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Another Kennedy episode
« on: March 10, 2013, 03:46:24 PM »
Here's another.

Lori, Brian, Kimberly Anne, and Naomi come on down

IUFB #1: Microwave range from Okeef

Naomi: $750
Kimberly Anne: $1,100
Brian: $920
Lori: $950

ARP: $1,695

Kimberly Anne wins and will play Golden Road for a sewing machine from Pfaff, brass bed from the Brass Bed Company of America, and a Cadillac Eldorado convertible

Product: Envelopes from Mead worth $.79

Lamps: $_59, chooses 7, price is $759
Bed: $2_10, chooses 5, price was $2,910

Wins sewing machine

Terri comes on down

IUFB #2: Family of bicycles from Jamis

Terri: $780
Brian: $600
Lori: $875
Naomi: $550

ARP: $890

Lori wins and will play Grocery Game for living room furniture from HTB Lane worth $4,344

Rice from Rice-A-Roni
Maple sugar beans from S&W
Baby cereal from Gerber's
Soup from Campell's
Salt from Morton

1st choice: Rice, buys 6, one is $.83, 6 are $4.98
2nd choice: Salt, buys 4, one is $.31, 4 are $1.24, total is $6.22
3rd choice: Soup, buys 1, is $1.08, total is $7.30 LOSS

Lisa comes on down

IUFB #3: 3-panel screen from Arnold's of San Diego

Lisa: $850
Naomi: $695
Terri: $1,150
Brian: $900

ARP: $1,000

Brian wins and will play Double Prices for a sailboat from West White Potter

$6,581 or $7,690? Chooses $7,690 WIN


Top winner: Brian
Runner up: Kimberly Anne

Showcase #1:

Prizes from the world of Pablo Picasso:
Perfume collection from Paloma Picasso
Evening gown from Jeran
Original Pablo Picasso painting
Trip to Spain

Brian passes, Kimberly Anne bids $9,500

Showcase #2:

How to become "The Weekend Decorator":
Arcade game from Nintendo
Rolltop desk from Broyhill
Airplane from Rotech Engineering
Motorhome from Dolphin

Brian bids $25,000

Brian bid $25,000, ARP is $33,772, difference is $8,772
Kimberly Anne bid $9,500, ARP is $21,323, difference is $11,323

Brian wins a total of $42,462

Even though only one pricing game was won, I thought this was a great show, mainly because of its big budget, great prizes, and great contestants.

*Sigh* It seemed like Kimberly Anne was going to choose the 9 in Golden Road, but no... Darn it. I wanted to see the price of the Cadillac.
That was pretty mean to put a $1.08 item in Grocery Game.
Lisa's last name was "Simpson"! LMAO!
Brian won prizes for the land, sea, and air! Sailboat (sea), airplane (air), and RV (land). I'll bet that NEVER happened before.
I wonder how much Kimberly Anne would have won had she won the Cadillac and the airplane/motorhome showcase. Since the Cadillac was $36,000+, she would have won at least $75,000.

Overall, a very good show.
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