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1985 Tom Kennedy episode
« on: April 29, 2012, 02:38:58 PM »
Here's another! This was very recently uploaded on Youtube.

Lisa, Cecile (female), Phillip, and Carla come on down

IUFB #1: Pinball machine, brought out by the TPIR train

Lisa: $750
Cecile: $890
Phillip: $900
Carla: $795

ARP: $1,795

Phillip wins and will play Safe Crackers for a spa and a phone answering machine worth $3,735

Numbers are 0, 2, and 4, guesses $240 WIN

Leonard comes on down

IUFB #2: Dishwasher with a supply of dishwasher detergent

Leonard: $575
Carla: $500
Lisa: $850
Cecile: $600

ARP: $700

Cecile wins and will play One Away for a Pontiac Firebird

Wrong price is $8,658, guesses $9,549

Has 3 right

Second guess is $9,569 WIN

Stephanie comes on down

IUFB #3: Dinette set

Stephanie: $1,001
Leonard: $1,450
Carla: $1,295
Lisa: $1,451

ARP: $1,802

Lisa wins and will play Grocery Game for a trip to Ireland worth $3,360

Butterscotch topping
Baby sweet potatoes
Candy bar
Refried beans

1st choice: Candy bar, buys 7, one is $.35, 7 are $2.45
2nd choice: Topping, buys 3, one is $.94, 3 are $2.82, total is $5.27
3rd choice: Beans, buys 1, is $.45, total is $5.72
4th choice: Potatoes, buys 2, one is $.55, 2 are $1.10, total is $6.82 WIN


Top winner: Cecile
Runner up: Phillip

Showcase #1:

Trip down Main Street:
Computer & cabinet
Brass bed

Cecile passes, Phillip bids $7,500

Showcase #2:

Salute to the four seasons:
Pair of season tickets to the LA Raiders
Skiing equipment
Riding lawnmower
Ski boat

Cecile bids $15,000

Phillip bid $7,500, ARP is $10,488, difference is $2,988
Cecile bid $15,000, ARP is $15,749, difference is $749

Cecile wins a total of $26,043

GREAT episode!

Great prizes, great contestants, great wins!
Were Pontiac Firebirds and Pontiac Fieros the only sports cars they offered on the Kennedy shows?
Wow, someone actually won a boat in their showcase on the Kennedy show.

Overall a wonderful show!

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Re: 1985 Tom Kennedy episode
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2012, 03:39:39 PM »
I got a Tom Kennedy show recently (Plinko, Race Game, Double Prices) and the girls wore those same green dresses on that show
Tom had a slip up at the end of this show, instead of saying "The Price is Right", he said "The Price is Night", Ha !  :oldlol:
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