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Another Tom Kennedy show.
« on: September 03, 2011, 08:46:38 PM »
George, Dawn, Regina, and Harry come on down

IUFB #1: Trip to the Bahamas

Harry: $1,200
Regina: $1,050
Dawn: $1,500
George: $1,501

ARP: $2,380

George wins and will play Range Game for a Dodge Aires station wagon

Range is $11,900-12,500

Stops rangefinder at $12,120-12,270, price is $12,139 WIN

Shelly comes on down

IUFB #2: Tape deck

Shelly: $852
Harry: $970
Regina: $750
Dawn: $850

ARP: $1,800

Harry wins and will play Grand Game for $10,000

Target price is $1.35

Garbage bags

1st choice: Tuna, is $1.19, up to $10
2nd choice: Beets, are $0.48, up to $100
3rd choice: Yogurt, is $0.55, up to $1,000, goes on
4th choice: Cereal, is $0.93 WIN

Nancy comes on down

IUFB #3: Boat

Nancy: $650
Regina: $720
Dawn: $1,050
Shelly: $910

ARP: $1,085

Dawn wins and will play Race Game for set of luggage, rolltop desk, hall tree, and a trash compactor

Prices are $550, $989, $1,369, and $1,695

1st attempt: 2 right (the display said 4 by mistake)
2nd attempt: 1 right
3rd attempt: 1 right
4th attempt: 1 right

Because the display malfunctioned, the game is declared a TECHNICAL WIN

Luggage is $1,695, desk is $1,369, tree is $989, compactor is $550


Top winner: George
Runner up: Harry

Showcase #1:

Train depot:
Pair of motorscooters
Dinette set
Projection TV

George passes, Harry bids $8,200

Showcase #2:

Prizes revealed as we are addressed by General Olsen:
Grand piano
Toyota cargo van

George bids $15,500

George bid $15,500, ARP is $21,826, difference is $6,326
Harry bid $8,200, ARP is $9,625, difference is $1,425

Harry wins a total of $21,425

Good show.

All 3 games were won.
There was a blooper win.
Nice showcases, even though the train depot one was won.
Grand Game looked a bit hard. Syrup being more than the target price? I would have lost this playing. Congrats to Harry for not letting the syrup trip him up.
Range Game for a $12,139 car? While I'm glad it was won, I didn't really like it being played for in Range Game. Range Game is pretty easy, in some cases, to win. A $12,000+ car should not be easy to win, especially in the 1980s. But Grand Game and Race Game must have eaten up lots of time.

All 3 games played had the word "Game" in them. That ever happened?

What the heck is a Toyota cargo van? Does anyone know?