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TPiR Recap: 09/30/02 (Goodbye, Nikki)
« on: October 27, 2011, 02:31:35 PM »
Opening Graphics: Surprises, Prizes, All Sizes
First four lineup: Mixed
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Claudia

Models of the Day: Claudia Jordan, (for the last time) Nikki Schieler-Ziering, and Brandi Sherwood-Cochran
Wardrobe: Sweet Suit

1. Juliana "Sunsational" Outdoor Greenhouse (Nikki)
George: $1800  Daniel: $950  Dyonna: $820  Maria: $951
ARP: $1,200, Maria wins.

Maria will begin today's show w/ SHOPPING SPREE for the following:
12' Popcorn Cart,
La-Z-Boy "Macy" Sleeper Sofa (Brandi),
Kenmore Elite Microwave Oven,
Hooker Furniture "Grand Terrace" Baker's Rack (Claudia)

Maria must spend $4,000.
Purchases: Popcorn at $1,820 ($2,180 left), Sofa at $1,069 ($1,111 left), Baker's Rack at $1,407, Maria wins all 4 prizes !
(Microwave Oven was $407)

2. Our departing Nikki and Brandi bring out a Carson's of High Point brush sterling silver finish Wine Server Cart.
CHRISTOPHER: $680  George: $700  Daniel: $650  Dyonna: $701
ARP: $813, Dyonna wins.

Dyonna will play TEN CHANCES for the following:
Personal Mr. Coffee Maker
Dale Tiffany Lamp (Claudia)
Ford Escort ZX-2 (anti-lock brks, frt & rear flr mats) (Nikki)

Numbers for Coffee Maker: 032
Guess(es): 30 (NO, 9 chances left), 32 (NO, 8 chances left), 20 (YES !)
Numbers for Lamp: 0579
Guess(es): 750 (NO, 7 chances left), 750 (NO, 6 chances left), 950 (YES !)
Numbers for Car: 06751
Guess(es): 17560 (NO, 5 chances left), 16750 (NO, 4 chances left), 15760 (YES !!!)  WINS ALL 3 PRIZES !!!

3. In the "TPiR" clamshell, Holland Grill "Heritage" Barbeque Grill and a supply of Anbesol Tooth Pain Reliever (Claudia)
TARA: $950  Christopher: $1000  George: $1100  Daniel: $1101  (ALL OVERBID)
Tara: $750  Christopher: $700  George: $655  Daniel: $701  (ALL OVERBID AGAIN)
Tara: $600  Christopher: $1 (IDIOT)  George: $475  Daniel: $400
ARP: $500, George wins.

George will play PICK A PAIR for a Hooker Furniture Armoire Entertainment Cabinet and a 32-inch Color Television w/ remote control (Nikki & Brandi), $3,372.

Grocery items used in today's playing:
 Fisher Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Orange Clean Cleanser,
Phillips Fiber Caps, Carapelli Virgin Olive Oil, Preparation H Cooling Gel, Gold Bond Foot Powder.

George's picks: Mixed Nuts at $6.49 and Fiber Caps at $6.49 !  George wins !

Showcase Showdown #1:
George: 35-spins again-40=75
Maria: 45-spins again-75=OVER
Dyonna: 15-spins again-10=25

George advances to the Showcase Round.

4. His and Hers Rossignol Skiing Equipment and a supply of Virtual Foundations Makeup (Brandi)
RYAN: $650  Daniel: $800  Tara: $750  Christopher: $1100
ARP: $1,514, Christopher wins.

Christopher will play FREEZE FRAME for a Trip to Puerto Vallarta (6-night stay at The Camino Real Puerto Vallarta) (Claudia and Nikki).

Board Setup: 92 33, 26 60, 89 41, 75 12
Christopher's FREEZE FRAME guess: 33 26 and he's WRONG.
Correct FREEZE FRAME guess: 26 60

5. Child's Crayola Crayon Bed/Loving Care Mattress Setting (Nikki)
LEIGH: $1400  Ryan: $875  Daniel: $1100  Tara: $1200 (ALL OVERBID)
Leigh: $625  Ryan: $630  Daniel: $490  Tara: $631
ARP: $848, Tara wins.

