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Re: October 25, 1977
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I understand what you're saying. I think I was thrown off by those showcases because I'd never seen such a discrepancy between prizes in two showcases before. Clearly I haven't watched enough episodes from those seasons.

I'd be fairly confident in saying a Showcase on the scale of "Everything You Need to Compete with Your Neighbour" was a relatively rare occurrence on the daytime show.
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Re: October 25, 1977
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Agreed, but I was thinking of the shows in general at that time, and that there could be a lot of variety in what was offered even in "regular" showcases, and that it's not seen too much in the present day.
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Re: October 25, 1977
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I'm amused at the line "I bet she's never seen anything like this lava lamp" from the 2nd showcase. Lava lamps had been in production for almost 15 years at the time and had been a popular fad for almost 10.
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