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1984 ep: February 3, 1984
« on: May 28, 2006, 08:55:55 PM »
Diane, Jerene, Carroll, and Karen come on down

Item #1: Crib by Child Craft, modeled by "Model X" and Eric is the cue. ("Model X" has short brown hair.)

Diane: $525
Jerene: $863
Carroll: $450
Karen: $429

ARP: $584

Diane wins and will play Lucky Seven for a Pontiac Fiero, driven by Janice

1st number: Guesses 8, number is 9, gives $1
2nd number: Guesses 8, number is 6, gives $2
3rd number: Guesses 5, number is 8, gives $3
4th number: Guesses 2, number is 2 WIN

Frederick comes on down

Item #2: Microwave oven by Tappan with supply of Soup Starter, modeled by Model X

Frederick: $495
Jerene: $525
Carroll: $325
Karen: $429

ARP: $500

Frederick wins and will play Danger Price for a Refrigerator Bar Cart by Amanti, Refrigerator/Freezer by Admiral, Baker's Rack, and a pair of recliners by Easy-rest, modeled by Janice and Dian

Danger Price is $756

1st choice: Refrigerator, is $1,299
2nd choice: Bar Cart, is $299
3rd choice: Baker's Rack, is $1,035 WIN

Deborah comes on down

Item #3: Trip to San Francisco, modeled by Model X

Deborah: $600
Jerene: $545
Carroll: $625
Karen: $825

ARP: $790

Caroll wins and will play Hi-Lo for Dune Buggy, modeled by Janice, worth $6,948

Clean Clear
Cheracol D Cough Formula
Icy Hot
5th Avenue Candy Bar
Trident Gum

1st choice: Ice Hot, is $4.28
2nd choice: Cough Syrup, is $3.15
3rd choice: Cleaner, is $2.05

Candy is 35, Gum is 59, Glade is $1.19 WIN

Showcase Showdown #1:

Frederick: First spin is .75, stays
Carroll: First spin is .85, stays
Diane: First spin is .20, second spin is .90 OVER

Carroll goes to the showcases

Shauna comes on down

Item #4: Glass Desk by Wesley Alan, brought out by "Chugs" the TPIR train which is driven by Janice and Dian modeld the desk

Shauna: $775
Karen: $700
Deborah: $720
Jerene: $776

ARP: $950

Jerene wins and will play Most Expensive for a Grandfather Clock by Emperor, a hide a bed sofa by Simmons, and rocking horse by Woods of America, modeled by Janice, Dian, and Model X, in that order

Chooses the clock

Sofa is $1,099, horse is $1,600, clock is $1,000 LOSS

Georgina comes on down

Item #5: Dishwasher by Whirlpool, with a supply of Electrasol dishwashing detergent, modeled by Model X

Georgina: $730
Shauna: $731
Karen: $570
Deborah: $650

All have overbid

Georgina: $510
Shauna: $525
Karen: $500
Deborah: $480

All have overbid again

Georgina: $449
Shauna: $450
Karen: $451
Deborah: $460

ARP: $469

Deborah wins and will play Bonus Game for a redwood spa modeled by Dian worth $2,799

1st prize: Bissel Sweeper, wrong price is $62, guesses lower, price is $44
2nd prize: Children's sportswear by Toddly Winks, wrong price is $35, gueses lower, price is $25
3rd prize: Lamp by Quoizel Lighting, wrong price is $200, guesses higher, price is $180
4th prize: Scrub Brusher by Black and Decker, wrong price is $56, guesses lower, price is $40

Bonus is in window #3 LOSS

Karen has been in the row from the start. She has one last chance to make it out. To fail would mean banishment to the First Four Breakfast Club. That would not be a good thing.

Wendy comes on down

Item #6: Game carpeting with game equipment, modeled by Model X and Rye Bred is the cue

Wendy: $600
Georgina: $495
Shauna: $500
Karen: $429

ARP: $470

Karen escapes and will play Safe Crackers for Mazda B2000 modeled by Janice and Tennis rackets modeled by Model X worth $6,905 and the Truck/Van Cue is the cue. Dian opens and closes the safe

Numbers are 0, 2, and 4, goes with $240 LOSS

Price is $420

Showcase showdown #2:

Karen: First spin is .40, second spin is .40, total is .80
Deborah: First spin is .90, stays
Jerene: First spin is .70, second spin is .95 OVER

Deborah goes to the showcases


Top winner: Carroll
Runner up: Deborah

Showcase #1:
Color TV by Zenith
Pool Table by Swinger
Pharoah Pinball Machine (All modled by Dian)
Trip to England, modeled by Janice
Trip to Paris, modeled by Model X
Trip to Rome, modeled by Dian

Carroll passes, Deborah bids $9,300

Showcase #2:

Prizes labeled His and Hers:
Two watches by Elgin, modeled by Model X
Two bicycles by Bicycle Corporation of America, modeled by Dian
Two Ford Escorts, modeled by Janice

Carroll bids $13,950

Deborah bis $9,300, ARP is $10,696, difference is $1,396
Carroll bid $13,950, ARP is $13,046 OVER

Deborah wins her showcase and a total of $11,299
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Re: 1984 ep
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2006, 09:44:32 PM »
As usual, got a few questions:

Which Most Expensive set was used?

Bonus Game was using its current color scheme by this point, right?

Was the Clam used at all in this episode?  If so, which design was on it?
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Re: 1984 ep
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2006, 01:27:50 AM »
Most Expensive was still using the 1-2-3 displays that started in the mid-70s. Bonus Game did use its current setup, and the clam still had the TPIR logo on it. This was one of the last few TPIR eps that GSN ran.