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Dennis James TPiR – week of May 17, 1975
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From j-shea's website, I transcribed (hopefully as accurately as possible) the program from the week of May 17, 1975. The date listed was May 13, but not all markets aired this particular episode on that date. However, this appears to be the earliest known week of airing, so I'll go with the Saturday date.

Here goes:

(j-shea's audio tape begins with the following promo: "Sammy Davis  Jr., tomorrow." I've no idea what it refers to, but I can infer that the feature on Sammy from May 14 was probably on some entertainment magazine or public affairs program.)

"A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people tonight if they know when The Price is Right!"

• Emma Mae Thomas, COME ON DOWN!
* Nancy Williams, COME ON DOWN!
• Gloria Molina, COME ON DOWN!
• And Connie Blunt, COME ON DOWN!

You are the first for contestants on the PIR. And now here’s the star of "The Nighttime Price is Right," Dennis James

Dennis: (to audience) "I see lot of hugging going on here." (Turning to camera): "Hey welcome everyone, thank you for making us No. 1!"

1st IUFB: A jet ski (Kawasaki) Johnny describes this as, "A ski without a boat, a boat without a propeller. The hull is made of reinforced construction, and comes with a 400-cc water-cooled engine with top speed of 30 MPH. (A pitch film plays as Johnny is describing the prize.)

• Emma – $425
• Nancy – $375
• Gloria – $800 (has some sort of accent, perhaps French. Wonder if she had the (1975) looks to match?!)
• Connie – $800 – uh, what’s the highest ($800), before stammering out $801! (says this with authority)

ARP: $1195. Connie wins. As she comes on stage, she sounds very excited, squealing that she did it! Dennis: "You did it! You did it! You sure did it, Connie!"

Things for the Playroom: the Valley Circus 4-player pinball machine (CA Robinson); candy (Virnell’s famous butter and party mints); and a television projection system (Muntz, with remote control, 30-by-40-inch viewing area). A prize package worth … $3015

Shell Game

1 – 5 gal. Lucite paint (Not $71); Lower – Yes. (You can't tell which one it is exactly, but by what Dennis says, it's probably one of the middle ones.)
2 – Insinkerator hot water dispenser Not $82, Connie says, "Lower." – Yes. (Here, she goes against the crowd’s advice.)
3 – Presto submersible vertical broiler. Not $29, Connie says, "Higher" – YES! (Dennis: "You’re doing great!")
4 – 3 frameless picture frames (Consumer Concepts Corp.) Not $14. After some deliberation, Connie instructs the audience, "Just wait, hold it. Shush!” She asks Johnny if the assortment includes different sizes, and apparently realizes that it does. "Higher," to which the model quickly reveals the price (before she has a chance to stall and change her mind a half dozen times). Buzz!!! No, it was Lower!! (AAARRRGGGHHH!!!)

Dennis goes through the reveal very quickly, uncovering them in fairly rapid succession. Buzz, buzz ... and buzz! Darn, the only one not covered is where the ball was! Apparently, from the way Dennis was talking, it was No. 1!

Total winnings: $1195

Alice Moodlacks, COME ON DOWN!!

2nd IUFB: A game table (Reno Game Set by Chromecraft, includes reversible top to reveal billiard table, includes cue sticks, balls and chalk)

• Alice – $500
• Emma Mae – $325
• Nancy – $550
• Gloria – $700

ARP: $758. Gloria wins.

She squeals that she can’t believe it, Dennis tells her she can. During her pricing game, we learn that it’s her birthday today.

She can win a stereo (Carnegie Electronics 8 ft stereo with psychedelic lighting and two microphones) or "perhaps you'd like to win this" (as Dennis so often said during Any Number second-prize reveals) … A NEW CAR!!! Dautsun 280Z 2+2 (includes fuel injected OHC, fully independent suspension, rack and pinion steering, tint, rear defogger, plus optional air conditioning)

We've also got our friend, TDPB!!!

Any Number

Order: 6 – 7 – 3 – 4 – 0 – 5 – 2 – 8

Car: 7 - - - (wins car!)
Stereo: - - -
Piggy Bank: $3. - -

Prices not revealed, but the car has to be at least $7,000! (What's shown is what I gather from the audio and what else is known.)

Total winnings: Likely somewhere around $8,000!


Dennis pitches the TPiR home game.

Barbara Van Dynie – COME ON DOWN!

