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CSS Hall of Fame
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(NOTE: This was originally posted by technical director Chelsea during Season 9.)

Note: Due to the loss of records, regular season champions, along with early records are not clear. We have compiled this list based on available information; if anyone knows anything shoot Wayoshi a PM.

Head to Head Era:
Season 1 (2004-05): PriceFan985 [end of season PLUS head to head playoffs]
Season 2(2005-06): PriceFan985 [end of season], Gatorman [head-to-head playoffs]
Season 3(2006-07): PriceFan985 [end of season], BRB_TheFireball [head-to-head playoffs]
Season 4 (2007-08): PriceFan985 [end of season points], Voltron291 [head-to-head playoffs]

Grand Champion Era:
Season 5 (2008-09): sideshowPA [regular season], 88JRFAN [playoffs]
Season 6 (2009-10): BigJon [regular season], brosa0 [playoffs]
Season 7 (2010-11): TPIRSteven [regular season], Phatboi504 [playoffs]
Season 8 (2011-12): Bryan [regular season], vadernader [playoffs]

Weekly Qualifier Championship:
Season 9 (2013): DJTorgo

Modern Era:
Season 10 (2013-14): PriceFan985 [regular season], Kev347 [playoffs]
Season 11 (2014-15): PriceFan985 [regular season], vadernader [playoffs]
Season 12 (2015-16): PriceFan985 [regular season, points], Prizes [regular season, cash], vadernader [playoffs]
Season 13 (2016-17): PriceFan985 [regular season, points], Wayoshi [regular season, cash], thepriceis_j [playoffs]
Season 14 (2017-18): PriceFan985 [regular season, points], TPIRFan2000 [regular season, cash], thepriceis_j [playoffs]
Season 15 (2018-19): Punchboard91 [regular season, points], TPIRFan2000 [regular season, cash], TPIRFan2000 [playoffs]
Season 16 (2019-20): SuperSweeper [regular season, points], Wayoshi [regular season, cash], Wayoshi [playoffs]
Season 17 (2020-21): Punchboard91 [regular season, points], Wayoshi [regular season, cash], SenorBeef [playoffs]
Season 18 (2021-22): Wayoshi [regular season, points], TPIRfan#9821 [regular season, cash], Wayoshi [playoffs]
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