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TNPIR November 9, 1994
« on: April 02, 2013, 11:50:58 PM »
David comes on down and will play One Away for a Mazda Miata convertible

Wrong price is $31,224, guesses $22,315

Has 4 right

Second guess is $20,315 WIN

Patricia comes on down and will play Secret X for a pair of his & hers motorcycles from Honda worth $9,798

Places free X in top left square

1st prize: Air purifier (no brand name given), $120 or $158, chooses $120, is right, places X in top right square
2nd prize: CD player from Aiwa, $150 or $195, chooses $195, is wrong

Secret X is on top WIN

Norma Jean comes on down and will play Clock Game for pair of river boards from Mountain Wave and a recliner from Franklin

Bonus prize is a player piano from Casablanca worth $6,750

Boards are $738, guesses it with 5 seconds left
Recliner is $899, time runs out

Wins boards

The Price WAS Right:

Item: 1962 Oldsmobile Super 8

David: $2,600
Patricia: $3,000
Norma Jean: $3,001

ARP: $3,849

Norma Jean wins and will play the showcase


Draws $6,000 range

Stuff you need to run your very own TV station:
Computer from Gateway and armoire from Broyhill
Camcorder from JVC
Big screen TV from Sanyo
Satellite dish from General Instruments
Chevrolet Astrovan

Range is $10,000-70,000, stops rangefinder at $35,300-41,300

Price is $27,533 LOSS