3rd IUFB: Curio Cabinet (Jasper Cabinet Co., 52 wide, 75 tall, 13 inch deep, with interior lights, cherry wood, glass shelves)

• Barbara – $759
• Alice – $1100
• Emma Mae – $825
• Nancy – $770


• Barbara – $625
• Alice – $750
• Emma Mae – $425
• Nancy – $600

$626 – Barbara wins by a dollar! (squeals, they’ll believe it at home)

TRIP – Quebec, Canada (Air Canada, 1 week at Quebec Hilton)
Also TRIP – Mexico! (Guadalajara,  Air Mexicana, 1 week Hotel El Tapatio)
and … TRIP – Hawaii!!! (Modified American plan Waikiki America)

All trips are for two, in economy class.

It appears we're playing Most Expensive.

Barbara picks Hawaii, to which Dennis goes for the reveal:

Canada: $1087
Mexico: $772
Hawaii: (nope, no price given but MMMMMMRRRRRRPPPPPP!)

Dennis consoles her, and says she could still be in the showcase. (However, with just her $626 prize, and the other two having won at least $1,000 ... she hasn't got a prayer. But Dennis isn't telling her that, of course!)


Gloria is the top winner, and Connie is our runner-up. Dennis reminds us of the rules, and it’s off to Showcase 1

Showcase 1
Let’s hear the story of “Genie Johnny in the Bottle.” Johnny has been captured by that evil seductress, Anitra! “Let me out of here, please, let me out of this bottle, If you let me out, I’ll give you this beautiful gown!”
• Evening gown (Jacobs, biased cut long torso gown with matching jersey, hand-painted chiffon calypso full sleeves with rhinestone accented sleeves)

“Please I beg of you if you let me out I’ll … I’ll give you … this automatic bartender!”
• Automatic Bartender (Leisure Products Inc.)
Computerized bar serves over 50 drinks automatically, refer to card, select a drink, insert card and a mixed drink – needs no plumbing! (Janice demonstrates)

Aw, you can’t leave me in here forever. I’ve given you an beautiful gown! If you let me out, I’ll give you something to put over it, a mink coat!
• FUR –  Floor-length Deep Dark Gamma Mink Coat (Zinman Furs’ Defino Collection); includes leather belt and a hem that zips off for daytime street length.

“Wait! Wait! Don’t go away, I think I’ve got something I think you’ll like. Please, please, I’ve truly got to get out of here. So how about … a NEW CAR!!
• CAR – Dautsun 610 hardtop coupe (with single OHC engine, front disc brakes and reclining seats)
“And for your new car, I’ll give up this …”
• Car stereo – Lear Jet AM/FM stereo with 8-track tape and four speakers; also, a $40 credit to be used for professional insulation.
“And to keep your car running smoothly …”
• 33 quarts GTX oil.

At this point, Johnny (the genie) has been released … and he apparently has duped us … because Johnny (Olson, the announcer), intones … “The moral to the story, Never trust a genie!”
Gloria keeps her showcase. Bid: $7000

Showcase 2 – Connie, here it is …

A nostalgia showcase to bring you back to yesterday ...

• Cigar store Indian (Elko NW)
• High-wheeled bike (WB Scott, reproduction of a 1880s big-wheeled bicycle)
• Gumball lamp (WB Scott, actually a gumball machine that holds up to 5 pounds of bubble gum)
• Antique Bathtub (Koehler Birthday Bath, includes polished gold fixture), plus a supply of Herbal Blossom shampoo.
• CAR – a reproduction 1929 Mercedes SS Gazelle design and authentic character of Mercedes with economic transportation, fiberglass body over a brand new Volkswagen chassis. Options include side window curtains, tonneau cover, AM/FM stereo with 8-track tape player, heater, upholstered side panels and rugs, leather strap for hood, chrome bumpers, mahogany running boards and brackets.
• Assortment of Turtle Wax car care products (to keep the car looking shiny and new!)
• FUR – Raccoon Coat with double-breasted styling, leather trim and belt (Zinman Furs’ Difino Custom Collection)

Bid: Connie bids all over the place – first $11,000, then $10,000 (Dennis admonishes her that he needs a bid), then finally settles on $10,600.

The moment of truth:
Gloria: $11,328 (diff $3,828)
Connie: $11,393 (diff $719)! Connie wins.

Dennis: “Gottagobye!”

Connie's haul for the day is at least $12,588 ... remember, she also won that jet ski and the three small items in Shell Game.

CNAOS Root beer (4 Hires Root Beer); 1 dozen pantyhose (Hanes)

After Johnny’s usual spiel, the final statement: “Announced models of automobiles won may be changed due to availability, and do not include tax or license. Hotel rooms are subject to availability.”
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