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TPiR Recap: 09/15/88 (Debut of Spelling Bee)
« on: December 01, 2011, 11:11:41 AM »
Opening Graphics: ?, Fun-Filled Hour, Terrific Prizes
First four lineup: Red to Green podiums
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Janice (and Bob gives her a kiss on the cheek)

Models of the Day: Holly Hallstrom, Dian Parkinson, and Janice Pennington
Wardrobe: PG Collections by Ginger Bort

1. Jump Room Rascals' Race Car Bed (Holly)
Bidders: Greta-$350  Martin-$550  Timothy-$900  Paula-$600
ARP: $1250, Timothy wins.

Timothy will be the very first contestant to play....SPELLING BEE for a Jeep Cherokee 2-Door Wagon (wheel trim rings, ca emission) (Janice), $12,346.
Timothy's first two picks: 10 and 4.

Dian models the three small prizes used in our very first Spelling Bee presentation:
Hoover Cordless DBL Duty Wet/Dry Vacuum
Superseal Food Containers
True Value E-Zarf Paint

Timothy's guess for the Hand Vac: 30, Right price: 40, Difference: 10, Timothy picks 30
Timothy's guess for the Containers: 25, Right price: 16, Difference: 9, Timothy picks 22
Timothy's guess for the Paint: 45, Right Price: 40, Difference: 5, Timothy picks 8

Bob then offers Timothy $2,500 not to go for the Car but he wants to go for the Car.
Card 10: R, then offered to take $2,000 but wants to shoot for the Car.
Card 4: A, then offered to take $1,500 but wants to go for the Car.
Card 30: C !  TIMOTHY WINS THE CAR !!!  C-A-R !!!
(Card 22 was a C, Card 8 was also a C)
Bob then asks Timothy how does he like Spelling Bee and he replies "I Love it !"

2. Galaxy Custom made Area Rug (Janice)
Bidders: ALVA-$575  Paula-$900  Greta-$1200  Martin-$1201
ARP: $1299, Martin wins.

Martin will play RANGE GAME for an Addictor Boat 245 Sportboat (Dian)
Range: $6100-$6700
Martins stops the Range Finder at GE-G (6500-6400) and WINS !!! ($6,460)

3. Holly brings out a Colortyme VCR
Bidders: STEVEN-$425  Alva-$500  Paula-$525  Greta-$526
ARP: $549, Greta wins.

Greta will play RACE GAME for the following:
La-ZLBoy Powered Comfort Recliner (Janice)
Carousel Style Glass Table (Dian)
Kitchenaid Food Prepper (Janice)
Frigidare Washer/Dryer (Dian)

Prices: $430 $660 $880 $1099
Guesses: Chair-$1099, $430-Food Prep, $880-Wash/Dry, $660-Table

Showcase Showdown #1:
Greta: 60-spins again-45=OVER
Martin: 90-stays
Timothy: 55-spins again-$1.00=OVER, Martin advances to the Showcase Round

4. Chromcraft's 5-piece Dinette Group and a supply of Nabisco's Frosted Wheat Squares Cereal (Holly)
Bidders: LAURIE-$1100  Steven-$1250  Alva-$1150  Paula-$1200
ARP: $1806, Steven wins.

Steven will play BARKER'S BARGAIN BAR for the following:
Trip to Washington DC (6 night stay at the Shearton Washington DC) (Janice)
Trip to New Orleans (6 night stay at the Sheraton New Orleans) (Dian)

Bargain Prices: Washington DC-$2500  New Orleans-$2100
Steven says Washington DC is the Bigger Bargain.
Actual Prices: New Orleans-$2100, Difference-$800   Washington DC-$2500, Difference-$500
Steven leaves empty handed.

5. On the turntable, Whirlpool No-Bar French Door Refrigerator/Freezer and a supply of Piknik Potato Chips (Dian)
Bidders: PEGGY-$1000  Alva-$1200  Paula-$1250  Laurie-$1300
ARP: $1060, Peggy wins.

Peggy will play ADD EM' UP for a Ford Fiesta LS (Am/Fm Cassette, ca emission) (Holly)
Add up to the Number 17.
Peggy wants the third digit in Car given free: 3
Peggy says 8...NO !!! Peggy says 6...WAH-WAH-WAH !!!
The price of the Car was $7,235.

