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TPiR Recap: 06/20/80 (VANNA WHITE, COME ON DOWN !!!)
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Opening Graphics: Hour Power x4
First four lineup: Green to Red podiums
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Janice

Models of the Day: Holly Hallstrom, Dian Parkinson, and Janice Pennington
Wardrobe: Miss Ashlee

After Bob walks out onto stage and takes his mic from Janice, he mentions that there are TV montiors backstage that the crew members can watch what's going on on the outside and he also mentioned that after Vanna was called to come on down to contestants' row, a crew member noticed her t-shirt that read "Get Serious" and he goes "I Am ! I Am !" as Vanna and the studio audience get a laugh out it.

1. Diversified Products' Exercising Equipment (Dian)
Bids: VANNA WHITE-$600  Bertha-$350  Richard-$625  Michelle-$700,  ARP-$509, Bertha wins.

Bertha will kick off this histroic episode w/ HI LO for the following prizes:
Trip to Spain (6 night stay at the Mella Allante Hotel) (Dian)
Concord II by Airway Luggage Set (brought out by the TPiR Train driven by Holly), $4,161.

Grocery Items: Pet'm Flea and Tick Collar, Raid Crack & Crevice Bug Spray, Befresh Toilet Bowl Deodorizer, Antibiotic First Aid Ointment,
Peter Paul York Peppermint Pattie, Easy Mask Painting Tape.

Bertha's picks: Bug Spray at $2.79, First Aid at $1.93, Tape at $2.19
($1.93 is the lowest price in HI row)
Pattie is $0.25, Toilet Bowl is $0.85, Flea Collar is $0.89 !!!  Bertha wins !

2. Gibson Gas Range and a supply of Fondin Paper Plates (Holly)
Bids:  JACKSON-$495  Richard-$500  Michelle-$499  Vanna White-$425,  ARP-$619, Michelle wins.

Michelle will play LUCKY SEVEN for a Mazda GLT 3-door Hatchback (driven out on stage by Janice)
Michelle's guesses: 5 (4, -$1), 5 (7, -$2), 8 (8, ON THE NOSE), 5 (5, ON THE NOSE !!!), Michelle wins the Car !!!  $4,785.

3. Janice brings to contestants row an Ounce of Gold by Premex
Bids:  JOYCE-$843  Vanna White-$575  Jackson-$700  Richard-$510  ALL OVERBID
Joyce-$325  Vanna White-$495  Jackson-$497  Richard-$498,  ARP-$508, Richard wins.

Richard will play POKER GAME for the following prizes:
Merit Encyclopedia Collection
Catnapper Leather Lounging Chair (Dian)
Chromcraft Furniture's 3-piece Bar Set
Magic Chef Countertop Microwave Oven (Holly)

Richard's picks: Encyclopedias at $550, Bar Set at $552,  Hand is 55552 and he wants to keep that hand.
Chair price is $600, Microwave is $444,  Hand is 44400 and Richard's hand is higher and he wins !

Showcase Showdown #1:
Richard: 75-stays
Bertha: 65-again-95=OVER
Michelle: 60-again-15=75...TIEBREAKER

Richard: 75
Michelle: 15
Richard advances to the Showcase Round.

4. Who-Whoooooooooo, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Hisssssssssssss
The TPiR Train (driven by Holly) brings out a Magic Chef Refrigerator/Freezer (Janice as the onboard Passenger)
Bids:  REBECCA-$725  Joyce-$599  Vanna White-$695  Jackson-$650,  ARP-$638, Joyce wins.

Joyce will play BARKER'S BARGAIN BAR for the following prizes:
Children of Old England's Carousel Horse Reproduction (Janice)
English and Handcrafted Writing Desk (Dian)

Bargain price for Horse: $895
Bargain price for Desk: $750

Joyce picks the Horse.
Actual price for Desk: $1350, Difference is $600
Actual price for Horse: $1195, Difference is $300, WAH-WAH-WAAAAAH !!!  Joyce leaves empty handed.

5. Ivy Terrace Outdoor Furniture (Holly)
Bids:  MAIME-$550  Vanna White-$695  Jackson-$595  Rebecca-$450  ALL OVERBID
Maime-$425  Vanna White-$430  Jackson-$395  Rebecca-$425,  ARP-$409, Jackson wins.

