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#0142K - November 19, 1996 (Newlyweds & Goldyweds)
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Price is Right #0142K - Airdate November 19, 1996

"Here it comes, television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! Celebrating its 25th year on CBS, the fabulous 60-minute Price is Right!"


IUFB #1: The Dink 8-foot Sailboat

Esmeralda: $1,200
Ray: $651 (one-upping that nonexistent $650 bid)
Ernest: $952 (301-upping? okay...)
Martha: $1,400

ARP: $1,445

Martha is our first player of the day, and her game is Hi Lo for a trip to Switzerland (RT coach to Zurich, 6N stay) valued at $4,346!

The grocery items on hand today are Range Kleen reflector bowls, Ascriptin aspirin, Little Debbie Banana Twins (box), Chock Full O' Nuts coffee (small can), Wisk detergent (small box), and Topol Plus whitening toothpaste.

Martha's first pick for the Hi row is Wisk... it's $3.32 in price.

Next, she takes the Ascriptin... at $6.49 a box, that's probably a good pick!

She rounds out the top shelf with the Topol Plus... its tag says $4.49.


We go to the reflector bowls... oh no, they're $3.69!

The Banana Twins were $1.09 and the coffee $2.99, so that was her lone mistake, but even one is too many.



IUFB #2: Monopoly Collector's Edition (Franklin Mint, hardwood playing surface)

Pius: $350
Esmeralda: $500
Ray: $550 (at least Esmeralda's still in it)
Ernest: $551 (have a seat, Ray)

ARP: $555

Ernest is up on stage to play Squeeze Play for a big-screen TV (RCA 60-inch projection model with picture-in-picture capability)!


Ernest decides to remove the 9, squeezing his way to a guess of $3,269.




IUFB #3: Baker's Rack (I.W.I. International), plus a supply of Garlique to the winner

Peggy Sue: $975
Pius: $1,100
Esmeralda: $1,350
Ray: $1,275 (a 75-down? He must think he's got it nailed...)

ARP: $1,488

Esmeralda is third out of Contestants' Row, just in time to play Dice Game for a Mercury Sable (standard features, equipment package 450A, anti-lock brakes, CD changer, conventional spare tire, California emission)!

Esmeralda is shown the first number in the price... it's a 2.

She rolls the first die for the second number - up comes a 2, which is wrong, and she goes higher.

For the third number, over the line comes a 1, which is correct!

Her third roll, looking for the fourth number, is 4, and that's right too!

The last number we hope matches her roll of 2. It doesn't, so she goes higher.

        1 [1][4]




Ernest: .50 + .60 = 1.10 (OVER! And he wanted to stay on .50...)
Martha: .50 + 1.00 = 1.50 (OVER!)
Esmeralda: 1.00 (DIG! $1,000 BONUS!)

Esmeralda: .15 (CLANGERS! $5,000! SHOWCASE!)


IUFB #4: Gallery Clock (Howard Miller Clock Company's Galleria)

Richard: $850
Ray: $920 (okay, a 70-up, fine)
Peggy Sue: $1,000 (and now an 80-up...)
Pius: $1,050 (there's the 50-up we know and love!)

ARP: $1,375

Pius, a retired mayor from Canada who's also celebrating 50 years of marriage, gets to play Poker Game for a silver punch bowl set (Wallace Silversmiths), a chenille sofa (Alan White Co.), an air rowing machine (Tunturi), and a cedar hope chest (Scottsdale Art Factory)!

Pius picks the air rower first... it's $799 which makes a good start!

Paired with that, he takes the punch set, which is $750 in price.

PIUS' CURRENT HAND: 99775 (two pair)

He chooses to keep that hand, so we leave the other two prizes for the house.

The sofa is $799 as well - this may not be looking good...

and the chest is $975... not good indeed.

HOUSE'S HAND: 99977 (full house)



IUFB #5: Scuba Gear (one each of tank, regulator, backpack, mask, snorkel, and fins)

Corey: $595
Richard: $750
Ray: $725 (another undercut?)
Peggy Sue: $751 (there's the one-up we know and despise...)

