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Opening Graphics: Money/Money/Money, Prize/Prizes/Prizes, Fun/Fun/Fun
First Four Lineup: Red to Green podiums
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Brandi

Models of the Day: Claudia Jordan, Brandi Sherwood-Cochran, and (for the first time) Shane Stirling
Wardobe: Carol Anderson Collection

1. 36-inch Color Television w/ Remote Control (Claudia)
Bids: Floyd-1895  Rebecca-650  Beau-1200  Holly-700   ARP: $1149, Holly wins.

Holly will start off Shane's first episode w/ MOST EXPENSIVE for the following prizes:
Horizon Fitness' Paragon Treadmill (Brandi)
Ridgeway Charlotte Grandfather Clock (Claudia)
Broyhill Sleeper Sofa (Shane)

Holly says the #2 Prize is the Most Expensive.
Treadmill: $1099
Sofa: $1600
Grandfather Clock: $1998, Holly wins all three prizes !

2. Collection of Barbie Electronic Toys from Kid Designs (Brandi)
Bids: WILLIAM-575  Floyd-576  Rebecca-590  Beau-600  ARP: $706, Beau wins.

Beau will play DICE GAME for a Chevy Cavalier (4-cylinder engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, cruise control) (Shane)
(Claudia and Brandi wheels out the Dice Table)
*After Rod describes the Car, Bob mysteriously points out that the color of Shane's sequined blouse (as well as Claudia's and Brandi's), which is sequined lavander, matches the color of the Chevy Cavalier, which is Navy Blue...Bob must be a little color blind*

First Digit in Car Price: 1
Rolls: 3 (NO, guess HIGHER) 2 (NO, guess HIGHER) 5 (NO, guess LOWER) 1 (NO, automatic HIGHER)
Results: 1 (free) 5 (Yes) 6 (Yes) 6 (WAH-WAH-WAH) 5 (yes), $15,665 and Beau leaves empty handed.

3. In the "TPiR" clamshell, Mario Industries' 3-piece Monkey Lighting Group and a supply of Zilactin Toothache & Oral Swabs (Claudia)
Bids: CONCETTA-385  William-850  Floyd-855  Rebecca-600   ARP: $981, Floyd wins.

SURPRISE !!! Flpyd is going to Play PLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIINNNNNNKKKKKKKKKKOOOOO OO for a chance to win up to $50,000 in CASH !!!
(Claudia models the Plinko Sign, Brandi models the Small Prizes, Shane will bring over the extra Plinko Chips won)

1.Paraffin Spa (2 or 9), says the 9 (RIGHT-$69 and Earns Plinko Chip)
2. Libman Wonder Mop (1 or 6), says the 1 (RIGHT-$16 and Earns Plinko Chip)
3. Mini Spice Rack (1 or 7), says the 7 (RIGHT-$47 and Earns Plinko Chip)
4. Massager (9 or 8), says the 8 (RIGHT-$58 and Earns Plinko Chip)

Floyd has 5 Plinko Chips total.
Chip #1: $0 Left
Chip #2: $10,000 !!!
Chip #3: $0 Right
Chip #4: $100 Left
Chip #5: $0 Right
Total: $10,100

Showcase Showdown #1:
Beau: 20-spins again-35=55
Holly: 20-spins again-95-OVER
Floyd: 70-WIN

4. Claudia and our Newbie bring out Oneida Silver Serving Pieces
Bids: NICHOLAS-1650  Rebecca-2100  Concetta-1740  William-7,  ARP: $885, William wins w/ the 7 bid.

William will play TAKE TWO for the following Prizes:
Paradise Nature "Lion and Cub" Oil Painting (Brandi)
C&J Custon Furniture 3-piece Dinette Group (Brandi and Claudia)
Maytag Washer/Dryer (Claudia)
Arctic Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace (Shane)

Price: $3423
William's picks: Dinette at $2275 and Washer/Dryer at $1148
Results: WIN !!!

5. Brandi brings out a Riccar 650 Sewing Machine
Bids: ERIN-680  Nicholas-250  Rebecca-700  Concetta-251,  ARP: $750, Rebecca wins.

