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#2694D-February 16, 1978
« on: July 10, 2013, 07:12:36 PM »
Eda, Sylvia, Terri, and Edward come on down

Item #1: Trip to New York with rental car, modeled by Dian and Holly

Edward: $850
Terri: $603
Sylvia: $721
Eda: $600

ARP: $1,352

Edward wins and will play Shell Game for a Living room by Broyhill worth $1,840, modeled by Janice

Prize #1: Bed covering by Bedsack, wrong price is $18, guesses higher, price is $25, places chip by shell #3
Prize #2: Bath Whirlpool by Dazey, wrong price is $165, guesses lower, price is $149, places chip by shell #4
Prize #3: Slo Cooker by Rival, wrong price is $50, guesses lower, price is $63
Prize #4: Cutlery, wrong price is $63, guesses lower, price is $55, places chip by shell #1

Ball is under shell #1 WIN

Esther comes on down

Item #2: Sewing machine by White, modeled by Holly

Esther: $725
Terri: $799
Sylvia: $520
Eda: $575

ARP: $629

Eda wins and will play Danger Price for a Office desk by Brazil Contempo, Country range by Country Star, Cookware by Saladmaster, and a refrigerator/freezer by Gibson, modeled by Dian and Janice

Danger price is $550

1st choice: Refrigerator, is $700
2nd choice: Range, is $635
3rd choice: Desk, is $300 WIN

Henry comes on down

Item #3: Setee, modeled by Janice

Henry: $425
Esther: $275
Terri: $300
Sylvia: $301

ARP: $546

Henry wins and will play Card Game for a Buick Opel, modeled by Dian

Draws the $800 card

1st draw: JS, bid is $1,000
2nd draw: 3H, bid is $1,300
3rd draw: QD, bid is $2,300
4th draw, 3S, bid is $2,600
5th draw, 6D, bid is $3,200, stops

ARP is $3,930, difference is $730 WIN

Showcase showdown #1:

Eda: First spin is .30, second spin is .85 OVER
Edward: First spin is .75, stays
Henry: First spin is .15, second spin is 1.00 OVER

Edward goes to the showcases

Evergloss comes on down

Item #4: Cocktail table, modeled by Holly

Evergloss: $325
Esther: $350
Terri: $380
Sylvia: $285

ARP: $518

Terri wins and will play Double Prices for a 5 ounce bar of gold, modeled by Jancie

$1,377 or $1,546, chooses $1,377 WIN

Ratanaport comes on down

Item #5: Game table and chairs by Flanders industries, modeled by Dian

Ratanaport: $750
Sylvia: $975
Evergloss: $850
Esther: $875

All have overbid

Ratanaport: $550
Sylvia: $625
Esther: $600

ARP: $599

Evergloss wins and will play Grocery Game for a game room including a pool table, stereo chair, and pinball machine with wall paneling worth $2,885, modeled by Holly

Canada Dry Tonic Water
Wheat Wafers
La Choy Soy Sauce
Skin care Cream
Archway Sugar Lemon Cookies

1st choice: Soy sauce, buys 6, one is $0.57, 6 are $3.42
2nd Choice: Wafers, buys 3, one is $0.69, 3 are $2.07, total is $5.49
3rd choice: Cookies, buys 2, one is $0.79, 2 are $1.58, total is $7.07 LOSS

Sylvia faces banishment to the First Four Breakfast Club

Johnnie comes on down

Item #6: Microwave over by Glitton, modeled by Janice

Johnnie: $450
Esther: $595
Ratanaport: $650
Sylvia: $599

ARP: $599

Sylvia avoids the FFBC, reaches into the $100 pocket, and will play Ten Chances for a Donut Maker by Dazey, a Dinette set by Carolia Forge, and a Chevorlet Malibu, modeled by Dian and Holly

1st chance: Donut maker, numbers are 2, 0, and 3, guesses $30, is right
2nd chance: Dinette set, numbers are 9, 8, 6, and 4, guesses $486, is wrong
3rd chance: Guesses $684, is wrong
4th chance: Guesses $864, is wrong
5th chance: Guesses $649, is wrong
6th chance: Guesses $694, is wrong
7th chance: Guesses $498, is wrong
8th chance: Guesses $698, is wrong
9th chance: Guesses $469, is wrong
10th chance: Guesses $986, is wrong

Price is $468

Wins donut maker

Showcase Showdown #2:

Evergloss: First spin is .85, stays
Sylvia: First spin is .30, second spin is 1.00 OVER
Terri: First spin is .25, second spin is .80 OVER

Evergloss goes to the showcases

Top Winner: Edward
Runner up: Evergloss

1st showcase:

Bedroom furniture
Mattres set
Piano by Wurtlizer

Edward passes, Evergloss bids $3,300

2nd showcase:

Trip down Main Street:
Rocker and Recliner by Pontiac
Washer/dryer by Whirlpool
Pair of motorcycles by Benelli
Stereo/TV by Zenith

Edward bids $2,450

Edward bid $2,450, ARP is $5,162, difference is $2,712
Evergloss bid $3,300, difference is $3,382 DSW

Evergloss wins both showcases and a total of $9,143

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Re: #2694D-February 16, 1978
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Wow, they never offer FIVE ounce bars of gold anymore. Just 1 oz. bars, I hear tell. (Perhaps multiple bars, but they've always been a single ounce apiece.)

Also, what options were on the Chevrolet Malibu? Two- or 4-door sedan? Classic or base-model?