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Another Kennedy episode.
« on: September 03, 2011, 08:32:02 PM »
Margaret, Kathleen, Daniel, and Oma come on down

IUFB #1: Runabout boat

Oma: $600
Daniel: $1,125
Kathleen: $1,550
Margaret: $700

ARP: $2,359

Kathleen wins and will play Punch-a-Bunch for up to $10,000

Coffee grinder

Toaster: Wrong price is $19, goes higher, price is $32
Coffee grinder: Wrong price is $75, goes lower, price is $62
Checkbook: Wrong price is $71, goes lower, price is $50
Iron: Wrong price is $80, goes lower, price is $67

Punch #1: $100 with second chance, $500, total is $600, goes on
Punch #2: $500, goes on
Punch #3: $50 with second chance, $10,000, total is $10,050 WIN

Danel comes on down

IUFB #2: Electronic keyboard, brought out by the TPIR train

Danel: $1,100
Margaret: $1,150
Oma: $1,625
Daniel: $925

ARP: $995

Daniel wins and will play Money Game for a Pontiac Fiero

Board looks like this:

38 65 47
90 51 85
23 82 12

Choice #1: 12, dollar sign
Choice #2: 90, front half
Choice #3: 85, dollar sign
Choice #4: 82, dollar sign
Choice #5: 51, dollar sign LOSS

Wins $230, price was $9,065

Eva comes on down

IUFB #3: Set of lamps

Eva: $1,000
Danel: $900
Margaret: $1,025
Oma: $450

ARP: $2,034

Margaret wins and will play Most Expensive for trips to Switzerland, Canada, and Australia

Chooses Australia

Switzerland is $5,586
Canada is $2,378
Australia is $6,398 WIN


Top winner: Margaret
Runner up: Kathleen

Showcase #1:

Bedroom furniture
Big screen TV
Satellite dish

Margaret passes, Kathleen bids $16,990

Showcase #2:

Prizes to include on your winter shopping list:
Set of winter clothes
Skiing equipment
Ford Bronco

Margaret bids $15,000

Margaret bid $15,000, ARP is $20,164, difference is $5,164
Kathleen bid $16,990, ARP is $17,442, difference is $452

Kathleen wins a total of $30,062

This was a pretty good show, even though no cars were won.

Some nice stuff was given away.
This was a pretty big budget episode. Even if Daniel had won his game, he still wouldn't have made it to the showcase. Has that ever happened where a contestant wins a car, but doesn't get to the showcase in a half-hour show? This doesn't include Doug Davidson.
Most Expensive was played for 3 trips. 3 rather nice and expensive trips, if I might add.

Where the heck did Kathleen come up with a bid of $16,990 for that showcase?! I would have bid $9,000, $7,500, or $10,000 on that showcase, but $16,990? No way! Were satellite dishes and big screen TVs really expensive back then?