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Another Kennedy show.
« on: September 03, 2011, 08:37:47 PM »
Holly, Jeannie, James, and Elizabeth come on down

IUFB #1: Refrigerator/freezer with a supply of margerine

Elizabeth: $1,200
James: $1,000
Jeannie: $1,001
Holly: $1,002

ARP: $1,300

Elizabeth wins and will play Golden Road for a set of lamps, curio cabinet, and a Chevrolet Corvette coupe

Product: Mini meatballs worth $0.91

Lamps: $_30, chooses 9, price is $931
Cabinet: $7_04, chooses 3, price is $7,304
Car: $30,_15, chooses 7, price was $30,415

Wins lamps and cabinet

Susan comes on down

IUFB #2: Pair of recliners with a collection of coins

Susan: $1,995
James: $1,200
Jeannie: $1,300
Holly: $1

ARP: $1,190

Holly wins and will play Cliffhangers for a camping trailer worth $4,595


Cookware: Guesses $32, wrong, climber stops at 7, price is $25
Wok: Guesses $29, wrong, climber stops at 12, price is $34
Tray: Guesses $45, wrong, climber stops at 17, price is $40 WIN

Laurie comes on down

IUFB #3: Stereo system

Laurie: $1,000
Susan: $1,200
James: $1,500
Jeannie: $1,501

ARP: $1,400

Susan wins and will play Double Prices for dining room furniture

$2,501 or $3,437? Chooses $3,437 WIN


Top winner: Elizabeth
Runner up: Holly

Showcase #1:

Clues to help you know winter has arrived:
Trip to Hawaii
Jeep Cherokee

Elizabeth passes, Holly bids $18,222

Showcase #2:

Clues to help you know summer has arrived:
Bathing suits
Pontoon boat

Elizabeth bids $22,000

Elizabeth bid $22,000, ARP is $15,895 OVER
Holly bid $18,222, ARP is $17,065 OVER

This was a rather fair show. Golden Road was played for a nice car, the contestant made it to the end, there were two nice wins, but there was, sadly, a double overbid.

$7,304 for a curio cabinet?!?! Where did they get that? Was it made of gold or something?
Poor Holly and Elizabeth... I felt bad for them after what happened in the showcase. Were pontoon boats really cheap back in the 80s? Sounds like it. What about Jeep Cherokees? Were those cheap as hell as well in the 80s?
I heard that this was Tom Kennedy's finale. That true? If so, must have been depressing to go out with a double overbid.
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Re: Another Kennedy show.
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2011, 08:15:59 AM »
The Jeep CHerokee offered to five time winners on the early episodes of High Rollers in 1987, taped about 18 months or so after the last Kennedy TPIR was taped(I believe February 1986 were the final tapings) was worth $14,500 as per Dean Goss when it was plugged. However, they stopped offering the car for five time winners several weeks into the run, and the show never had a five time champ until after they stopped offering it.