Tara will play SWITCHEROO for the following:
Dodge Neon (air cond. 4-speed auto. tran) (Claudia)
Ice Cream Maker
Mini Refrigerator
Food and Vegetable Steamer
Paper Shredder (Brandi)

Missing Numbers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
Setup: 147_5-Car, _0-Ice Cream Maker, _9-Mini Fridge, _0-Food Steamer, _9-Paper Shredder

Tara's guesses: 14765-Car, 40-Ice Cream Maker, 89-Mini Fridge, 30-Food Steamer, 59-Paper Shredder
Result: 5 OUT OF 5 RIGHT !!!!  TARA WINS ALL 5 PRIZES !!!
(Tara at one point placed the "6" block upside down, making the car price 14795).

6. Brandi brings to contestant's row a Bulova 14-Karat Gold Ladies' Watch
CORY: $1200  Leigh: $900  Ryan: $925  Daniel: $1
ARP: $875, Daniel wins.

Daniel will conclude today's show w/ MOST EXPENSIVE for the following:
Hooker Furniture Cherry Veneer Writing Desk (Nikki)
Keys Fitness 950 Motorized Treadmill (Claudia)
Towne Square Swivel Glider Rockers (Brandi)

Daniel says the #1 prize is the most expensive.
Treadmill: $899
Rockers: $1750
Desk: $1197 (WAH-WAH-WAH)

Showcase Showdown #2
Daniel: 90-stays
Christopher: 90-stays
Tara: 55-spins again-80=OVER

Daniel: 35
Christopher: 60-WIN

Showcase Round: George is the Top Winner, Christopher is the Runner Up

Showcase #1: "Different types of Spares"
Trip to Nashville (hotel not mentioned) (Nikki)
Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna (Brandi)
Pontiac Grand Am (4-speed tran, V6 engine) (Claudia)

George decides to keep this showcase and he bids $27,500.

Showcase #2: Year Supply of Veryfine Fruit 2.0 Fruit flavored Bottle Water,
C&J Custom Furniture Country French 9-piece Dining Room Group, Michael C Fina Dinnerware (Claudia),
Kawasaki Eliminator 125 Off-Road Motorcycles (Nikki)

Christopher bids $22,000.

Actual price of George's showcase: $27,278
Difference: OVER (OUCH !!!)

Actual price of Christopher's showcase: $15,570
Difference: OVER

Bob signs off w/ the Pet Population Phrase and then heads out into the crowd to shake hands w/ random audience members and the camera gets shots for the beauties, Brandi, back in main attire, in front of the car, Claudia in front of the dining room, and our departing Nikki in front of the motorcycles as she blows kisses and waving to her legions of fans.

This episode marked the end of Nikki Schieler-Ziering's 4 1/2 year run on "TPiR".
A lot of people were upset about Nikki being canned and blamed Bob for her firing and it was said that he would get really irriated when people would ask him questions about Nikki and what she was up to, he reportedly hated when she was grabbing all the attention from the fans.  Since parting ways w/ "TPiR",
Nikki went from Barker Beauty to serious actress.  Nikki made a cameo in the 2002 hit movie "Austin Powers in Goldmember" where she played one of 4 henchwomen and fires a gun at Mike Myers and Beyonce Knowles.  One year later, Nikki sort of stepped back in her Playboy roots...she bares all in the hit movie "American Wedding" where she played topless Police Officer Krystal.  In 2008, Nikki starred in a movie called "Crazy Girls Undercover" w/ Clive Robertson and one year later, she and her boyfriend Rick Reynolds welcomed a daughter, Tatum Ella Reynolds on March 27, 2009.

Nikki may have departed from "TPiR" on a bad note but if there is one good thing she may hold closely to her heart, it was her legions of fans who have loved and adored her from the years she spent as a Barker Beauty and her friendship w/ Claudia, who reportedly was livid over Nikki's being axed and it was rumored that she went on the attack against Bob shortly afterwards.

Nice Show (except Nikki being gone) Overall, especially the Switcheroo Win.
"Say whatever you want to about me, my artwork, etc, I don't really care.
If you don't want me or even like me, then I'm DAMN sure am not gonna let myself want OR
like YOU !"

^ That's my message to all you haters and people who are negative when it comes to me.