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#0143K - November 20, 1996 (The Firebird Flameout)
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Price is Right #0143K - Airdate November 20, 1996

"Here it comes, television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! Celebrating its 25th year on CBS, the fabulous 60-minute Price is Right!"


IUFB #1: Honda Elite 50SR Motorscooter

Matthew: $1,200
Kristi: $925
June: $1,100 (after trying to copy Matthew's bid)
Ruth: $1 (with extreme energy!)

ARP: $1,599

Matthew, a member of the Air Force, will play Super Ball! for an illuminated globe (20-inch globe with fruitwood mounting), a living room group (Ashley's Country group, 3 pieces and 3 tables), and a new ski boat (Regal's Rush XP, 120HP engine, seats 4, trailer included) - the total value of this Super Ball! prize package is $16,692!

SMALL PRIZE #1: Ethocyn pharmaceutical lotions

[$125] $151
 $125           DING! (1) earned!

SMALL PRIZE #2: Hoover Steam Vac Jr.

$92 [$130]
        $130   DING! (2) earned!

SMALL PRIZE #3: Dazey multi-cooker (Color Collection, with temperature control and removable crockery)

[$40] $65
 $65          BUZZ!

Bob's practice ball easily hits the WIN circle, while Matthew's goes wide left into the $50 circle.

Matthew rolls ball 1 for the globe and hits the WIN circle!

He sends ball 2 for the living room group a bit too high and ends up with $50.

SMALL PRIZE #4: Milton Bradley's Lite-Brite

$9 [$15]
      $15  DING! ($) earned!

Matthew puts the Super Ball high and left, ending up with $150 ($50x3).

PARTIAL WIN (smallest offered prize and $200 won)


IUFB #2: Klipsch Epic Series stereo speakers and Yamaha receiver

Charles: $750
Kristi: $699 (okay, I guess, but odd with $750 already bid)
June: $559
Ruth: $800 (leaving Charles a bit of space)

ARP: $1,499

Ruth is up on stage to play Lucky $even for a GMC Jimmy SLS 2WD (standard features, power windows with door locks, 50-state emission, option package 1SG)!

Bob hands Ruth the seven $1 bills and shows her that the first digit in the price is 2.

Ruth thinks the second digit is 3, and she is exactly right! She keeps all $7 in her hand.

The third digit she says is 6, and we reveal a 5. She loses one dollar, but still has $6.

Fourth in line Ruth hopes is 7, but it's another 5. That takes away two dollars, leaving her $4.

The last number she wants to be a 7, and with a win on 4-9, we see... 8! That $23,558 Jimmy is hers with $2 to spare!

WIN (Total Winnings: $23,560 - car plus $2 remaining cash)


IUFB #3: Schwinn Personal Training Treadmill (1.5HP motor)

James: $1,150
Charles: $1,000
Kristi: $1,250
June: $1,251 (have a seat, Kristi)

ARP: $1,500

June is next up to the stage, and she'll make a trip to Barker's Bargain Bar where we have a bar set (Mikhail Derafeev, bar and two stools) and a brass telescope (Cape Cod telescope with oak stand) on offer.

She thinks the bar set is a bigger bargain than the telescope, and if she's right, both prizes will be hers...

BAR SET ------------------- TELESCOPE
  $1,210   BARGAIN PRICE      $1,381
  $2,210     RETAIL PRICE        $1,881
 $1,000   DIFFERENCE OF        $500

WIN (Two-Prize Winnings: $4,091)



Matthew: .05 + .25 = .30
June: .40 + .90 = 1.30 (OVER!)
Ruth: .40 (SHOWCASE)


IUFB #4: Bush Executive Desk (cherry finish), with four greyhounds from Operation Greyhound as guests

Frances: $1,500
James: $1,525 (not as nice as a $50 cushion, but better than a 1-up)
Charles: $1,550 (it's contagious, I see)
Kristi: $1,551 (now what did I just say about 1-ups?)

BUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZ! All have overbid and must go lower than $1,500.

Frances: $1,100
James: $1,150 (feeling a bit nicer this time)
Charles: $1,200 (following James's lead)
Kristi: $1,201 (still looking to get on stage)

BUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZ! All have overbid again and must go lower than $1,100.

