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TPiR Recap: 06/07/01 (Hurtful Double Overbid/Ten Chances Wreck)
« on: October 14, 2011, 06:06:42 PM »
Opening Graphics: Exciting Games, Fantastic Prizes, Play Along
First four lineup: Green to Red podiums
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Nikki

Models of the Day: Claudia Jordan, Heather Kozar, and Nikki Schielier-Ziering
Wardrobe: Ginger

1. Parabody 400 Home Workout Center (Claudia)
Ryan M: $1050  Jodie: $975  Alexander: $1000  Joy: $1275
ARP: $1699, Joy wins.

Joy will kick off today's show w/ BARKER'S BARGAIN BAR for the following:
Pacific L Series Drum Set and Paiste Cymbols (Nikki)
Ridgeway's Rememberance Grandfather Clock (Heather)

Bargain Prices: Drum Set-$1140  Grandfather Clock-$1350
Joy says the Grandfather Clock is the bigger bargain.
Actual Prices: Drum Set-$3140  Difference-$2000     Grandfather Clock-$2350  Difference-$1000
Joy Lost.

2. Nikki and Claudia bring out a Carson's of High Point Sterling Silver Finish Wine Server Cart and a supply of Capzasin P Pain Reliever (Claudia)
AGNES: $350  Ryan M: $650  Jodie: $450  Alexander: $700
ARP: $813, Alexander wins.

SURPRISE !!! Alexander will play PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIINNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKO OOOOOOOOOO!!!! for a chance to win up to $50,000 in CASH !!!
(Claudia models the PLINKO sign, Heather models the small prizes, Nikki will bring over the extra chips won).

-Garden Weasel Gardening Tool, 5 or 0, Alexander says the 0, RIGHT ! ($20 and PLINKO chip)
-Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker w/ Carrying Case, 2 or 1, Alexander says 1, WRONG ($28 and no PLINKO chip)
-Digital Battery Scale, 3 or 0, Alexander says 0, RIGHT ! ($70 and PLINKO chip)
-Hello Kitty Hair Dryer, 4 or 5, Alexander says 5, RIGHT ! ($25 and PLINKO chip)

Alexander has 4 PLINKO chips total.
PLINKO Chip #1: $10,000 !!!
PLINKO Chip #2: $0 on the right side of the board.
PLINKO #3: $500 on the left side of the board.
PLINKO #4: $0 on the right side of the board.
Alexander has won a grand total of $10,500 on the PLINKO board.

3. In the "TPiR" Clamshell, Custom made Colonial 2-Story Doll House (Claudia)
JACKIE: $600  Agnes: $750  Ryan M: $751  Jodie: $650
ARP: $725, Jodie wins.

Jodie will play TEN CHANCES for the following:
Rechargable Men's Shaver
Meyda Tiffany Table Lamps (Nikki)
Oldsmobile Alero GL-2 Sedan (V6 engine, Pwr Heater) (Heather)

Numbers for Men's Shaver: 0 6 4
Guess(es): 46 (NO, 9 chances left), 40 (YES !)
Numbers for Table Lamps: 0 8 5 6
Guess(es): 568 (NO, 8 chances left), 586 (NO, 7 chances left), 680 (NO, but the price reveals itself *650* so Bob gives Jodie the Table Lamps)
Numbers for the Car: 0 2 1 8 4
Guess(es): 18420 (NO), 14820 (NO), 18240 (NO), 14820 (WAH-WAH-WAH) (Price of the Car was: $21,840)
(After the sixth chance, the "Lamps" box kept moving down the line w/ the "Car" box and when Jodie got to her tenth and last chance, the "Lamps" box was above the "10" button w/ the "Car" box next to it and Jodie first wrote 14024 for the car, then she changed it to 14824, and finally to 14820, making it one big mess and afterwards she goes "I should get the Car anyway" as Bob replies "No, You're not getting the Car")

Showcase Showdown #1:
Jodie: 70-stays
Joy: 80-stays
Alexander: 10-spins again-70=80 (TIEBREAKER)

Joy: 60
Alexander: 25
Winner: Joy (advances to showcase round)

4. Berkline Shasta Wall-O-Away Love Seat and a supply of Citrucel Fiber Therapy Caplets (Heather)
ARP: ARTHUR: $900  Jackie: $800  Agnes: $1000  Ryan M: $1001
ARP: $900, Arthur wins and is awarded a $500 Bonus !

Arthur will play DOUBLE PRICES for a Handcrafted 2 in 1 Game Table (Claudia and Nikki)
Price of the Game Table is either $4100 or $3500
Arthur says $3500 and he's RIGHT !

5. On the Turntable, Yamaha Home Theater System and DVD Player (Nikki)
JENNIFER: $2200  Jackie: $1750  Agnes: $1800  Ryan M: $1
ARP: $999, Ryan M wins.

Ryan M will play CHECK OUT (w/out the Gigantic Caculator) for an Ashley 8-piece Bedroom Grouping and a Loving Care Mattress Setting (Heather), $6,994.

