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#0141K - November 18, 1996 (Brainstorms and Thunderstorms)
« on: August 10, 2013, 05:41:23 PM »
Price is Right #0141K - Airdate November 18, 1996

"Here it comes, television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! Celebrating its 25th year on CBS, the fabulous 60-minute Price is Right!"


IUFB #1: Evening Gown (Jeran)

Danielle: $850
Teresa: $1,200
Kevin: $750 (probably just trying not to embarrass himself here)
Maricel: $1,000

ARP: $1,995

Teresa will play the first pricing game of the day, and that game is Split Decision for a pine chest (Vaughn-Bassett Furniture Co.) and a Ford Thunderbird LX (standard features, equipment package 157A, front floor mats, anti-lock brakes, keyless entry, premium AM-FM analog radio with cassette, California emission)!


There's 20 seconds on the clock for Teresa to try and price the chest and the Thunderbird using those numbers. Unfortunately, she's very confused about how the game works and Bob has to help her at multiple points.

(It's later revealed that she's from Buenos Aires... there may have been a language barrier issue.)

FIRST ATTEMPT: $20,013/$560 - WRONG, 4 seconds left (see, I told you she was having trouble...)

SECOND ATTEMPT: $20,015/$603 - WRONG, 1 second left

THIRD AND FINAL ATTEMPT: $20,010/$563 - RIGHT! (It's a Price is Right miracle!)

WIN (Two-Prize Winnings: $20,573)


IUFB #2: RV Roncato's Spirit Luggage (3 pieces), plus a copy of Yahtzee to the winner

Emma: $625 (we've got a screamer here, folks!)
Kevin: $325
Maricel: $400
Danielle: $650 (giving Emma a little room to breathe)

ARP: $509

Maricel is out of Contestants' Row and she'll be playing Swap Meet for a camcorder (JVC mini-VHS model, with accessories), a range (Admiral, with self-cleaning oven), some artwork (Martin Lawrence Galleries, "Afternoon in Little Italy" serigraph), and a daybed (Fashion Bed Group, Surrey solid-wood sleigh model, Loving Care mattress)!

The camcorder is what Maricel has brought to the swap meet, and she must successfully exchange it for the range, artwork, or daybed in order to win all four prizes.

MARICEL'S CHOICE: Range - $649


NOT CHOSEN: Artwork - $1,100 (correct choice), Daybed - $749



IUFB #3: Tool Set (SK Hand Tools' 62-piece set, plus 2-drawer toolbox)

Raymond: $950
Danielle: $750
Emma: $600
Kevin: $1 (cheap tools, Kevin?)

ARP: $597

Kevin will round out the first half by playing Secret "X" for a trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts (RT coach for four to Boston, 6N pilgrimage to Plymouth and Cape Cod, modified American Plan, 3N each at Ocean Edge Resort in Cape Cod and Pilgrim Sands Motel at Plymouth, tickets to Plymouth Plantation and Mayflower II, rental car allowance) valued at $8,811!

Kevin receives one free X from Bob and places it in the top right.

SMALL PRIZE #1: Scrusher shoe cleaner

$11 [$20]
        $20  DING! X earned!

Kevin puts his second X in the top left - he now wins if the Secret X is at the top.

SMALL PRIZE #2: Durasteel wristwatch by Armitron

$23 [$50]
        $50  DING! X earned!

Kevin puts his third X in the bottom right - now the center is covered as well.


WIN (Total Winnings: $8,881)



Maricel: .40 + .85 = 1.25 (OVER!)
Kevin: .40 (an unorthodox move, but it keeps him in the game...)
Teresa: .55 (SHOWCASE)


IUFB #4: Item unknown due to storm-related video disruption

Nicole: $1,500
Raymond: $1,000
Danielle: $875
Emma: $1

ARP: $695

Emma screams her way onto the stage and over to the set of 1 Right Price, where she can win two wingback chairs (Alan White Co.) and a mini-car (Bird Corporation's deluxe Indy model, 3HP gas engine)!

Emma is shown the one right price of $1,795 and puts it on the mini-car.

(You know, with two identical chairs and an odd-numbered price, this pick might just be a winner...)


NOT CHOSEN: Chairs - $1,398

WIN (Two-Prize Total: $3,193)


(IUFB #5 and the associated bids are unknown due to storm-related disruption.)

We do, however, know that the next person called, Lucy, made it out immediately and will be playing Hole In One for a new car!