Frances: $850
James: $875 (back to the $25 cushion)
Charles: $980 (hey, something original!)
Kristi: $981 (and something predictable...)

CLANGERS! One of the four has bid exactly right and will earn a $100 bonus!

ARP: $850

Frances picks up the $100 bill from Bob on her way to play Double Prices for a trip to China (RT coach, 6N stay at Hotel Equatorial in Shanghai).

(Somebody must've brought out the wrong podium or something, because it doesn't have the Double Prices logo, but it's Double Prices all the same.)

Frances chooses $4,452 to be the price of the trip, discarding the other choice, $3,591.




IUFB #5: Whirlpool Dishwasher (one-touch console, PowerClean washing system)

Kerri: $1,400 (is there gold plating we don't see?)
James: $550
Charles: $450
Kristi: $551 (now see here...)

ARP: $529

Charles is coming on up to play Grocery Game for a beautiful new dining room (Broyhill Candlewood group, table, 6 chairs, dish cabinet, and Denby's Harlequin dinnerware) valued at $4,380!

The grocery items on the counter today are Bruce's yams, Lever 2000 soap (hand pump), Jonel's Save-A-Nail, Eggland's Best eggs, and a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls.

Charles takes two of the eggs... each is $2.99 so he starts off with $5.98 on the register.

Next he wants four yams... at $1.59 per can, that's $6.36 for those and $12.34 so far.

Three of the soap are next... $1.73 times three is $5.19 and that brings him up to $17.53 in all.

He calls for two rolls... they're $1.99 each, $3.98 together, and his total is $21.51 - he's gone over!

(The price of the Save-A-Nail went unrevealed.)



IUFB #6: Sanyo 3-in-1 Fax Machine

Roberta: $250 (going low...)
Kristi: $715 (going high...)
Kerri: $525 (going up the middle...)
James: $526 (making Kerri go home!)

ARP: $500

Kristi ambles off to breakfast, and last-call Roberta is going to play Cover Up for a Mercury Cougar XR7 (standard features, equipment group 260A, Cougar Group 3, V-8 engine, California emission)!

                  4   0
              1  2   1
        2    4  0   5
   1   9    2  7   3
   3   5    6  1   2

FIRST ATTEMPT: $19,423 - two numbers are correct, so Roberta gets another chance.

SECOND ATTEMPT: $19,670 - two more are right, so we go on, but she's down to one more shot...





Contestants not appearing on stage (Kristi, Kerri, and James) will receive a FilterCold under-counter water purifier, Gitano jeans and accessories, and a supply of Caltrate Plus chewables.



Charles: .05 + .60 = .65
Frances: .45 + .55 = 1.00 (DIG! $1,000 BONUS!)
Roberta: .70 + .55 (OVER!)

Frances: .85 (SHOWCASE)



Frances is the runner-up, Ruth is the top winner who will choose her showcase.

Bedroom Set (Vaughn-Bassett Furniture, bed, dresser, wardrobe, two tables)
Bedding Ensemble (Custom Designs, 3 sets of 180 thread-count sheets)
Mattress (Strata's Sumit water mattress)
Golf Clubs (Fox Sports, 11 clubs and bag)
Golf Cart (EZGO electric cart)

Ruth will pass this showcase - Frances bids $9,500 on it.

Model Fire Engines (Franklin Mint, 3 models)
Fireplace (Malm's Spinafire)
1997 Pontiac Firebird (standard features, California emission, removable hatch roof)

Ruth bids $23,000 on this showcase.

Ruth (SC2 - SPORTSCAR): Bid of $23,000 - ARP is $22,830 - OVER
Frances (SC1 - BEDROOM): Bid of $9,500 - ARP is $12,217 - Difference of $2,717

Frances wins her showcase for a total of $18,619 in prizes after Ruth goes over on the Firebird by just $170!



RECORD: 4/6 (plus the globe and cash from Super Ball!)

TOTAL WINNINGS FOR THE DAY: $72,042 (plus the unknown value of the globe)

BIGGEST WINNER: Ruth ($25,059)