Rebecca will play NOW OR THEN for a Trip to the Caribbean (6-night stay at the Spice Island Beach Resort) (Claudia and Shane) $5,644.
NOW: October 2002
THEN: January 1988

Grocery items and prices:
Mrs. Butterworths Syrup ($2.99)  Bigelow Mint Medley Tea Bags ($1.59)  Eggsland Best Eggs ($2.19)
Nestle's Carnation Coffee Mate ($2.60)  Garlique Garlic Tablets ($8.99)  Poppycock Popcorn ($1.99)

Picks: Syrup, says THEN (WRONG)  Tea, says THEN (YES)  Eggs, says NOW (YES)  Coffee Mate, says NOW (YES !!!)
Rebecca wins !

6. Largo International "San Ramos" Baker's Rack and a supply of Gaviscon Antacid (Brandi)
Bids: MOLLY-800  Concetta-700  Erin-850  Nicholas-1100  ALL OVERBID
Bids: MOLLY-650  Concetta-1      Erin-520  Nicholas-200   ARP: $699, Molly wins.

Molly will end the day w/ ONE AWAY for a Ford Focus SE Station Wagon (2.0 liter engine, air conditioning) (Claudia)
Wrong price: 28251
Molly's guess: 17340
Results: 4 out of 5 numbers right.

Molly's second guess: 17360 (changed the 4 to a 6)
Result: WIN !!! $17,360

Showcase Showdown #2:
Rebecca: 20-spins again-25=45
William: 35-spins again-35=70
Molly: 5-spins again-50=55, William advances to the Showcase Round

Showcase Round: Floyd is the Top Winner, William is the Runner Up.

Showcase #1: "If the Barker Beauties were filthy Rich"
Coleman Stainless Steel Gas Grill (Claudia)
Trip to Italy (6-night stay at the Atlante Gardens) (Brandi)
Reinell 200 LS Deluxe Ski Boat (Shane)

Floyd decides to pass this showcase over to William and he bids $24,792.

Showcase #2: ("The Big Banana" theme)
Broyhill's Continential Tapestry 7-piece Bedroom Group
Custom Design's Laguna Bay Bedding (Brandi), Bemco Mattress Setting
Coleman Family Outdoor Camping Gear (Claudia)
His and Hers Yamaha V-Star Offroad Motorcycles (Shane)

Floyd bids $21,950.

Actual price of Floyd's showcase: $20,787
Difference: OVER

Actual price of William's showcase: $34,487
Difference: $9,695
William has won a grand total of $41,894 in Prizes including a Trip to Italy and a Ski Boat as he's literally rammed down to the floor by his large group of screaming and hollerin' College friends and collegues of Auburn University.

If this were yet another Model Search to find yet two more permanent replacements (for Nikki Schieler-Ziering and Heather Kozar), I can almost gurantee it that Shane would be signed on to a permanent basis because this was just her first episode and already she had the modeling gig down packed like a pro !

I really can't explain what was going through Bob's mind when he mysteriously pointed out that Shane's sequined blouse, which was lavender, matched the color of the Chevy Cavalier, which was Navy Blue.  Bob is either color blind or he wanted Shane to have just a bit more camera time.

The then 27-year old Blonde Beauty would become of the few Barker Beauties who would continue on modeling on the show over the next 5 seasons and she's certainly one of the greatest Barker's Beauties in my book, certainly one of my favorites of all-time (along w/
Brandi, Claudia, Rachel, Lanisha, Holly, Janice, Kathleen, and Nikki) !

After start of season 35 (which was then host Bob Barker's last season), we didn't see Shane all that much.  It turned out that she and her husband were expecting a child and she became the first "TPiR" model ever to become pregnant but she wasn't allowed to appear on the show, which you might as well say was the beginning of the end for her.

Shane was finally able to return to "TPiR" in June of 2008, now w/ the show in the hands of Drew Carey, and remained w/ the show until October of that year and she was gone for good. 

Shane eventually filed a lawsuit against Bob for having her terminated from the show for being pregnant.
But in the end, it didn't turn out as well as Shane had hoped because her case was thrown out of the courts because the judge found the show's produers' claims to be legit, saying that between 2006 and 2007, the statute of limitations had passed over and among other things. 

Shane may no longer be apart of the show but, she definitely won't be forgotten and very missed.
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