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Technical Support Forum - Please Read Before Posting
« on: July 23, 2012, 02:03:31 PM »
For those who are new to this site (or have been here, but have been living under a rock :lol: ),  I welcome you all to :-D

This forum is set up in case you need help with something or if you're having a problem using a certain feature.  This forum is NOT for reporting problems with members, complaining about forum rules, questioning moderator actions, or reporting problems with things outside of  If you have a legitimate problem with a member or moderator (or an action taken by a moderator), you should use the report post feature or contact Marc or ClockGameJohn. In case of immediate forum emergency (extremely illicit content, extremely disruptive member) please contact Seth via email at

Please don't be afraid to post your problem here.  We'll try to answer your question to the best of our ability as soon as we possibly can.  Please title your thread appropriately (e.g. Buddy List not letting me add on instead of HELP ME!!!!) and give as many details as you can (e.g. error messages or other details instead of chat down, plz help, thx).

Please be patient when you post here.  We're all busy with stuff in real life.  Don't expect an answer in less than 5 minutes (although if anyone here is online and knows the solution to your problem, you will probably get an answer quickly).  Please, do NOT rush folks trying to help you.

Please try to keep threads on topic.  If you're having a problem with our Buddy List feature, please don't post your problem in a thread concerning the Golden Gallery.  Start a new thread.

If you see someone post a problem and you know the answer (or where the answer can be found), please help out your fellow members and post the solution or a link to another post.

Once again, welcome to!  I hope you enjoy your time here and keep on coming back!