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TPiR Recap: 2/11/93 (Pathfinder Perfection)
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:35:17 PM »
Opening Graphics: Play Along,  Nothing Like It,  Something for Everybody
First four lineup: Red to Green Podiums
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Janice

Models of the Day: Kathleen Bradley, Holly Hallstrom, Dian Parkinson, and Janice Pennington
Wardrobe: KWAI

1. Maytag Side-By-Side Refrigerator/Freezer (Kathleen)
Michael: $950   Beverly: $1250   Traci: $1300   Claudia: $1    ARP: $1699, Traci wins.

Traci will begin the day w/ SAFE CRACKERS for the following Prizes:
Tour of the Greek Isles (Hotel Accomdations by the Les Hotels Astir) (Janice)
Olympus "Super Zoom" 3000 Camera (Holly), $8,401

Safe Combination Numbers: 0 9 2
Traci's Combination Guess: 290....OPEN !!! 

2. (in the Clamshell) Pennsylvania House' Welsh Dry Sink (Dian)
FLOYD: $950   Claudia: $1000   Michael: $1100   Beverly: $1150    ARP: $1685, Beverly wins.

Beverly will play PATHFINDER for a Plymouth Acclaim 4-Door Sedan (AM/FM Stereo, auto. tran, pwr door lcks, ca emission) (Holly)
Floor Panel Setup:
2 4 5 3 2
7 1 6 7 4
9 3 1 9 5
2 6 0 4 6
3 5 7 8 1   First Digit in Car price: 1

Janice models the three small Prizes used in today's playing:
Eureka Bravo Vacuum
Black & Decker 5-speed Hvy Duty Hand Mixer
GE Nostalgic AM/FM Radio

0 Front, 3 Right, 6 Behind, 9 Left: Beverly steps to the 3: DING-DING-DING-DING-DING-DING, $13---
6 Front, 9 Right, 1 Beinhd: Beverly steps to the 9: DING-DING-DING-DING-DING-DING, $139--
2 Front, 7 Behind: Beverly steps to the 7: DING-DING-DING-DING-DING, $1397-
1 Left, 2 Behind: Beverly steps to the 2: DING-DING-DING-DING-DING, $13972 !!!! 


3. Holly brings out a Panasonic Answering/Fax Machine
JODIE: $700   Floyd: $751   Claudia: $725   Michael: $800    ARP: $950, Michael wins.

Michael will play BUY OR SELL (sitting on a much higher platform) for the following prizes:
Michael C. Fina's Gold Plated Tea & Coffee Service (Janice)
Honda Trail-70 Off-Road Motorcycle (Kathleen)
RCA 27-inch Cable-ready Color TV (Dian)

Tea/Coffee: $1050, Michael SELLS it
Motorcycle: $1899, Michael BUYS it
TV: $1419, Michael SELLS it

Tea/Coffee SOLD at $1050, ARP: $1250, -$200
Motorcycle BOUGHT at $1899, ARP: $1399, -$500 (-$700)
TV SOLD at $1419, ARP: $1119, +300 (-$400), *"TPiR Loser Horn*, Michael leaves empty-handed.

Showcase Showdown #1:
Michael: 10-spin again-25=35
Traci: 60-stays
Beverly: 90-WIN

4. San Diego Design II 2-piece Entertainment Center (Kathleen)
NOAH: $1050   Jodie: $1150   Floyd: $1125   Claudia: $1126    ARP: $1299, Claudia wins.

Claudia will play CHECK GAME for a Durabilt Indoor/Outdoor Pool Table (Holly)
Guess Amount: $2600
Actual Amount: $3420
Total: $6020-VOID   Claudia loses by $20

5. Black & Decker Lawn and Garden Care Needs (Janice)
PAUL: $925   Noah: $1100   Jodie: $650   Floyd: $1101    ARP: $847, Jodie wins.

Jodie will play DICE GAME for a Buick Century Special Sedan (AM/FM radio, V6 engine, CA emission) (Dian)
(Holly and Kathleen bring out the Dice Table)

First Digit in Car price: 1
Rolls: 4 (NO, guess LOWER),  2 (NO, guess HIGHER),  4 (NO, guess HIGHER),   5 (NO, guess LOWER)
1st Digit: 1  2nd Digit: 5 (WAH-WAH-WAAAAAAH)  (3rd digit was 6, 4th digit was 2, 5th digit was 1)  Jodie leaves w/ nothing.

6. Dian brings to contestant's row: Accutron Bulova Men's Watch
KATHERINE: $950   Floyd: $975   Paul: $1100   Noah: $1    ARP: $1095, Floyd wins.

Floud will end the day w/ PENNY ANTE for a Leda Furniture Cherry Verneer 7-piece Bedroom Group & Loving Care Mattress Setting (Holly),

Grocery itmes in use: Surf plus Bleach Laundry Care, Flintstones Vitamins
Prices for Laundry Care: $5.00  $4.39   $3.25   $6.19, Floyd says $4.39..........YES !
Prices for Vitamins: $8.21   $9.35   $12.00   $10.99, Floyd says $8.21.............NO, $9.35..................YES !  Floyd Wins !!!

Showcase Showdown #2:
Jodie: 30-spin again-80=OVER
Claudia: 95-stays
Floyd: 75-spin again-25=$1.00, $1,000 and a Bonus Spin !   Floyd's Bonus Spin: 15: $5,000 more for a total of $6,000 !

Showcase Round: Beverly is the Top Winner, Floyd is the Runner Up

Showcase #1: "Models' Safety Tips gone beyond Normal"
Ducane 2002 SX Gas Grill (Holly)
Catalina's "Mariah" Spa (Kathleen)
Prowler Travel Trailer (Janice)

Beverly decides to pass this showcase over to Floyd and he bids $16,500

Showcase #2: ("Big Banana")
Lloyd/Flanders 7-piece Wicker Living Room Group, Omega floor Carpeting
Dimango Wireless Home Security System (Dian)
His and Hers Arctic Cat Prowler & Linx Snowmobiles (Janice)

Beverly bids $12,500

Actual price of Floyd's showcase: $19,095
Difference: $2,595

Actual price of Beverly's showcase: $14,882
Difference: $2,382
Beverly has won a Grand Total of $30,539 in prizes which include a New Car, New Living Room Furniture, and His & Hers Snowmobiles as
she's greeted by her Husband and Bob and the beauties take them over to see their prizes up close and personal.

Beverly cleaned up on today's show and literally breezed through Pathfinder like it was nothing, won the game w/out making a single
mistake !  How often does that happen ?

^ Watch the whole Pathfinder segment here.
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If you don't want me or even like me, then I'm DAMN sure am not gonna let myself want OR
like YOU !"

^ That's my message to all you haters and people who are negative when it comes to me.

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Re: TPiR Recap: 2/11/93 (Pathfinder Perfection)
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2013, 10:16:43 AM »
Safe Crackers - Nice win.
Pathfinder - WOW. :cool:
Buy or Sell - Tough loss.
Check Game - Ouch.  :shocked:
Dice Game - Another tough loss.
Penny Ante - Pretty Easy.
3/6 back then