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JM's TPIR--2 & 2 Edition: FINALE!

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Season 2, (Full-length) Episode 2.  Aren't I clever?  8-)

Hidey-ho Priceroonies.  I have a laptop and we have a new site.  Sounds like good enough reasons to have a Play Along.

In our last episode, we had a pretty spiffy half-hour special from Kona, in which Jordan7 missed out on a spiffy showcase.  In the episode before that, uh, let's see, the Wheel went bananas, cars were offered left and right, and Gatorman added $32,000+ to his coffers.

Just to keep things clear, it's a regular hour show.  You will have 36 hours and 36 hours to sign up.

I'm in!

Ok I am in

Count me in, please!

IN!  :-)


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