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TNPIR November 18, 1994
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Laura comes on down and will play Squeeze Play for a trip to Nice, France

Numbers are 6 3 9 2 8

Removes 3 WIN

Troy comes on down and will play Hole in One or Two for a Chevrolet Monte Carlo worth $20,861

Binoculars from Tasco
Jewelry cleaner from Ultrasonic
Handheld CB radio from Midland
Ice cream maker from Rival
Smoke alarm (no brand name given)
Bread maker (no brand name given)

Goes with this order:

Alarm: $30
Jewelry cleaner: $80
Ice cream maker: $45

Putts from 2nd line

Doug's inspiration putt: Unknown

Troy's 1st putt: Goes in WIN

Alison comes on down and will play Danger Price for a computer from AT&T, set of tools from McCulloch, desk & chair from Hooker, and a pair of mountain bikes from Magna

Danger price is $1,499

First choice: Bikes, are $420
Second choice: Tools, are $647
Third choice: Desk & chair, are $1,604 WIN

The Price WAS Right:

Item: 1957 Ford Ranchero

Laura: $2,250
Troy: $2,300
Alison: $1

ARP: $2,098

Alison wins and will play the showcase


Draws $5,000 range

Dr. Pricenstein and his assistants Igor and Algor:
Camp stove from Coleman
Range from AGA
Portable TV from Casio
Big screen TV from Magnavox
Mini car from Beverly Hills Automotive
BMW 325i convertible

Stops rangefinder at $39,000-44,000

Price is $55,175 LOSS