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#1555D-August 22, 1975
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Beverly, Janice, Vyonna, and Judith come on down

Item #1: Stereo by Carnegie, modeled by Dian

Beverly: $329
Janice: $250
Vyonna: $336
Judith: $350

ARP: $260

Janice wins and will play Shell Game for a Sofa and Loveseat by Gem Furniture, modeled by Janice

1st Prize: Spray Paint by Plasti Kote, wrong price is $48, guesses lower, price is $52
2nd Prize: Coffee Maker by Presto, wrong price is $36, guesses lower, price is $32, places chip by shell #3
3rd Prize: Whirlpool massage by Daisy, wrong price is $110, guesses higher, price is $100
4th Prize: Carpet shampooer by Blue Lustre, wrong price is $50, guesses higher, price is $56, places chip by shell #2

Ball is under shell #4 LOSS

Jerome comes on down

Item #2: Dishwasher by Maytag, modeled by Janice

Jerome: $350
Vyonna: $210
Judith: $300
Beverly: $290

ARP: $400

Jerome wins and will play Ten Chances for a Slo cooker by West Bend, a color TV by Admiral, modeled by Dian, and a Chevorlet Vega, modeled by Janice

1st Chance: Slo Cooker, numbers are 5 7 3, guesses $35, is right
2nd Chance: TV, numbers are 2 4 0 6, guesses $640, is wrong
3rd Chance: Guesses $624, is wrong
4th Chance: Guesses $420, is wrong
5th Chance: Guesses $460, is right
6th Chance: Car: numbers are 5 9 3 1 0, guesses $3,910, is wrong
7th Chance: Guesses $3,590, is wrong
8th Chance: Guesses $3,510, is wrong
9th Chance: Guesses $5,391, is wrong
10th Chance: Guesses $3,950, is right WIN

William comes on down

Item #3: Luggage by Skyway, modeled by Dian

William: $275
Vyonna: $285
Judith: $310
Beverly: $205

ARP: $300

Vyonna wins and will play Most Expensive for a Chaise Lounger by Chestnut Creek, a Air Conditioner by Speed Queen, and an Accent Table by United Factories Inc, modeled by Dian and Janice

Chooses the Table

Lounge is $300, AC is $600, Table is $230 LOSS


Top Winner: Jerome
Runner Up: Janice

Showcase #1:

Sailboat by Silverline
Ski Boat by Glassbar with Johnson Motor
Spartan trailer
Bucket of KFC chicken

Jerome passes, Janice bids $4,000

Showcase #2

TPIR Book of the Week: The Iliad:
Trip to Greece
Cruise of the Greek isles to Turkey

Jerome bids $4,500

Janice bid $4,000, ARP is $4,694, difference is $694
Jerome bid $4,500, ARP is $3,409 OVER

Janice wins her showcase and a total of $5,043