Jackson will play MONEY GAME (at center stage) for a Pontiac Phoenix (w/ the dreaded "Family Feud" theme as Car Music) (Janice) and
a supply of Sound Shield Protector (Dian)

Board Setup:  46  31  65
                     60  07  23
                     84  63  92

Jackson's picks: 60 (FRONT of Car), 65 ($), 31 ($), 92 ($), 84 ($), WAH-WAH-WAAAAAAAHHHHH !!!
Jackson must settle for $272, the price of the Car was $6,023.

6. On the Turntable, Sound Design Stereo Console (Dian)
Bids:  NANCY-$750  Rebecca-$1010  Maime-$995  Vanna White-$895  ALL OVERBID
Nancy-$650  Rebecca-$680  Maime-$575  Vanna White-$695,  ARP-$625, Maime wins.

Poor Vanna White must settle for some crummy parting gifts
while Maime will end the day w/ CLIFF HANGERS for the following Prizes:
Coleman Valley Forge's Camping Trailer (Janice)
Shakesphere Fishing Gear (Holly), $3,383.

Dian models the three small items used on today's playing:
Superior Toy Card Game Shuffler
Prelude III Massager
Washington Forge Cutlery Set

Maime's guesses: $25 for the Card Shuffler (WRONG, mountain climbs up to step 5), Right price is $20
$20 for the Massager (WRONG, mountain climbs up to step 17), Right price is $32
$55 for the Cutlery Set (WRONG, mountain climbs up to step 19), Right price is $57, Maime wins !

Showcase Showdown #2:
Joyce: 45-again-6=OVER
Jackson: 80-stays
Maime: 20-again-85=OVER

Jackson advances to the Showcase Round.

Showcase Round: Richard is the Top Winner, Jackson is the Runner Up.

Showcase #1: "Splendido"
Captial Victorian Child's Living Room Group (Janice)
Broyhill Living Room Group for Adults
World Carpets' Wall-to-Wall Carpeting (Holly)
Gibson Air Conditioner (Janice)
Wurlitzer Player Organ (Holly)

Richard decides to pass this showcase over to Jackson and he bids $4,600.

Showcase #2: "June Bride Dian" (Janice and Holly as the Bridesmaids)
Handcrafted Storage Ice Box
Speed Queen Washer and Dryer
Rolls Royce for One Week Rental
Marquis Motorboat w/ Trailer and Motor

Richard bids $9,500.

Actual price of Richard's showcase: $12,292
Difference: $2,792

Actual price of Jackson's showcase: $6,680
Difference: $2,080
Jackson has won a grand total of $7,361 in cash and prizes including a brand new Living Room Group as he is greeted by a lady friend and Bob leads them over to join his beauties and check out all of the showcase prizes he has won !

Definitely one of the most historic and most memorable episodes of Barker "TPiR" History as the Most Famous Lady of all TV Game Shows was called to "COME ON DOWN" to Contestants Row, Ms. Vanna White herself !  Vanna, a then 23-year-old aspiring model and actress had recently left her old stomping grounds of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to try her hand at fame in Hollywood, California.

She attended this taping w/ a High School Girlfriend and both squealed w/ delight after Johnny O called Vanna's name as one the first four contestants called down to contestants row.  Vanna often looked over to her gal pal for help and at one point Bob said to her
"Vanna, if you'd stop checking yourself out on the monitor, you might actually win something" but as she likes to put it, She didn't win a doggone thing but crummy parting gifts.  But the overall expierence was a fun one and the one person who enjoyed it the most was Vanna's mother Joan and what was even more special about this episode aired nationwide around her mother's Birthday ! 

Two years after Vanna's appearence on "TPiR", she would soon land the most famous job in all of television, as the new Letter-Turner on
"Wheel of Fortune" as she made her nationwide debut on December 13, 1982.  "Wheel" was only an NBC Daytime Game Show at that point in time but Vanna was slowly but surely becoming more and more famous but when the show debut in Nighttime in September 1983, all of that changed for Vanna as her fame skyrocketed !  Dazzling TV and studio audiences wearing some of the most glamourous and sometimes daring Evening Gowns and other Outfits, people couldn't get enough of Vanna. 

Throughout the years, Vanna has written a best selling Book, developed her own line of Yarn, Dolls, Fragences, and has been featured on numerous "Wheel of Fortune" related items ranging from Video Games, Board Games, Computer Games and even a talking keychain.

Vanna White was even named in "The Guiness Book of World Records" as "TV's most frequent Clapper" as she stands at that famous big board clapping, averaging over 720 times per episode and she made even more TV History as she becomes the first Game Show Model to recieve a Star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she's just keeps on going strong.

Vanna may not have won big on "TPiR" but it's a moment that she'll probably treasure forever.
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