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Price is Right #0145K - Airdate November 22, 1996

"Here it comes, television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! Celebrating its 25th year on CBS, the fabulous 60-minute Price is Right!"


IUFB #1: Bumper Pool Table (Mikhail Derafeev, oak construction with accessories included)

Jack: $450
Kristin: $300
Ronald: $451 (making friends early)
Margwenn: $452 (just as friendly as Ronald)

ARP: $1,595

Margwenn will be playing Master Key for gourmet cookware (Chantal Cookware, 5-piece starter set plus choice of 10-piece set), a color TV (Daewoo, with stereo sound and 181-channel programmable memory), and a new 1997 Dodge Neon coupe (standard features, dual remote exterior mirrors, and California emission)

SMALL PRIZE #1: Durasteel stainless-steel wristwatch by Armitron

    6 0  DING!
2 [6 0]

Margwenn chooses key number 2.

SMALL PRIZE #2: Cordless rechargeable automatic toothbrush by Sunbeam

    3  3  BUZZ!
[6 3] 3

Margwenn tries her only key in the cookware... dingdingdingdingdingding! She's won the cookware.

She tries her key in the lock for the car... BUZZ! It's not the Master Key, so she leaves with just the cookware.

PARTIAL WIN (smallest offered prize won)


IUFB #2: Two hand-crafted surfboards and matching wetsuits, plus a supply of Stresstabs to the winner

Blake: $725
Jack: $950
Kristin: $1,000
Ronald: $1,001 (making another new friend)

ARP: $1,005

Ronald will be playing Range Game for a new 1997 Mercury Tracer 4-door notchback (standard features and California emission).

TODAY'S SCALE: $11,300-$11,900

Ronald stops the rangefinder with the window covering $11,468-$11,618.




IUFB #3: Kawai X150 personal keyboard

Brenda: $500
Blake: $650
Jack: $750
Kristin: $749 (um, what?)

ARP: $734

Blake is going to be playing Credit Card for a wonderful array of prizes! They consist of a silver-plated coffee urn (Towle Silversmiths, 50-cup capacity), an upright exercise bike (Diamondback 1000U), a wine server cart (Carson's of High Point, brushed-sterling finish with starfire glass), a Flexsteel sofa, and two pairs of inline skates (Veriflex, includes helmets and pads).


Blake's first purchase is the inline skates. They're $228, leaving him with $1,572 in credit.

His second buy is the coffee urn, which is $613. He must spend less than $959 on his last purchase.

He chooses the server cart... it's $650! With $309 left on his card, he's done it!

UNCHOSEN ITEMS: Exercise Bike ($1,000) and Sofa ($1,387)

WIN (Five-Prize Total: $3,878)



Ronald: .45 + .30 = .75 (SHOWCASE)
Margwenn: .25 + 1.00 = 1.25 (OVER!)
Blake: .10 + .20 = .30


IUFB #4: Amana Touchmatic washer and dryer, plus a supply of All to the winner

Yvonne: $1,000
Jack: $1,050 (at least he left her some space)
Kristin: $700
Brenda: $850

ARP: $1,198

Jack will be playing Magic # for a White outdoor lawn tractor (13HP engine, 38-inch cut) and an Emperor grandfather clock. He sets the magic number at $1,100 in the hopes that it is lower than the price of the clock but higher than the price of the lawn mower.

      $1,499            $1,100      $1,994



IUFB #5: Hand-painted storage trunk, plus a supply of Melatonex to the winner

Mark: $750
Kristin: $900
Brenda: $450
Yvonne: $901 (making friends with Kristin)

ARP: $1,500

Yvonne will play One Away for a new 1997 Jeep Wrangler SE 4WD (standard features, automatic transmission, Webelo cloth seats, SE package 22B, convenience group, floor mats, body side steps, radar alarm, and California emission)!

WRONG PRICE: $25,457


Ladies, does she have one number right? HONK!

Two numbers right? HONK!

Three numbers right? HONK!

Four numbers right? HONK!

All five numbers right? EPIC SILENCE

She changes the 4 to a 6, making her second attempt $16,568.




IUFB #6: 30-inch cultured pearl necklace with 14-carat gold clasp (Michael C. Fina)

Kirsten: $1,000
Mark: $1,500
Kristin: $1,100
Brenda: $1,101 (well, bye-bye, Kristin)

ARP: $1,050

Kristin has spent the whole show in Contestants' Row with nothing to show for it, while the last player called, Kirsten, is up on stage to play Penny Ante for a barrel sauna from Almost Heaven of Renick, West Virginia, valued at $4,495!

FIRST GROCERY ITEM: Caress moisturizing body wash

$6.00 - $3.85 - $5.25 - $4.50

Kirsten has all three pennies left for the other item.

SECOND GROCERY ITEM: Liquid Anbesol pain reliever

$4.00 - $5.50 - $7.99 - $6.15



Contestants not appearing on stage (Mark, Kristin, and Brenda) will receive a Kroy labeling system, Gitano jeans and accesories, and a supply of Ginsai ginseng supplement.



Jack: .50 + .15 = .65
Yvonne: .10 + .45 = .55
Kirsten: .40 + .25 = .65 (OVERTIME!)

Jack: .55 (SHOWCASE)
Kirsten: .20



Ronald is the runner-up and Jack is the top winner who will have the choice of showcases.

Model Train Set (Lionel, 2 ready-to-run train sets powered by Trainmaster remote control system)
Train Bed (John Wilson Designs, all-wood hand-painted frame)
Mattress (Loving Care)
Orient Express Trip (London-Venice, coach airfare, modified American Plan, 2 nights hotel at each city)

Jack decides to pass the first showcase - Ronald bids $15,429 on it.

Pinball Machine (Sega's Apollo 13)
Wicker Porch Furniture (Palecek's Savannah Collection, 2 chairs and table)
1997 Chevrolet S Series Fleetside Extended Cab (standard features, third door, California emission)

Jack bids $16,500 on this showcase.

Jack (SC2 - SPORT TRUCK): Bid of $16,500 - ARP is $20,096 - Difference of $3,596
Ronald (SC1 - TRIP): Bid of $15,429 - ARP is $12,987 - OVER

Jack is our big winner of the day, with $21,319 in total winnings!



RECORD: 2/6 (plus cookware won on Master Key)

TOTAL WINNINGS FOR THE DAY: $35,551 (plus the aforementioned cookware of unknown value)

BIGGEST WINNER: Jack ($21,319)

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Re: #0145K - November 22, 1996 (Three Car Day, Three Dog Night)
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2013, 08:30:10 PM »
I saw that episode on YouTube actually back a couple of months ago.
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Re: #0145K - November 22, 1996 (Three Car Day, Three Dog Night)
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2013, 02:51:33 PM »
That's where I found the video source. I believe the particular user has the entire week of shows plus some others... I may post some of them later if time allows.

Also, I forgot the wristwatch from Master Key when calculating the total winnings. The correct figure should be $35,611 plus the unknown price of the cookware from Master Key.

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Re: #0145K - November 22, 1996 (Three Car Day, Three Dog Night)
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2013, 08:24:18 PM »
That's great! I'd like to see some more old episodes again.
If it's not broke, don't fix it.