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Looking for an Episode of TPIR


found the airdate of the episode I have been desperately trying to obtain, it is September 14, 1987. Episode 6561D.
It definately was a Janice-Holly-Dian episode and all I can remember was that Janice and/or Holly were modeling an item up for bids like encyclopedias or something and they were wearing glasses.

From the audience view I was sitting on the right side, center, about the third or fourth row in.

If anyone here can help me I would truly appreciate it.


also if anyone would know of an "official website" I can get this from, I believe Steve G you mentioned this to me a while back, thanks again.........


Wow, I don't know if I ever even saw that episode (unless I caught it as a repeat).. I would've been at sch**l while it was airing.. That was back when I was a good girl.  :-?


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