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TPiR Recap: 12/25/91 (Christmas Episode of Fun and Laughs)
« on: December 23, 2012, 10:36:10 PM »
Opening Graphics: Surprises, Prizes, All Sizes
First four Lineup: Green to Red podiums
Barker: Audience Entrance
Handoff: Janice

Models of the Day: Kathleen Bradley (1-year Anniversary), Holly Hallstrom, Dian Parkinson, and Janice Pennington
Wardrobe: PG Collections by Ginger Bort

1. Enesco Christmas Tree and Decorations and Lights (Kathleen)
Nellie: $500   Christopher: $450   Christi: $325   Albert: $475     ARP: $1531, Nellie wins

Nellie will begin this Christmas Special w/ ONE AWAY for a Cadillac El Derado (AM/FM Stereo Cassette, ca emission) (Dian)
Numbers: 28212
Nellie's changes: 39323....2 Car Honks, 2 out of 5 correct, must make 3 changes
Second changes: 37121
Result: (painful) LOSE (Correct price was $37,103)

2. In the "TPiR" clamshell, Whirlpool Eye-Level Microwave Range (Janice)
CHRISTINE: $1075   Christopher:$1450    Christi: $1400   Albert: $1250       ARP: $1435, Christi wins

SURPRISE !!! Christi is going to to play PLLLLLLLLLINNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKKOOOOOOO for a chance to win up to $25,000 in CASH !!!
(PLINKO sign on the turntable, Holly models the small prizes, Dian will bring over the PLINKO chips)

McGreggor Men's sweater, 7 or 5, says 5...RIGHT! $25 and PLINKO chip
Pansy Ellen Booster seat, 1 or 2, says 2...WRONG $15 and no PLINKO chip
Hamiliton Beach Electric Knife, 1 or 7, says 7...RIGHT! $27 and PLINKO chip
Fondue Set, 1 or 5, says 5...RIGHT! $45 and PLINKO chip

4 PLINKO chips total
Chip 1: $5,000 !
Chip 2: $1,000 L
Chip 3: $1,000 L
Chip 4: $1,000 R, total: $8,000

3. Newport Home Workout Center (Kathleen)
CARLOS: $650   Albert: $1800   Christine: $1275   Christopher: $1300     ARP: $1440, Christopher wins

Christopher will play MOST EXPENSIVE for the following prizes:
Remo 5-piece Drum Set (Janice)
Lloyd/Flanders Wicker Entertainment Center (Dian)
Robinson's Oak Dinette Group (Holly)

Christopher says the #3 Prize is the Most Expensive.

Drum Set: $2222
Entertainment: $1131
Dinette: $1672, WAH-WAH-WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH (should've picked the Drum Set)

Showcase Showdown #1:
Christopher: 95-stay
Nellie: 45-spin again-35=80
Christi: 45-spin again-95=OVER, Christopher advances to the Showcase Round

4. Dian and Holly bring out a collection of Animated Christmas Musicals
MARY: $925   Carlos: $1   Albert: $1100   Christine: $675     ARP: $950, Mary wins

Mary will play SQUEEZE PLAY for His and Hers Arctic Prowler and Lynx Snowmobiles (Janice)
Numbers: 89098 
Mary takes out the 0 making the price $8998 and she's WRONG (the correct price was $8098)

5. Carson's of High Point Custom Sleeper Sofa (Holly)
DEBRA: $998   Carlos: $1150   Albert: $1000   Christine: $1100     ARP: $1438, Carlos wins

Carlos will play TEMPTATION for a Ford Festiva L (ca emission, AM/FM Stereo) (Holly)

Carlos is offered the following as gifts:
"Romance" pattern Dinnerware and Tea Service (Dian) $485, says 8 is the first number in Car price
GE Deluxe Refrigerator/Freezer (Janice and Kathleen) $799, says 7 is the second number
$733 Cash (Dian), says 7 is the third number
Target Christmas Doll Collection (Janice) $600, says 0 is the last number, making the Car price $8770

Offered to take the $2617 in prizes but wants to go for the Car.
1st Digit: 8 (YES)  2nd Digit: 7 (YES)  3rd Digit: 3 (NOOOOOOO)  4th Digit: 0   Carlos leaves empty handed.

