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TPiR Recap: 12/25/92 (Christmas Episode of Goodies)
« on: December 21, 2012, 06:09:40 PM »
Opening Graphics: Hour of Laughs, Big Winners, Fast and Funny
First four lineup: Red to Green podiums
Barker: Audience Entrance
Handoff: Dian

Models of the Day: Kyle Aletter-Oldham and Dian Parkinson
Wardrobe: PG Collections by Ginger Bort

1. Barcana "Alaskan" Christmas Tree and Decorations (Kyle)
Christopher: $450   Deborah: $600   Michael: $601   Danielle: $602    ARP: $1695, Danielle wins

Danielle will kick off this Christmas show w/ 3 STRIKES+ for a Chevrolet Corvette Coupe (standard feat, paint sealant, compact disc player, ca emission) (Dian)

Numbers: 34789
Draws: 4 (2nd digit) NO, 8 (2nd spot) YES ($-8---), 7 (3rd spot) YES ($-87--), 3 (1st spot) YES ($387--), STRIKE, 9 (5th spot) YES ($387-9), STRIKE, 4 !!!  DANIELLE WINS THE CORVETTE AS THE AUDIENCE GOES WILD !!! $38,749 !!!

2. Corsican White Iron Cradle (Dian)
SALLY: $1150   Christopher: $1900   Deborah: $935   Michael: $1151    ARP: $1672, Michael wins

Michael will play SWAP MEET that starts off w/ a Jason "Discoverer" Telescope (Kyle) and leads to the following:
Sony Console Stereo System
Anna Lee Christmas Doll Collection
Portible Outdoor Custom Gas Barbeque Grill (Dian)

Michael picks the Grill marked at $1600, Telescope: $516 (WAH-WAH-WAAAAAAHHHHH)
(Stereo: $1250, Doll Collection: $516), Michael should've picked the Christmas Dolls.

3. In the "TPiR" Clamshell, Royal Prestige "Marquee" Stemware and a supply of Fleshmen's Yeast Homemade Bread mix (Kyle)
DANIEL: $1150   Sally: $900   Christopher: $700   Deborah: $500     ARP: $1095, Sally wins

SURPRISE !!! Sally is going to play PLLLLIIIIIINNNNNNNNKKKKOOOOOOOO for a chance to win up to $25,000 in Cash !!!
(the PLINKO sign is not present, Dian models the four small prizes and Kyle will bring over the extra PLINKO chips won)

Botany 500 Men's Sweater (6 or 5), says 5: $25, RIGHT and earns PLINKO chip.
Interlectron Brass Lantern (9 or 0), says 0: $70, RIGHT and earns PLINKO chip.
Black & Decker Mincer/Chopper (6 or 5), says 6: $25, WRONG and no PLINKO chip.
Spencer's Children's Clothing (2 or 8), says 8: $21, WRONG and no PLINKO chip.

3 PLINKO chips total.
Chip #1: $5,000 !!!
Chip #2: $0 Right
Chip #3: $100 Right, total: $5,100

Showcase Showdown #1:
Michael: 30-spin again-70=$1.00 !  $1,000 and a Bonus Spin !
Sally: 40-spin again-70=OVER
Danielle: 70-spin again-25=95

Michael's Bonus Spin: 75, advances to the Showcase Round

4. Lloyd/Flanders Floral Pattern Wicker Sofa and a supply of Lee Anti-fungal Nail Glue (Dian)
DENNIS: $1250   Christopher: $1600   Deborah: $1160   Daniel: $1    ARP: $1587, Dennis wins

Dennis will play SWITCH for the following Prizes:
Relief Pitcher Video Arcade Game (Kyle)
Heartland Appliances' Classic Wood Range (Dian)

Prices: Arcade-$2995  Range-$3495
Dennis decides NOT to SWITCH and he wins both Prizes !!! 

5. Black & Decker Woodworking Tools (Dian)
SABRINA: $1500   Christopher: $900  Deborah: $1800   Daniel: $1801    ARP: $1442, Christopher wins

Christopher will play (4-digit) LUCKY SEVEN for a Ford Escort 2-door Hatchback (rear window defogger, AM/FM stereo, ca emission)
(driven out on stage by Kyle)

Guesses: 8 (9, -$1), 4 (3, -$1), 6 (7, -$1), 5 (ON THE NOSE !)  CHRISTOPHER WINS THE CAR !!!  $9,375 !!!

6. Dian and Kyle bring out and GE Convertible Dishwasher
COLLEEN: $500   Deborah: $$900   Daniel: $555   Sabrina: $556     ARP: $520, Colleen wins.

Colleen will end the day w/ CHECK-OUT for a Trip to Germany (6 night stay at the 5-Star Euro Heidelberg Hotel) (Kyle), $5,314.

Grocery items used in today's playing:
Snuggle Fabric Softener, Dean's French Onion Dip, Soft Scrub cleaner, Dove Beauty Bars, Roman Meal Sandwich Bread.

Guesses: Softener-$1.69  Dip: $0.92  Cleaner: $2.25  Beauty Bars: $0.89  Sandwich Bread: $1.45     Total: $7.20
Actual: Softener-$1.69 (GREAT)  Dip-$1.34   Cleaner-$1.49   Beauty Bars-$0.89 (GREAT)  Sandwich Bread-$2.09   
Total: $7.20
Difference: $0.30, Colleen wins !

Showcase Showdown #2:
Colleen: 70-stays
Dennis: 95-stays
Christopher: 30-spin again-40=70,  Dennis advances to the Showcase Round

Showcase Round: Dennis is the Top Winner and Michael is the Runner Up

Showcase #1: "Prizes revealed as we peek for Presents under the Christmas Tree"
JVC Video Camcorder (Dian)
Mikaellan & Sons 14-karat Gold Men's Diamond Ring and Ladies' Pearl Bracelet and Necklace (Kyle)
2 Plymouth Sundance 3-door Liftbacks (standard features, ca emission)

Dennis decides to keep this showcase (surprise surprise) and he bids $21,100.

Showcase #2: ("Sleigh Ride")
Bassett "Legend" Dining Room Group, 48-piece Cuthbertson Dinnerware (Dian)
Young Chang "Condo" Console Player Piano (Kyle)
Electra Craft 15-ft Party Boat (Dian)

Michael bids $17,500.

Actual Price of Michael's showcase: $22,653
Difference: $5,153

Actual Price of Dennis' showcase: $22,998
Difference: $1,898
Dennis has won a grand total of $31,100 in prizes including TWO New Cars, perfect gifts for Christmas and Bob takes him over to greet
Rod, Dian, and Kyle as they take over to get a closer look at his Christmas Gifts and "Sleigh Ride" is played during the closing credits.

Fun Christmas Episode !
Exciting win in 3 Strikes+ and Christopher was an excellent player in Lucky Seven, having only missed a couple of the numbers by only one and guessed the last number right on the button and Dennis walks away w/ TWO Cars, talk about an EXCELLENT Christmas !

Dian and Kyle (w/ her short brunette hairstyle) were the only two models present for this christmas episode.
Kathleen and Holly were recovering for injuries they sustained during a showcase skit from a previous episode and Janice took a leave of absence from the show.  I particularly didn't care too much for Kyle's short hair brunette look, to me, she looked better w/ the long blonde hair and went back to that look when she returned for a stint as a Tryout Model in 1996 before parting ways for good.

The Plinko Sign wasn't in use for no apparent reasoning and instead a crappy $25,000 graphic was in use.

Fantastic Christmas Show !
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