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Opening Graphics: 20th Anniversary Week, Longest Running Game Show, Let's Celebrate
First four lineup: Green to Red podiums
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Janice

Models of the Day: Kathleen Bradley, Holly Hallstrom, Dian Parkinson, and Janice Pennington
Wardrobe: Carol Anderson

Before beginning today's show, Bob introduces three clips of his different entrances from the past 19 years on CBS.
The very first show back in 1972, a show from 1973 (featured on the "Best of "TPiR" DVD"), and a show from the late 70s where Bob walks through the doors w/ crutches as Johnny O cries out "OH NO !!!".  Bob then said that happened a day after he was picked up by a Samoan after winning a game.

1. Everlast Gym-O-Rama Home Workout Center (Kathleen)
Lisa: $1200  Christopher: $1250  Maria: $1500  Stacey: $900
ARP: $1750, Maria wins.

Maria will begin today's show w/ SAFE CRACKERS (still w/ the "Pink Panther" music) for the following:
Sony 53 inch Rear Projection Color Television (Janice)
Sony VHS Video Cassette Recorder (Holly), $5,090

Safe Combination Numbers: 0 9 5
Maria's Safe Combination Guess: 590...OPEN !  Maria wins both prizes !!!

2. Holly and Janice bring out a Magic Chef Gas Range and a Performer Rollomatic Sweeper Broom (Janice)
JACKSON JR: $650  Stacey: $725  Lisa: $800  Christopher: $801
ARP: $900, Christopher wins.

Christopher will play SWITCHEROO (still w/ it's original think music) for the following:
Toyota Selica Sportscar (ca emission) (Dian)
Mini Gasoline Pump Gumball Machine
Sunbeam Garmet Steamer
Norelco Rechargeable Electric Shaver w/ Kit
Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

Missing Numbers: 2 3 4 6 7
Setup: 131_3-Car, _0-Gumball Machine, _0-Steam Presser, _5-Razor, _7-Electric Knife

Christopher's guesses: 13133 for Car, 70 for Gumball Machine, 40 for Steam Press, 60 for Razor, 27 for Electric Knife
Result: 1 out of 5 right.

Christopher's second guesses: 13173 for Car, 30 for Gumball Machine, 60 for Steam Press, 25 for Razor, 47 for Electric Knife
Result: 0 out of 5 right and Christopher losses.
(Right prices: 13143 for Car, 60 for Gumball Machine, 30 for Steam Press, 75 for Razor, 27 for Electric Knife)

Before going to commercial, Bob has a brief chit-chat w/ Janice.
Bob: Are you enjoying this Anniversary Week ?
Janice: I love this Anniversary Week, it's so exciting !

3. Bassett's Sweden House Lowboy Curio Cabinet Hutch (Janice)
KATHY: $1250  Jackson Jr: $1475  Stacey: $1300  Lisa: $1301  (ALL OVERBID)
Kathy: $1100  Jackson Jr: $1150  Stacey: $1000  Lisa: $1001  (ALL OVERBID AGAIN)
Kathy: $925  Jackson Jr: $850  Stacey: $825  Lisa: $1 (STUPID!!!)
ARP: $899, Jackson Jr wins.

Jackson Jr will play DOUBLE PRICES for an Almost Heaven Renick of West Virginia Tahoe Acryllic Spa (Dian)
Prices: $3213 or $4320
Jackson Jr picks $4320 and he's RIGHT !!!

Before going to commercial, Bob introduces one of the most talked about and funniest moments in Barker "TPiR" history: Patricia Benard in the Bathroom !

Showcase Showdown #1:
Christopher: 25-spins again-40=65
Jackson Jr: 1.00-$1,000 and a bonus spin !
Maria: 80-spins again-40=OVER

Jackson Jr's Bonus Spin: 50.  Advances to Showcase Round.

4. Solid Oakwood Bumper Pool Table (Kathleen and Holly)
JAIME: $920  Stacey: $725  Lisa: $1000  Kathy: $1
ARP: $1395, Lisa wins.

Lisa will play BUMP for the following:
Trip to Amsterdam (6-night stay at the American Hotel Amsterdam)
Trip to Tahiti (7-night stay at the Tahiti Beachcomber) (Holly)

Janice-$4310  $5820(Amsterdam)  $6913(Tahiti)  $4310-Dian

Lisa decides that Dian should "Wind it Up and BUMP", putting $6913 on Amsterdam and $4310 on Tahiti and she's WRONG.
( $4310 on Amsterdam and $5820 on Tahiti)

5. Holly brings out a Meade Telescope
ANGELA: $1500  Kathy: $1151  Jaime: $1001  Stacey: $1002  (ALL OVERBID)
Angela: $775  Kathy: $750  Jaime: $470  Stacey: $600
ARP: $938, Angela wins.

