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1983 ep: November 10, 1983
« on: February 01, 2007, 08:52:08 PM »
Arlene, Charlene, Tracy, and Melody come on down

Item #1: Seragraph by Martin Lawrence Galleries, modeled by Dian

Melody: $600
Tracy: $436
Charlene: $349
Arlene: $348(stupid bid)

ARP: $750

Melody wins and will play Temtptation for a Pontiac 2000 stationn wagon, modeled by Holly

1st prize: Pants presser by Scheibe, price is $270, chooses the 7
2nd prize: Tea service by Leonard silver, price is $600, chooses the 6
3rd prize: Hand tools by Napa, price is $665, chooses the 6
4th prize: Washer/dryer by White Westinghouse, price is $1,100, chooses the 0

Price is $7,660, makes no changes, goes for car LOSS

Price is $7,650

James comes on down

Item #2: Patio group by Vanity Craft modeled by Holly

James: $920
Tracy: $635
Charlene: $800
Arlene: $825

ARP: $1,100

James wins and will play Double Prices for a Grandfather clock by Emperor Clock company (no model)

Clock is either $1,100 or $1,375 LOSS

Ann comes on down

Item #3: Microwave oven by Hardwick, modeled by Janice

Ann: $525
Tracy: $485
Charlene: $450
Arlene: $600

ARP: $656

Arlene wins and will play Grand Game for up to $10,000

Target price is $1.34

Clorets Gum
Jolly Time Pop Corn
Pet Ritz Pie Crusts
Boraxo Hand Cleaner
Golden Griddle Syrup
Success Rice

1st choice: Gum, is 45, up to $10
2nd choice: Popcorn, is 95, up to $100
3rd choice: Rice, is 85, up to $1,000, goes on
4th choice: Soap, is $1.29 WIN

Showcase showdown #1:

Melody: First spin is .15, second spin is .35, total is .50
James: First spin is .10, second spin is .65, total is .75
Arlene: First spin is .25, second spin is .35, total is .60

James goes to the showcases

Edwin comes on down

Item #4: Exercise equipment by Arkla with supply of No Nonsense Panty Hose, modeled by Holly

Edwin: $825
Ann: $380
Tracy: $826
Charlene: $900

ARP: $393

Ann wins and will play Range Game for a mini speed boat by Vaoprvette, modeled by Dian and Amen Brother Herbert is the cue

Range is $4,200-$4,800, stops range finder at about $4,630-$4,780, price is $4,455 LOSS

Kelly comes on down

Item #5: Bar globe modeled by Janice

Kelly: $400
Tracy: $365
Charlene: $500
Edwin: $501

ARP: $560

Edwin wins and will play Master Key for a rocker by Melson Standard, range by Dacor, and Chevorlet Chevette, modeled by Holly and Dian and Big Banana is the cue

1st prize: Bakeware by Brick Oven, price is $74 or $45, chooses $45, is right, chooses key $5
2nd prize: Cosmetics by Maybelinne, price is $26 or $69, chooses $69, is wrong

Tries key in rocker, opens (after a malfunction)
Tries in ragne, opens, has master key WIN

Tracy and Charlene have been in the row from the start. At least one of them is guaranteed to be carried off to the First Four Breakfast Club. It may happen to both of them.

Mary comes on down

Item #6: Christmas China by Nikko, modeled by Holly and Eric is the cue

Mary: $630
Kelly: $650
Tracy: $675
Charlene: $600

All have overbid

Mary: $495
Kelly: $375
Tracy: $450
Charlene: $400

All have overbid again

Mary: $302
Kelly: $310
Tracy: $295
Charlene: $300

ARP: $320

Both Tracy and Charlene are carried off to the FFBC clubhouse while Kelly wins and will play Race Game for an ice maker by Uhling, Bakers Rack, sleeper sofa by Laz-y-boy, and cookware by Saladmaster, modeled by Janice and Dian

Prices are $1,035, $799, $586, and $943

1st attempt: Ice maker is $586, sofa is $799, cookware is $1,035, and baker's rack is $943, has all 4 right WIN

Showcase showdown #2:

Ann: First spin is .80, stays
Kelly: First spin is .85, stays
Edwin: First spin is .75, second spin is .40 OVER

Kelly goes to the showcases


Top Winner: Kelly
Runner up: James

Showcase #1:

Bedroom group by Bassett
Bedding Ensemble by Normans of Salibsbury
Mattress by Dreammaker
Portable television by Quasar
Snowmobile by Polaris

Kelly passes, James bids $6,500

Showcase #2:

Trip to Paris
Movie equipment
Ski equipment by Trak
Trip to Switzerland

Kelly bids $12,000

Kelly bid $12,000, ARP is $8,459 OVER
James bid $6,500, ARP is $5,841 OVER

A double overbid, but Bob mentions that the Home Viewer Showcase will start the following week. This is probably the Home for Christmas showcase
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Re: 1983 ep
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2007, 01:41:10 PM »
Ouch, tough Temptation loss.

Did Ann actually let the Range Finder go all the way up? Forced loss anyway.

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Re: 1983 ep
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2007, 06:17:34 PM »
So Holly was on this episode.  This should help things, shouldn't it, Steve?

Also, how much was the clock?

I was surprised that the baker's rack was $943, because I have an early 84 ep. with Saladmaster cookware for $943.  Weird.