ARP: $1,127

We've gone from old love to new as Peggy Sue makes her way up on stage... she and her husband James have only been married two days and she'll be put to the test when she plays Plinko for a chance to win $25,000!

SMALL PRIZE #1: Rollo-Matic combo mop

[1] 0
($)    $15 WIN!

SMALL PRIZE #2: Spencer's infant and children's wear

5 [3]
   ($) $13 WIN!

SMALL PRIZE #3: Vornado all-room circulating fan

3 [9]
   ($) $99 WIN!

SMALL PRIZE #4: InQuizator teaching game

1 [5]
   ($) $45 WIN!

Peggy Sue has all five Plinko chips, with which she could win the maximum of $25,000!

Her first chip is dropped from position 6 (between N and K) and lands in the right-side $0.

The second one comes from spot 4 (right under the I) and goes to the right-side $500 slot.

Third down the board starts in spot 7 (right under the K) and hits the same $500 space. ($1,000 total)

The fourth chip drops hard - it skips out of #7 over to spot 9 (the right-most dropzone) and ends up in the right-side $1,000. ($2,000 total)

Finally, she drops chip 5 in spot 5 (right under the N) and watches it hit the right-side $1,000 again, giving her $3,000 for her five chips.

LOSS (Total Winnings: $3,172)


IUFB #6: Pair of Glider Rockers (Towne Square Furniture), plus a supply of Centrum Silver to the winner

Angela: $975
Corey: $1,500
Richard: $675
Ray: $976 (well, thanks for coming Angela)

ARP: $749

Ray gets to go out to breakfast while Richard makes his way to the Money Game to play for a 1997 Dodge Stratus (standard features, 2.4-liter engine with automatic transmission, anti-lock brakes, California emission)!

Richard is shown the middle number in the price of the car... it is 6. Let's see the board:

23 17 82
19 77 50
65 15 94

For his first pick, Richard takes the 23... that's just $23 in cash though, as we see a dollar sign.

Next, he tries 94... there's a dollar sign there too, putting him at $117 but no closer to the car.

Richard goes to 19, hoping to see the front half of the car... it's a dollar sign again, he's at $136 now and in danger of losing.

Trying to keep himself alive, he tries 65 - it's the back of the car! $ _ _ , 6 6 5 ($136 - 23/94/19)

For the make-or-break pick, Richard wants the 17 - and he found the front of the car! $ 1 7 , 6 6 5 ($136 - 23/94/19)

WIN (Total Winnings: $17,801 - car plus $136 cash)


Contestant not appearing on stage (Ray, Angela, and Corey) will receive Conair personal care appliances, Jelly Belly jelly beans, and Ethocyn pharmaceutical skin lotion.



Pius: .35 + .85 = 1.20 (OVER!)
Peggy Sue: .45 + .80 = 1.25 (OVER!)
Richard: .95 (SHOWCASE)



Richard is the top winner, with choice of showcases, and Esmeralda is the runner-up.

Cellular Phone (JRC's PTR870, including essential accessories)
Brass Cradle (Swan Brass Beds, with porcelain accents, rocking stabilizer, and coordinating bedding)
Travel Trailer (Hi-Lo telescoping model)

Richard passes this showcase to Esmeralda - she bids $11,500 on it.

New Kitchen Appliances (Whirlpool range, side-by-side refrigerator, and dishwasher)
New Dining Room (Royal Products' Country Classic group, 6 chairs, table, dish cabinet, Fiesta dinnerware)
Trip to Bali (RT coach, 6N stay)

Richard bids $27,000 on his showcase, and the audience seems very unhappy with both bids.

Richard (SC2 - ROOMS/TRIP): Bid of $27,000 - ARP is $13,161 - OVER
Esmeralda (SC1 - TRAILER): Bid of $11,500 - ARP is $22,223 - Difference of $10,723

Esmeralda has won her showcase and has a total of $29,736 in cash and prizes for the day!



RECORD: 1/6 (plus $3,000 on Plinko)


BIGGEST WINNER: Esmeralda ($29,736)

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Re: #0142K - November 19, 1996 (Newlyweds & Goldyweds)
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I remember back when user temptation1979ga was back on YouTube, he uploaded the clips of Pius and Peggy Sue. They were quite memorable.
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