Author Topic: Prizes and therealcu2010 HYO 2, WWTBA Super Millionaire, this Friday, 9PM EST!  (Read 458 times)

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Join us this Friday, 2/28/14, 9PM Eastern at to play Super Millionaire!

Well, I said it would be a one time event last September. Well, not quite! Dual moderators therealcu2010, and me, Prizes, are doing another HYO then!

Like the first HYO, the rules remain simple, and the same: Stay on track during the game; no interruptions during the game itself, unless in PM, or your participation is asked for as a lifeline. More importantly, DON'T CHEAT. No searching in any way other than your head. Don't comply, and you're banned from the room.

We do expect about 10-20 people realistically, based on the last event, as well as that the site is a three-pronged sponsor event, advertising for RegisFan/Millionaire Fans, Golden-Road, and Buy a Vowel. As both of us hosts are well established through all three sites, we hope to help build stronger connections between all three of them.

See you then! We hope to see many of you there!

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