Grocery items used in today's playing:
Alberto VO5, Zatarians Rice Mix, Wheat Nuts Snack, Hers Hair Inhibicell, Citracal Calcium.
Ryan M's guesses: VO5-$6.00, Rice Mix-$3.00, Wheat Nuts-$2.00, Hair Inhib-$5.00, Calcium-$7.00  Total: $23.00
Actual prices: VO5-$3.29, RiceMix-$1.59, Wheat Nuts-$2.39, Hair Inhib-$6.99, Calcium-$7.69  Total: $21.95, Difference: $1.05
Ryan M lost.

6. Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer and a supply of Egglands Best Eggs (Claudia)
RYAN J: $1225  Jennifer: $950  Jackie: $1100  Agnes: $1199
ARP: $1199, Agnes wins and is awarded a $500 Bonus !

Agnes will conclude today's show w/ ANY NUMBER for either:
Towle Antique Stainless Flatware (Heather)
Ford Taurus LX Sedan (Frnt Flr Mts, Sde ArBgs) (Nikki)
that DAMNED Piggy Bank

First Number in price of the Car: 1
Agnes' picks: 8 (CAR-1--8-), 0 (CAR-1--80), 2 (CAR-1-280), 3 (bank: -.3-), 7 (Flatware--7-), 9 (CAR!!! 19280) AGNES WINS THE CAR !!!
(Price of the Flatware and the Money in the Piggy Bank were not shown)

Showcase Showdown #2:
Ryan M: 15-spins again-50=65
Arthur: 55-spins again-60=OVER
Agnes: $1.00 ! $1,000 and a Bonus Spin !

Agnes' Bonus Spin: (ALLEY OOP! Spins her way into the floor) 45.

Showcase Round: Agnes is the Top Winner, Joy is the Runner Up.

Showcase #1: "Filled w/ Nights" (Heather)
Swift Night Vision Device
Trip to London, England (6 night stay at the Thistle Euston Hotel)
Mallard White 20-W Travel Trailer

Agnes decides to keep this showcase and she bids $25,000.

Showcase #2: "TPiR Train Depot" (Claudia is the conductor, Nikki drives the train)
Petroleum Artifacts Old Fashioned Gasoline Pump Replica
Carson's of High Point 5-piece Dinette Group
Secard Pools/Spas' Bellagio 7-person Spa

Joy bids $15,875.

Actual price of Agnes' showcase: $16,986
Difference: OVER

Actual price of Joy's showcase: $15,700
Difference: OVER (the Studio Audience reacts in agony)

Agnes and Joy looked so disappointed as Bob signs off w/ the Pet Population Phrase and then heads out into the crowd to shake hands w/ random audience members as the cameras get shots of each of the beautiful beauties, engineer Nikki in front of the Travel Trailer, conductor Claudia in front of the Train Depot w/ the background lights turned off, and Heather, in main attire, in front of the London Trip Skin.

What a Killer Heartbreak for Joy !
She went over on her showcase by only a measly $175, but that didn't hurt as bad as Judith on the 10/19/04 show where she went over on her showcase, which also happened to be the Train Depot, by $1.  This episode marked the 15th Double Overbid from this season.

Despite the double overbid, this episode really was a lot a fun and it's certainly one of my favorites.
Agnes was a funny contestant and when she was called to come on down and the prize was the Wine Cart, she looks at it and goes "Do all the Wine go w/ it ?" and Bob replies "No Wine, Just the Cart" as the studio audience bursts w/ laughter. Then the studio audience jumped to their feet when she finally got on stage and won a $500 bonus as well and won the Car in Any Number and her name was also to the long list of contestants who have spun their way to floor in the Showcase Showdown.

This episode marked either the first or second time Plinko was played w/ the multi colored stairs replaced w/ the cyan stairs.
It's also beieved that this was the first time Check Out was played w/out the gigantic caculator (Big Mistake).
And people were somewhat getting used to seeing Barker's Bargain Bar w/ the blue background but there were many who prefered the orange background instead.

The Ten Chances playing from the show was just a total wreck, the board went haywire and Jodie didn't make it any better,
basically confusing everyone.

Eventhough it wasn't announced until the Season 30 premiere show, Claudia Jordan and Heather Kozar were the selected ones to permanently replace
Kathleen and Janice. Heather was one of the short-term models on the show because she departed before Season 30 drew to a close and she was replaced w/ Jennifer Wood (also part of the 2001 model search) for the remaining weeks left.  Claudia on the other hand ran a 3 year stint on the show before her departure right before Christmas of 2003 and two years later, she stepped back into the Game Show World when she appeared as one of the briefcase models on "Deal or No Deal" where she started out as the #9 model and then the #1 model when the show returned as a primetime regular.

Nikki at that point was going into her third year w/ "TPiR" before her departure which happened just one year later.
There were only four shows left of the then 29th season on CBS.

Fun and Enjoyable Show !
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Re: TPiR Recap: 06/07/01 (Hurtful Double Overbid/Ten Chances Wreck)
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Check-Out having a $1 win range for $20 worth of groceries is kind of difficult. I don't suspect the game was won often back then. Probably why the range got raised to $2.