Angela will play HI LO for a 5-Piece French Bedroom Group and a Select Comfort Mattress Setting, $8,114.

Grocery items: Dove Beauty Wash, Geritol Complete, Woolite Laundry Care, Mineral Ice, Sani-Flush Toiler Bowl Cleaner, Gitano Girl's Socks.
Angela's picks: Geritol: $5.79  Socks: $3.99  Woolite: $1.68
($1.68 is the lowest price in the HI row)
Soap: $2.69 (WAH-WAH-WAH)  Mineral Ice: $4.19  Sani-Flush: $2.99

Coming back from commercial, Bob asks Rod the name of the last participating contestant of the day but he has a little trouble concentrating because a flirtatious Dian drops by and playfully flirts w/ him a little as he blushes.

6. 5-Piece Luggage Set (Dian)
JAN: $750  Kathy: $1200  Jaime: $800  Stacey: $1
ARP: $1540, Kathy wins.

Kathy will conclude today's show w/ MAKE YOUR MOVE for the following:
Hair Setter Rollers (Holly)
His and Hers Spalding Tennis Rackets w/ Cases (Janice)
Nissan Sentra E Sedan (ca emission) (Kathleen)

Numbers: 510508894
Kathy's guesses: 510 for Tennis Rackets, 50 for Hair Setters, 8894 for Car and she's RIGHT !!!  Kathy wins all 3 prizes !

Before going to commercial, Bob introduces another memorable moment from a 1976 show, Crying Vanessa.

Showcase Showdown #2:
Angela: 5-spins again-1.00=OVER
Lisa: 45-spins again-30=75
Kathy: 80-WIN

Showcase Round: Kathy is the Top Winner and Jackson Jr is the Runner Up

Showcase #1: "Making Good Use of Water"
His and Hers Scuba Gear (Dian)
Hoverjet Hovercraft w/ Trailer (Kathleen)
Sleek Craft's Dymplomat Ski Boat (Dian)

Kathy decides to pass this showcase over to Jackson Jr and he bids $27,500.

Showcase #2: "TPiR Train Depot" (Holly is the conductor, Janice is driving the train)
Hot Point no Frost Refrigerator/Freezer
Ficks Reed 5-Piece Rattan Dinette Group (Holly)
Sand Toys Dune Buggy (Dian and Kathleen)

Kathy bids $13,500

Actual price of Kathy's showcase: $12,450
Difference: OVER

Actual price of Jackson Jr's showcase: $38,077
Difference: $10,577
Jackson Jr has won a grand total of $44,296 in cash and prizes including a Ski Boat as he is greeted by his wife.
Once again, we rock out to the tune of "Holiday" by Madonna during the closing credits (Dian and Kathleen really get into the dancin' groove).

Definitely a fun show, lots of exciting moments.
The classic clips is always a plus especially the Patricia Bernard in the Bathroom moment, I still laugh til it hurt whenever I see that clip.

Make Your Move was extremely easy, the Car is what basically gave the whole thing away but that was exciting to see and another intreseting factor was the same car music ("The Bean Stalker") was used for both cars in both games.

At that point, Safe Crackers and Switcheroo were still using there original thinking music cues and I think the thinking music cues were changed around about a year after this.

Seeing the Train Depot showcase w/ all four girls participating is a plus and "Chatanooga Choo Choo" (also used on the 1987 record breaking show) was the cue used and I'm not sure how many different cues were there for the train depot back then because I'm hearing there were at least two other cues used from time to time but "Chatanooga Choo Choo" was the best one to me.

Everyone associated w/ "TPiR" back then had plenty to celebrate.
Bob and Janice have worked side by side together for the then 20 years, Dian celebrated then 16 years, Holly was around for then 15 years, Rod entered his then 6th year on the show, and Kathleen was there for then 10 months as she celebrated her one year Anniversary in December of that year.

For that entire week during the closing credit scrolls, "Holiday" by Madonna (three episodes) and "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang (two episodes) were used to help ring in the then 20th year of CBS, which was very exciting because both songs are fun to listen and dance to.

Fun Show Overall !
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