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TNPIR November 25, 1994
« on: April 04, 2013, 12:23:09 AM »
Kenneth comes on down and will play Golden Road for a set of luggage from Perry Ellis, 3-in-1 table from Beach Billards , and a Lexus SC400

Product: $14 cash

Luggage: $_95, chooses 4, price is $495
Table: $3_74, chooses 5, price is $3,574
Car: $50,_98, chooses 7, price was $50,398

Wins luggage and table

Tracy comes on down and will play Magic # for a lawn mower from Lawn Boy and an armoire from Pulaski

Sets magic number at $1,480

Lawn mower is $1,499
Armoire is $2,090 LOSS

Dorothy comes on down and will play Cliffhangers for a travel trailer from Kit worth $13,756

Fanny pack from Eastpak Freeport
Lantern from Luminator
Iron from Krups Travel Jet

Fanny pack: Guesses $22, wrong, climber stops at 5, price is $27
Lantern: Guesses $42, wrong, climber stops at 17, price is $30
Iron: Guesses $27, wrong, climber falls off cliff, price was $40 LOSS

The Price WAS Right:

Item: 1964 washer from Frigidare

Kenneth: $150
Tracy: $30
Dorothy: $125

ARP: $250

Kenneth wins and will play the showcase


Draws $10,000 range

Make your head spin:
Kayak from Sevylor Tahiti
Gyro-gym from Aerotrim
Trip to Walt Disney World with Aviation Challenge tickets
Nissan 240SX

Stops rangefinder at $35,000-45,000

Price is $41,380 WIN

Kenneth wins the showcase and a total of $45,463