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1985 Tom Kennedy show (now with brand names)
« on: March 04, 2013, 10:14:05 PM »
Here's another one. From now on, I will be including brand names as was suggested in my previous recap.

Marie, Wanda, Laura, and Dennis come on down

IUFB #1: Trip to Las Vegas

Dennis: $750
Laura: $685
Wanda: $1,000
Marie: $950

ARP: $1,461

Wanda wins and will play Squeeze Play for a Buick Regal

Numbers are 9 8 5 7 3

Removes 5 WIN

Winston comes on down

IUFB #2: Camera from Ricoh

Winston: $680
Marie: $275
Dennis: $235
Laura: $236

ARP: $500

Marie wins and will play Race Game for a grandfather clock (no brand name given), dishwasher from Gibson, baker's rack from Corsican, and a pair of chairs (no brand name given)

Prices are $469, $970, $1,275, and $1,556

1st attempt: 2 right
2nd attempt: 1 right
3rd attempt: none right LOSS

Clock was $970, dishwasher was $469, baker's rack was $1,275, and chairs were $1,556

Beverly comes on down

IUFB #3: Pair of lamps from Stiffel

Beverly: $360
Dennis: $275
Laura: $525
Winston: $361

ARP: $730

Laura wins and will play Grand Game for $10,000

Target price is $1.45

Sugar cones (I couldn't make out the brand name)
Baby food from Heinz
Gelatin capsules (no brand name given)
Shampoo from Suave
Rice crackers from RyKrisp
Chocolate orange sticks from Sweet's

1st guess: Baby food, is $.55, up to $10
2nd guess: Cones, are $.86, up to $100
3rd guess: Crackers, are $1.19, up to $1,000, goes on
4th guess: Shampoo, is $1.57 LOSS


Top winner: Wanda
Runner up: Laura

Showcase #1:

Organ from Technics
Living room furniture from Cane Creek
Carpeting from Benchmark
Vacuum cleaning system from Filtex
Swim spa from American Acrylic

Wanda passes, Laura bids $9,200

Showcase #2:

Space Shuttle pinball machine from Williams
Color TV from Zenith
Pool table from Murrey
Jeep Cherokee

Wanda bids $17,500

Wanda bid $17,500, ARP is $22,238, difference is $4,738
Laura bid $9,200, ARP is $27,968, difference is $18,768

Wanda wins a total of $33,572

OK show. The prizes were good, but rather cheap, the contestants were OK, and the games were good.

I absolutely LOVED Wanda and all her enthusiasm; you could tell that she was a nice lady and she fully deserved every single cent of that $33,000+ and the two cars.
Ugh. Marie did a horrible job at Race Game.
Winston's last name was "Churchill", but no one made a big deal out of it. Weird...
Why, Laura, why did you not pick the gelatin capsules like you wanted to in Grand Game?
What the heck was in that first showcase to make it $27,000+?! Was it that HUGE spa?