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Another Kennedy Episode
« on: March 23, 2013, 09:58:03 PM »
Here's another one.

Monika, Larry, Marilyn, and Teresa come on down

IUFB #1: Bar cart (no brand name given)

Monika: $750
Larry: $420
Marilyn: $650
Teresa: $575

ARP: $1,600

Monika wins and will play Lucky Seven for a Buick Skylark station wagon

1st number: Guesses 8, number is 9, loses $1
2nd number: Guesses 5, number is 3, loses $2
3rd number: Guesses 5, number is 5
4th number: Guesses 2, number is 8 LOSS

Sally comes on down

IUFB #2: Tanning bed from Tanning Systems International

Sally: $725
Larry: $2,050
Marilyn: $950
Teresa: $951

ARP: $1,868

Teresa wins and will play Secret X for an African safari and a set of luggage from Ventura worth $9,126

Places free X in lower left square

1st prize: Blender from Oster, $55 or $84, guesses $55, is right, places X in upper right square
2nd prize: Cutlery set from Lifetime Cutlery, $80 or $113, guesses $80, is right, places X in upper left square

Secret X is on top WIN

Valerie comes on down

IUFB #3: Color TV from Zenith, brought out by the TPiR train

Valerie: $675
Sally: $450
Larry: $560
Marilyn: $676

ARP: $830

Marilyn wins and will play Squeeze Play for a 4-wheeled vehicle from Honda

Numbers are 2 9 0 9 8

Removes first 9 LOSS

Price was $2,998


Top winner: Teresa
Runner up: Monika

Showcase #1:

Wine credenza from Viking Leisure Products Co.
Dining room furniture (no brand name given)
Dinnerware from Goebel
Grand piano from Young Chang

Teresa passes, Monika bids $10,000

Showcase #2:

Wonderful ways to get wet:
Set of swimsuits from California Beachwear
Swim spa from American Acrylic
Ski boat from Glastron

Teresa bids $14,000

Monika bid $10,000, ARP is $13,630, difference is $3,630
Teresa bid $14,000, ARP is $23,441, difference is $9,441

Monika wins a total of $15,230

Nothing special about this one. A painful Lucky Seven loss, a measly showcase was won, and the contestants weren't all that great. However, the some of prizes were nice, the game selection was good, and the showcases were nice.

Lucky Seven: OHHHH! I thought that Monika would have won! Sure, she chose a 2 for her last number, but nonetheless... What makes it worse is that even if she had stuck with all 5's for the last 3 numbers, she still would have lost.
Secret X: Whoa! What an expensive trip! Also, the blonde woman that the camera panned to a few times was Betty, the contestant who won $45,000+ on this episode:,18051.0.html. I wonder if she was a friend or a relative of Teresa. She didn't seem like a random audience member.
Squeeze Play: That 0 was begging to be taken out. Plus, that vehicle was a little too cheap to be offered on a nighttime show.
Showcases: Now THAT was a huge spa in showcase #2. Teresa should have bid at least $20,000 on that one.

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Re: Another Kennedy Episode
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2013, 04:21:10 PM »
I can find something noteworthy and perhaps this wasn't the only episode where this was the case:

Secret X's prize being played for an African safari the theme of Tom Kennedy's first game show, "The Big Game." That is, Battleships with an African safari theme.