6. Pacific Sun "Santa Fe" Outdoor Bar Set (Kathleen and Janice)
KEELY: $750   Albert: $850   Christine: $1100   Debra: $851     ARP: $1068, Debra wins

Debra will end the Christmas special w/ SUPER SAVER for a Bassett Eden House Bedroom Suite and Bassett Dreammaker Mattress Setting (Holly), $3,365

Grocery items and prices:
Liquid Plumr ($4.97)  Murine Eye Drops ($2.35)  Necano Rice Vinegar ($1.19)  Tegrin Shampoo ($3.99) 
Naldecon Cough Medicene ($4.69)  Dean's French Onion Dip ($0.79)

picks: Vinegar $1.19, actual: $1.59 +40 in BANK
Medicine $4.69, actual: $4.79 +10....0.50 in BANK
Eye Drops $2.35, actual: $2.65  +30...0.80 in BANK
Shampoo $3.99, actual: $3.79   -20...0.60 in BANK....LOSE

Showcase Showdown #2:
Mary: 70-stay
Debra: 30-spin again-$1.00=OVER
Carlos: 95-WIN

During the Second Showcase Showdown, Bob has Fingers Greco bring over a picture of him during his days in the Navy.

Showcase Round: Christopher is the Top Winner, Carlos is the Runner Up.

Showcase #1: "Santa's Shopping List" (Rod as Santa Claus)
Fisher Price Collection of Toys (Holly as Pinocchio)
Custon Victorian Doll House (Dian as Goldilocks)
Simpsons Video Arcade Game (Kathleen as an Elf)
Ford Bronco 4-Wheel Drive (V8 engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, ca emission) (Santa Rod and Janice as Mrs. Claus)

Christopher decides to keep this showcase and he bids $25,000

Showcase #2: "Around the World" (Holly and Janice)
4-piece Luggage Set (no brand name)
$2,000 Cash
Trip to Beligum (6 nights @ the Royal Windsor)
Trip to China (6 nights @ the Radisson International)
Trip to Australia (6 nights @ the Radisson Royal Palm)

Carlos bids $13,500

Actual price of Christopher's showcase: $31,346
Difference: $6,436

Actaul price of Carlos' showcase: $15,497
Difference: $1,997
Carlos has won a grand total of $16,935 in cash and trips as he's greeted by a female companion and Bob takes them over to meet Rod and the Beauties.

"Sleigh Ride" is played while the credits scroll and during the credit roll, the camera shows the picture of Bob again during his Navy days.

Certainly a bummer that none of the games were won but at least Christi had a very Merry Christmas by winning that $8,000 on the Plinko board but it was still a lot of fun looking back at this episode.

But the most definite heartbreaker from this show was when Nellie lost that Cadillac in One Away, very evil setup in that game.

The first showcase w/ Rod as Santa Claus was really fun to watch and the Beauties looked very cute in their Christmas costumes, especially Holly !

One Christmas ago, Kathleen was announced as permanent Barker Beauty and this Christmas marked her then-one year anniversary.

This is the last Christmas episode recap I have.
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Re: TPiR Recap: 12/25/91 (Christmas Episode of Fun and Laughs)
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2012, 06:09:52 AM »
Shampoo $3.99, actual: $3.79   -20...0.60 in BANK....LOSE

Don't you mean LOSK?

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Re: TPiR Recap: 12/25/91 (Christmas Episode of Fun and Laughs)
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Don't you mean LOSK?

That (along with WINK for a win) is easily one of the funniest goofs ever!  :oldlol: