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Opening Graphics: Lots of Laughs! Lots of Loot! Lots of Fun!
First four lineup: Green to Red Podiums
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Nikki

Models of the Day: Claudia Jordan, (newbie) Heather Kozar, and Nikki Schieler-Ziering
Wardrobe: Tadashi

1. Bumper Pool Table w/ Accessories (Claudia and Heather) *Bob introduces Heather as this week's Tryout Model*
Bids: Virginia-$1295  Geoffrey-$500  Jaime-$750  Shawn-$1296  ARP: $2300, Shawn wins.

Shawn will kick things off w/ EASY AS 1 2 3 for the following prizes:
Corsican White Brass Daybed/Loving Care Mattress Setting (Heather)
IWI International Wrought Iron Wine Server Cart (Claudia)
Maytag Washer/Dryer (Nikki)

Guesses: Block #1 on the Wine Server Cart, Block #2 on the Daybed, Block #3 on the Washer/Dryer
Results: $606 for Wine Server Cart (Claudia struggles w/ the button to reveal the Wine Server Cart Price), $1288 for Daybed,
$1650 for the Washer/Dryer.

Shawn wins all three prizes !

2. Nikki and Claudia bring out His and Hers Dahon 26-inch Foldable Mountain Bikes
Bids: MARTHA-$1250  Virginia-$895  Geoffrey-$1100  Jaime-$1251  ALL OVERBID
Bids: MARTHA-$600    Virginia-$655  Geoffrey-$656    Jaime-$800   ARP: $800, Jaime wins and is awarded a $500 Bonus.

Jaime will play COVER UP for a Ford Ranger XL Pickup Truck (air condition, automatic transmission) (Heather)
Board Setup: 13

Jaime's Guess: $16392, WRONG (1, 9, and 2 are correct)
Second Guess: $14192, WRONG (4 is correct)
Third Guess: $14592, RIGHT !!! Jaime wins the Truck !!!

3. On the Turntable, Oneida Di Vinci Crystal Stemware (Nikki)
Bids: CHANELL-$800  Martha-$550  Virginia-$650  Geoffrey-$801  ARP: $1260, Geoffrey wins.

Geoffrey will play GRAND GAME for a chance to win up to $10,000 in CASH !!!
Target Price: $6.50

Grocery Items: Anbesol Jr Tooth Pain Reliever, Chock Full of Nuts Decaf Coffee, Flintstones Vitamins, Squeak Ender Floor Care,
Mylanta Calcium, Tiger Balm Ointment

Geoffrey blows it on the first try.
(Anbesol Jr was $6.29, Coffee was $4.59, Floor Care was $6.99, Mylanta was $3.79, Tiger Balm was $5.79)

Showcase Showdown #1:
Geoffrey: 50-spins again-90=OVER
Shawn: 90-stays
Jaime: 60-spins again-85=OVER, Shawn advances to the Showcase Round.

4. Claire Murray of Nantucket Home Accessories' Cape Cod Area Rug (Claudia and Nikki)
Bids: LYNNE-$1800  Chanell-$1250  Martha-$1000  Virginia-$1251  ARP: $1198, Martha wins.

Martha will play JOKER for a Honey Pine Dining Room Grouping and Queen Anne Wilton Armetale Dinnerware (Heather), $6,140.

Nikki and Claudia model the four small prizes used in today's playing:
Laminator, $52 or $25, says $52 WRONG
Relaxation Machine, $18 or $81, says $18 RIGHT (discards Card #4)
Steam Iron, $23 or $32, says $23 RIGHT (discards Card #2)
Packing Cube, $31 or $13, says $13 RIGHT (discards Card #5)

Card 4: Ace of Diamonds, Card 2: 2 of Hearts, Card 5: 5 of Clubs (WAH-WAH-WAH)
(Card 1 was 4 of Spades, Card 3 was the JOKER)
Martha leaves w/ nothing.