(Unfortunately, again, the car description was lost due to the storms.)

The grocery items Lucy has to work with are Bruce's Yams, Caress body bars, Anbesol pain reliever, a jar of skin cream (brand unknown), Jonel's Save-a-Nail, and Centrum Silver supplement.

She puts the Caress on the first line (against the audience's better judgment), the yams on the second line, the Save-a-Nail on the third, and the pain reliever fourth. Fifth is the skin cream, so the Centrum goes down at the very end, where the $500 flag sits.

We reveal the price of the Caress - it starts us off at $2.64.

The yams are next - oh boy, they're just $1.59... Lucy is putting from way back at the first line.

(As usual, the prices of the other grocery items went unrevealed.)

Bob missed his last inspiration putt, so Janice takes it this time. She puts it very close, but about two ball-widths too far to the left; hopefully Lucy doesn't make the same mistake.

(Of note: Lucy says Janice "hit the ball too hard" with that putt... keep that in mind.)

Lucy lines up her first putt - and it's pulled way over to the left, with no chance of a rebound. Good thing for her this game is Hole In One... OR TWO!

She sets up for her second putt, gets a straight line, focuses, concentrates... and then hits it much too softly, as it doesn't even get to the last white line.

(Bad luck for her, but at least we don't have to worry about not knowing what the car was.)



IUFB #6: Side-By-Side Refrigerator (Maytag)

John: $1,295
Nicole: $1,100
Raymond: $1,150 (how nice of him, keeping Nicole in the game)
Danielle: $1,296 (she made the first bid of the day and now the last bid, desperation has set in)

ARP: $1,449

Danielle just manages to escape before breakfast time, and having won the side-by-side refrigerator, she'll play Side By Side for a pair of off-road bikes (two Honda XR200R's)!

Today, our number in the center is 98, and Danielle must decide if the other panel, which says 63, goes in front of the 98 or behind it in order to win those motorcycles.

She decides to swing the 63 over to the left, making a guess of $6,398.


(Hooray, success by using basic math skills!)



Contestants not appearing on stage (John, Nicole, and Raymond) will receive a Braun 5-in-1 food preparation center, a supply of Ginsai ginseng supplement, and some art/framing supplies from Deck the Walls.



Lucy: .60 (no problem spinning the wheel around, especially after that soft putt)
Emma: .85
Danielle: 1.00 (DIG! $1,000 BONUS!)

Danielle: .65 (SHOWCASE)



Teresa is the top winner who will choose her showcase; Danielle is the runner-up.

Trip to St. Croix (RT coach, 6N stay in penthouse at Club St. Croix Resort)
Dinette Set (Chromcraft wrought-iron set, 6 chairs and table)
Barbeque Grill (stainless steel, dual controls, redwood enclosure, LP tank)
Sport Boat (Hoverjet GT, 50HP engine, trailer included)

Teresa passes this showcase over to Danielle, who bids $10,500 on it.

Tanning Lotion (Hawaiian Tropics, 49 items of various types)
Hot Tub (Almost Heaven of Renick, West Virginia)
Ford Mustang Convertible (standard features, automatic transmission, equipment package 243A, rear defroster, front floor mats, California emission)

Teresa bids $27,000 on this showcase.

Danielle (SC1 - ST. CROIX): Bid of $10,500 - ARP is $22,178 - Difference of $11,678
Teresa (SC2 - CONVERTIBLE): Bid of $27,000 - ARP is $29,108 - Difference of $2,108

Despite her troubles on Split Decision, Teresa is our winner with $51,676 in prizes, including two cars!




TOTAL WINNINGS FOR THE DAY: $74,398 (plus the unknown value of IUFB #5)

BIGGEST WINNER: Teresa ($51,676)


RECAPPER'S NOTE: Sorry about the recap being incomplete this time around... as mentioned, due to storms on the original airdate, the uploader's cable signal was lost and so he didn't have anything from IUFB4 through the grocery descriptions in Hole In One. Thankfully, the "Screaming Emma" clip featuring the bids from IUFB4 and the playing of 1 Right Price was available elsewhere on YouTube, cutting the missing pieces down to IUFB4's description, IUFB5, and the car description from Hole In One.

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Re: #0141K - November 18, 1996 (Brainstorms and Thunderstorms)
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Ah, yes. Confused Teresa and Screaming Emma. Classic contestants, if I've ever seen some.
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