6. Ashley's 4-piece Table Group (Janice)
Bidders: JOANNE-$1200  Alva-$1000  Paula-$1500  Laurie-$1250  ALL OVERBID
Joanne-$800  Alva-$950  Paula-$951  Laurie-$952, ARP: $800, Joanne wins and is awarded a $100 Bonus !

Joanne will conclude today's show w/ GRAND GAME for a chance to win up to $10,000 in CASH !!!
Target: $1.35

Grocery Items used in today's playing:
Sunny Delight Citrus Punch, Zingers Deserts, Success Rice, Pompetian Olive Oil, Clabber Gal Baking Powder, Del Monte Peas.
Picks: Peas-$0.43 ($10), Baking Pdwr-$0.72 ($100), Rice-$1.45 (WAH-WAH-WAH)
(Olive Oil-$0.99, Punch-$1.29, Deserts-$1.25)

Showcase Showdown #2:
Joanne: 95-stays
Peggy: 50-spins again-25=75
Steven: $1.00, $1,000 and a Bonus Spin !
Steven's Bonus Spin: 70, advances to the Showcase Round.

Showcase Round: Martin is the Top Winner, Steven is the Runner Up

Showcase #1: "TPiR Train Depot" (Holly is the Conductor, Janice is driving the Train)
O Shaped Entertainment Cabinet
Garland Restaurant Style Professional Style Range (Holly)
Young Chang Classic Grand Piano (Dian)

Martin decides to pass the train showcase over to Martin and he bids $9,500.

Showcase #2: "Rod's Dreaded Announcer's Test"
Rowe Sapphire 92 CD Jukebox (Janice)
Trip to Scotland (6 night stay at the Copthorne Square)
Komfort 19-ft Travel Trailer (Dian)

Martin bids $13,200.

Actual price of Steven's showcase: $14,230
Difference: $4,730

Actual price of Martin's showcase: $15,530
Difference: $2,330
Martin has won a grand total of $23,289 in prizes including a Sportboat and a Travel Trailer.

Fun Show !
I enjoyed watching this one and this show marked to very first time Spelling Bee was played and it is one of my all-time favorites !
There were lots of fun moment from this show, Martin was a hilarious contestant and Bob and the girls got a kick out of him during the closing credits.
And Bob had a little fun w/ Greta in Race Game and he noticed a picture that Greta had of her boyfriend and Bob goes "Aww, look at the sweet things written on the back" and a man off stage goes "Read it !" and Bob replies" I am", he didn't.  Bob also said that Greta's 11 second Race Game win was a new record and of course, records are made to be broken.

I can't even begin to explain the Add Em' Up game, my Uncle and I were watching this show and when it got to the Add Em' Up game, we were looking at each other like "What? Huh?" but shortly after this show, Add Em' Up was scrapped and the display number panel above the Car was used for Pathfinder, a more successful and more understanding game.

It was very nice to see the Train Depot on this show, always fun to see that one.
But I have to say, I was not familiar w/ the cue that was used for the train depot presentation on this show, I've never heard it before and when I heard it beginning of that cue, I certainly didn't think it'll be the train depot but SURPRISE it was !
Also at this point, the steam was added to the TPiR Train for the bids and in the showcase which made it even more fun to watch in my opinion !

Rod's announcer skit showcase was fun to watch as well and this clip can actually be found on youtube and the funniest part was at the end when Rod flubs on his very own name as Bob goes "You've forgotten your own name !" and he and Bob had a good laugh on that one !

Fabulous Show and it goes in my book of all-time favorites !
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If you don't want me or even like me, then I'm DAMN sure am not gonna let myself want OR
like YOU !"

^ That's my message to all you haters and people who are negative when it comes to me.

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Re: TPiR Recap: 09/15/88 (Debut of Spelling Bee)
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2011, 11:49:22 AM »
shortly after this show, Add 'Em Up was scrapped and the display number panel above the Car was used for Pathfinder, a more successful and more understanding game.
Add 'Em Up's display number panel was added to Pathfinder shortly after Pathfinder's debut not after Add 'Em Up's final playing.