5. Outdoor Innovations' Outdoor Camping Tents (All)
Bids: ORANIA-$525  Virginia-$475  Lynne-$800  Chanell-$799  ARP: $522, Virginia wins.

Virginia will play ANY NUMBER for either:
Pulaski Furniture's French Toast Work Station (Claudia)
Chevy Prism (3-Speed automatic transmission, air conditioning) (Nikki)
that DAMNED Piggy Bank

First Digit in Car Price: $1-,---
Picks: 6 (CAR $16,---) 4 (Bank $-.4-) 5 (Cabinet $-5-) 9 (Bank $9.4-) 3 (Bank $9.43), Virginia must settle for $9.43 in the Piggy Bank.
(Car was $16,172, Work Station was $850)

6. Palecek's Savannah Collection Rattan Chairs and Table and a supply of Mood Swirls Moisturizer (Heather)
Bids: LAZARA-$750  Lynne-$600  Chanell-$650  Orania-$800  ARP: $1498, Orania wins.

Orania will end the day w/ SWITCH for the following Prizes:
Trip to Boston (6-nights at the Sonesta Hotel Boston) (Nikki)
Trip to Dallas (6-nights at the Hotel Adolphus) (Claudia)

Prices: $4885 for Boston, $6649 for Dallas.
Orania wants to SWITCH the prices, putting $6649 on Boston and $4885 on Dallas.
Result: LOSE, should've left them where they were.

Showcase Showdown #2:
Virginia: 15-spin again-35=50
Martha: 40-spin again-BOO (not all the way around)-55=95
Orania: 70-spin again-1.00=OVER, Martha advances to the showcase round.

Showcase Round: Shawn is the Top Winner, Martha is the Runner Up.

Showcase #1: "What Animals Are Really Thinking"
Fedders Air Conditioners (Nikki)
Max 4500-T All Terrain Vehicle (Claudia)
Aqua Cat II Catamaran (Heather)

Shawn decides to play this showcase over to Martha and she bids $17,000.

Showcase #2: "Filled W/ Grinds"
Coffee Maker (Nikki)
Trip to Palm Springs (6-nights at Palm Springs Rivera Racquet Club) (Claudia)
Ford Mustang (V8 engine, 5-speed Transmission) (Nikki)

Shawn bids $28,000.

Actual Price of Shawn's showcase: $26,333
Difference: OVER

Actual Price of Martha's showcase: $15,041
Difference: OVER

Bob heads out into the audience to shake hands w/ random audience members as the camera gets shots of the Beauties, Nikki in front of the Car, Heather in front of the Catamaran, and Claudia in front of the Palm Springs' Trip Skin.

Heather Kozar, from Akron, Ohio, made her very first appearence during these series of shows as Tryout Model as the search continued to find two new permanent Barker's Beauties.  Heather would return to the show in late May as a permanent Barker's Beauty along w/
Claudia Jordan (who's been w/ the show since Feburary).

Heather would part ways w/ "TPiR" in May 2002 before the then season 30 would draw to a close but Heather's exit from the show was rather a mystery because it's unknown if she was fired from the show or she left on her own accord.

We really don't know all that much about Heather other than the fact that she posed nude for Playboy and was named Playmate of the Year for 1999, and also was a St. Pauli Girl in 2002.  And after her exit from "TPiR", Heather virtually disappeared. Last we heard, she was married (still is) to Cleveland Brown's Quarterback Tim Couch and gave birth to two sons, Chase Scott in August 2005 and Brady Couch in March 2009.

I liked Heather when she was on the show but I'm on the borderline fence on whether or not I would've chosen her as permanent Beauty if it were up to me. There were a couple of girls from that 2000-2001 Model Search that I liked, my definite choices would've been Claudia and Brandi Sherwood-Cochran and I would've signed on two more models, I would've have it go back to four models.

Whether Heather left on her own accord or was fired from "TPiR", we'll never know, but it's fun looking back shows during her time on the show.
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