play Race Game for a refrigerator/freezer, set of tennis rackets, daybed, and a carousel horse.

Prices are $600, $925, $1,190, and $1,600

1st attempt: 1 right
2nd attempt: none right
3rd attempt: none right
4th attempt: none right LOSS

Refrigerator was $1,190, rackets were $600, daybed was $925, and horse was $1,600

Ethel comes on down


Ethel: $725
Suzanne: $850
Shirley: $726
Anne: $200

ARP: $800

Shirley wins and will play Grand Game for $10,000

Target price is $1.40

Corn chips
Clog remover

1st guess: Gelatin, is $0.73, up to $10
2nd guess: Macaroni, is $0.42, up to $100
3rd guess: Tissue, is $0.91, up to $1,000, goes on
4th guess: Corn chips, are $1.29 WIN
Showcase showdown #1:

Graham: First spin is .90, stays
Shirley: First spin is .10, second spin is .10, total is .20
Keith: First spin is .70, second spin is .10, total is .80

Graham goes to the showcases

Joseph comes on down

IUFB #4: Dinette set

Joseph: $1,199
Anne: $1,700
Ethel: $2,500
Suzanne: $1,701

ARP: $1,513

Joseph wins and will play Range Game for a trip to New Zealand

Range is $3,400-3,900

Stops rangefinder at $3,650-3,800, price is $3,700 WIN

Diane comes on down

IUFB #5: Microwave range

Diane: $1,250
Anne: $1,251
Ethel: $1,152
Suzanne: $1,200

ARP: $1,481

Anne wins and will play Punch A Bunch for up to $10,000

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum: Wrong price is $220, goes lower, price is $180
Toaster: Wrong price is $143, goes lower, price is $122
Frypan: Wrong price is $85, goes lower, price is $66
Slacks: Wrong price is $17, goes higer, price is $28

Punch #1: $10,000 WIN

Karen comes on down

IUFB #6: Home computer

Karen: $1,500
Ethel: $1,200
Suzanne: $1,600
Diane: $1,601

ARP: $2,048

Diane wins and will play Any Number for a gourmet cart or a Chevrolet Monte Carlo coupe

First number in car is 1

1st guess: 5, in piggy bank
2nd guess: 6, in cart
3rd guess: 3, in cart
4th guess: 4, in car
5th guess: 9, in car
6th guess: 8, in car
7th guess: 7, in car WIN

Car is $14,789, cart was $623, and piggy bank was $5.10

Showcase showdown #2:

Joseph: First spin is .90, stays
Anne: First spin is .85, secons spin is .95 OVER
Diane: First spin is .75, second spin is .60 OVER

Joseph goes to the showcases


Top winner: Joseph
Runner up: Graham

Showcase #1:

Entertainment center
Living room furniture
Bar set
Party boat

Joseph passes, Graham bids $18,900

Showcase #2:

Beauty contest:
Trip to Rio De Janeiro
3 evening gowns
Swim spa
Grand piano
Lincoln Town car

Joseph bids $48,999

Joseph bid $48,999, ARP is $56,076, difference is $7,077
Graham bid $18,900, ARP is $16,620 OVER

Joseph wins a total of $61,289

WOW!!! What a show!!!!

The games, prizes and contestants were all great.
The most expensive showcase was won yet again (and had a GREAT bid on it!)
2 cash games were played and were both won.
Punch A Bunch won on the first punch.
All of the cars that were offered were won.
5 games were won (If only Graham was a little faster at Race Game...).

According to a video clip, contestant Joseph's $61,289 win was on his 50th wedding anniversary! WAY TO GO, JOSEPH!

This was easily the best 1986 primetime special!
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Re: Another 1986 Special (August 21, 1986)
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Joseph was from SW PA, and was profiled on KDKA the night this episode aired. He was the biggest winner in CBS TPIR history at the time, as the daytime record was $54,772(A Kennedy contestant won over $68K and another Kennedy contestant won over $60K from Golden Road but did not win their showcase which was worth $40K). Admittedly the prizes were sexed up a little, particularly in the Showcases, but nothing like the prizes on the 2000s primetime shows. This episode debuted five digit Lucky Seven and Any Number, as well as the new Any Number set. However, some episodes taped before this that aired in September still used the old Any Number board.
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